Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Celebration for me and you.

This is post number 50. Who would of thought I would blog consistently enough to post 50 times in two months. I've also hit 1,000 unique hits, and 2,000 page views today(whatever that means). So I guess this is a three part celebration of sorts. I'm stumped about what Friday's post should be about. Anyway, if you have some suggestions, let me know.

P.S. I have a wish list attached to my profile, so gifts are being accepted. Just use my email as my gift list name.

Beware of the dog

A bright woman would check this site out first , that way she would cut her chances of having to use the site in the previous post.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why birth control and condoms are important!

Ladies lets stay on top of our birth control and condoms usage. Otherwise we may end up on this site.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random thoughts

1. If I had a bigger butt life would be so much easier. Men would bend over backwards to do things for me.
2. Damm, suuuurrrre wish I went for a technical degree instead of that liberal arts
waste of time.
3. Why are so many other female bloggers having good sex and I am not. Life is so not fare.
4. Both of my parents were supper slender when they were my age, so why am I on the thick side.
5. Beyonce's legs looked hella toned in her new video. I gotta do squats.
6. I think I am going to take the next semester off.
7. Why do men lie about their penis size when you are going to see the real thing anyway. This goes out to you swinger friend.
8. Why can't I stop watching Maury's "whose the daddy episodes".You are not the father.
9. Why do people who have unprotected sex act surprised when they become pregnant.
10. Maybe a big dick is not in my future.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Enough about my sexually unfulfilled ass for the next couple of days.

Are we headed towards WWIII? I find it very strange that on July 4(The anniversary of America's independence) the leader of North Korea deceided to test weapons. Was that his way of showing/telling the United States what he thinks about us? A few days later, we have the start of a war between Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon over the kidnapping of two soldiers. I do not agree with Israel's move to wage war over two soldiers. Since the war, Israel has lost 25 people in addition to the two soldiers. All human life is valuable, but was it a smart move to lose more lives behind two people. I also do not agree with Israel's bombing of the Leboneese airport. By doing that they put all of the foreign nationals currently residing in Lebanon in a dangerous situation by making it diffcult for them to be able to exit the country. It also made Isreal look as if it is challenging the Leboneese goverment in addition to Hezbollah. That said, I do understand that Israel has to protect itself and show no sign of weakness. Since Isreal is surrounded by countries and people who want to see its demise( President of Iran for example) .
What will be the issue to bring the United States into this war thereby possibly leading to WWIII? Can the United States withstand a war of this magnitude. Are American youth willing to put their ipods and cell phones down long enough to fight for freedom ?(big ?) Its funny how few people I hear discussing this issue, but when Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer whats her name, I heard people everywhere talking about that nonsense.
Why can't we all just get along
Comments please,please,please,please.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Am I Obsessed

with the idea of having good sex at least once in my life. I feel that sex is one of the joys of life. Its free , not to time consuming and gives intense pleasure (in some instances). I've been thinking about getting another sample of my swinger friend. Maybe this time I will relax, and actually enjoy it. I faked an orgasm on him last time, and I think he knew. He didn't have to fake thought, I saw the flood he let out in that condom. Plus, men usually say new coohie is always good coohie right? So it would of been good for him no matter what. He sure did let out some powerful moans when I tightened that thing up and started to bang it back to him. Homeboy's eyes were glazed over like he had been smoking something.
In more academic news, I just finished reading a very good book. The title is Female Chauvinist Pigs. Its written by Ariel Levy. The premise of the book is how women have embraced smut culture which was traditionally a domain of men. One of her biggest beefs is with women participate in the subjugation of other women as a means to make a dollar. An example she gave was the CEO of Playboy who happens to be Hugh Heffiner's(spell) daughter. Check out this book if you have the time. Unfortunately, women find it so easy to sell other women out no matter what the circumstances are.
I think I have a few of the qualities of female chauvinist pig behavior. I watch porn(Mr. Marcus knows how to work that thing). Although,I am not a fan of the type of porn where the men are treating the actresses in a brutal and demeaning manner. I also like to look at tastefully nude photos. Blacktail is definitely a no-no in my book, the photos in that mag are just to graphic.
I also brought a new CD. Corrine Bailey Rae is the Shhh. Please buy her CD(no bootlegs people). She is a true artist, with real talent. There is not one weak song on her CD.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Boredom and Change

