Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Here are more stuff people blogs.
stuff girls like
stuff cajun people like

I am so tired of the African-American vs. Continental African beef. I really want to write a proper post about this as I have a foot in each world.,and look at things from both points of view. To read click here

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update Update Update!

1. I have a bad headache. My head was thumping so hard last night, I could not sleep well.
2. The semester is almost over thank God.
3. Check out Coffee's post on natural hair here.
4.The long awaited Amsterdam post is very coming. For some reason have a problem talking about my vacations.
5. For those of you who did not believe me when I told you about the cigarette lady, here is another woman making it smoke. This is soooo not safe for work but click here.

Youtube Video Of The Day: Viagra grandaddy. Turn the volume down if you are at work.

Friday, April 11, 2008

P*ssy As A Commodity?

As most of you know, the Governor of NY state recently stepped down because he has patronized high priced call girls or prostitutes. Well another blogger and I, the brilliant have been going back and fourth along with Aunt Jackie in the mix.

Check out the two posts between aka Model Minority here and here. Check out Aunt Jackie's blog here.

This is my latest response. I curious what men have to say about prostitution. You can always post under anonymous if you don't want to sign in.

Soul,Coffee,Golden Silence, and Lavender I want to hear your views too please.

I must admit that I've always though prostitution should be legal but Amsterdam really cemented my thinking.

M.Dot who said those women don't have a choice. The women I saw in Amsterdam would tell men to get away from their windows/doors if they did not find them attractive. Even street prostitutes will turn a man down if they don't want to perform an act or find him repulsive. I also saw some of those same prostitutes bang on the windows or even open the doors to whistle at men they found attractive.
Since we use the argument that being pro-life is telling a woman she can't have control over her body aren't we telling women who want to sell it legally the same thing?
According to all of the documentaries I’ve seen, articles and books I read, most men go to prostitutes for oral sex. So men are renting a mouth, not a vagina. The reason that so many men go for oral sex is because there are still a lot of women( like myself) who hate it and see it as demeaning. There are other who men don't want their wives or girlfriends to perform oral sex on them since they see it as disgusting and disrespectful even though they enjoy it.
There are other men who go to talk. Can you believe it, just to talk. Now what kind of woman does he have at home that he can't even sit down to talk to her. He has to go and pay a prostitute for conversation or just to listen. I some of the johns have sympathy for the women too.
There are also the pervs who go to prostitutes because the women they have at home won't perform certain acts. Things like beating him with a whip, using a hammer on his penis, tying his penis in a knot etc. On the HBO documentary I a few years ago, prostitutes laughed amongst themselves about the different perverted customers they serviced. They also made fun of another prostitute who did not make as much money as they did because she would not turn down the perverts.
Yes it is payment for her body no questions asked, but how is that so different from a booty call besides the exchange of money. Don’t women call men for booty calls so they can have good sex and then have the men leave a few minutes after the act is over. Not all men are looking for a relationship. I would much rather a man sleep with a prostitute who knows the deal instead of meeting a woman who wants more and dumping her after he has had sex with her. Some men never want to get married.
Violence unfortunately comes with the territory when you work the streets. The likelihood of violence against a prostitute sharply decreases in places like the bunny ranch.
NotSafe ForWork bunny ranch. Not Safe For Work

Furthermore, there are plenty of women who are assaulted that have never worked in the industry. Most women are attached by men they know, not a boogy man.
What about women who trick? There are women who pay to have sex with men. I saw a documentary on this too. What about men who trick for other men?
By the way I am not including drug addicts who sell their bodies because that is different. I also think that street prostitution should remain illegal.
You would be surprised at the number of prostitutes who use condoms compared to women who don’t work in the sex industry.

P.S. The thing is, most women don't understand that for a man the most important thing is busting a nut(orgasm)wheather he has to pay for it,trick you out of it(by telling you he loves you when he does not), or get you to give to him no strings attached. I don't think most women don't truly understand men and the pull that sex has on them. Its a weakness more than anything.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Stuff People Like Blogs

Gotta Show MIA Love!

The stuff white people like blog has really taken off. In just a few months the owner has hit the big time. I read somewhere that he scored a book deal for 350,000 thousand. Along with the book deal there have been numerous mentions and links to his blog on various blogs,radio shows and even newspaper articles. He has also spun a number of copycat blogs. Personally, I find these blogs very tongue and check. I have noticed that some people are offended by these stuff blogs. From the handful I have looked at, I think many of those people are just looking for something to be offended by.

At one point people were saying that book deals for bloggers were over after a number of bloggers who received book deals did not move units. One of the most notorious bloggers with a book deal and one of my fav's was Jessica Cutler(I love a naughty bad girl). Mimiinnyc(the very first blog I read afrochic was second)also has a book deal. If you have time check out Mimi's blog(start in the archives).

If you know of any "stuff people like" blogs that are not listed here, please leave a link in the comments.

Nigerian bloggers, we don't have a stuff blog for Naija people, so maybe some of us could jump on it.

Here is a list of the "Stuff" people like blogs

stuff that white people like
stuff black people love

stuff educated black people