I am so very bored. I thought that I would be happy to take a year off from school, but I think I am ready to go back . I've been thinking about starting a part-time social work program. Or anything that requires my brain to function beyond the bit of reading I force myself to do everyday. Nursing school is still my number one priority thought. With a nursing degree, I will have the type of job security that very few Americans have.
I have decided to work on my physical self for the next few months(no plastic surgery). I am going to make my skin a smooth as it was just a few months ago. I just have to leave the fried foods alone. I am also going to grow out my haircut. The third thing I am going to do is take off a few pounds. If Beyonce can do it, than so can I. I think I am going to go for a more "punk" look. My current look is more glamour girl(Victoria Secret- Tyra Banks). The punk look won't draw black men, but I am doing this for me so I don't really care.
I can't believe that my desire to have a friend with benefits got so many people worked up. Geez, I am an unmarried 25 year-old female. I am at the age when I am most fertile, so of course my hormones are going to cause me to feel aroused sometimes. If I chose to have a friend with benefits than so be it. The most important thing is that I am responsible(BIRTH CONTROL AND CONDOMS).

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Guess What?

I slept with the swinger friend on Wednesday night. It was not what I expected. He was okay in bed but he did not rock my bells. I was certainly expecting more. I am beginning to think that maybe I just don't enjoy sex. Why, I am not quite sure. Maybe it is because I am on birth control and it has disturbed my sexual appetite. Or maybe it is just not in my nature to be a very sexual person. The swinger friend was the first person that I had sex with who I was not in a relationship with so I wonder if that is why I did not enjoy it with him. Then again I never really enjoyed it with any of my ex's either, so maybe not. I can honestly say that he put in a great deal of effort thought. He was definitely not a lazy man in bed. Yes , he licked it and put his all into it. Another problem, I don't think he was the 8 and 3/4 quarter inches that he said. He was probably more like 6 inches but he was very thick. I am now up to four sexual partners. I am thinking maybe I should try it with two more people. If I do not enjoy sex after the next two then maybe I should just forget about sex for now. I know a few people said I should wait until I am in a relationship before I have sex again, but you know what. I am so happy I did not have a relationship with this guy. I would have been very angry with him for wasting my time. Anyway, that's all for now . I post again on Monday.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do black men hate black women?

I say hell yes. I am not the only one who feels this way. Please check out the latest post of one of my favorite bloogers (please read). She breaks down the issue in such a way that you see this is a problem throughout the dispora. I will write a longer post later but for now give me your opinions after checking out her post.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ten things that I love.

1. Fashion television, I wanted to be a supermodel when I was a little girl.
2. Traveling and meeting people from different cultures. Its amazing how much people differ but at the same time we are so much alike.
3. Men with big dicks.
4. Men who are good at eating pussy.
5. Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenew
6. Juicy Couture handbags.
7. School, I love to learn but I hate exams.
8. Nice men, there is no such thing as a man who is to nice
9. I love channel ballerina flats. 440.00 in the states but I will splurge one day.
10. Masturbating, I always orgasm, never get a disease, never have my heart broken or break someone's heart or have an unplanned pregnancy.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I Did it, I Did it, I Did it

Not. I am to much of a chump to give it up on the first date. The nice thing was he put no pressure on me at all. Now how rare is that ladies. He is a very nice person and down to earth. I felt very comfortable around him. That surprised me because I am the most paranoid person on Gods green earth. So I think it is safe to say that he and I are definitely going to be friends.
Ladies, homeboys body is banging. I give his face and body an eight and half on a scale of 1-10. I am going to hit that, just not yet. I will wait. I think that if(or when) I sleep with him I will finally enjoy sex. We shall see. I will keep you posted.

P.S. I noticed that a lot of people didn't want me to do it( sex on the first date). I would like to hear your reasons why you were for or against it.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Plastic Surgery

In small doses I think it is fine. On the other hand I have a big problem with shows like "The Swan" which give off the message that if you "fix" yourself to fit society's standard of beauty you will have a perfect life. Bullshit, how many top models(Naomi and Kate for example)have found themselves fighting drug addiction resulting from low self-esteem while at the same time being celebrated for their beauty. To many young women are using the scalpel to overcome self-esteem issues. You must learn to love yourself for who you are flaws and all.

P.S. Have you seen the new pics of lil Kim. She has had to much plastic surgery for someone so young and pretty.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Video games

Why is it that so many men derive much pleasure from playing video games. For whatever reason I find xbox and all other video games annoying. Men, if you are over 25 please pack up the Nintendo(spel). It is such a turn off to wake up early in the morning and find your man playing a video game instead of playing with you(wink).

p.s. I found out my swinger friend plays video games. This is so not cool, he has messed up the fantasy before I've even given him some. I'm not going to let that stop me from hitting it at least one time though.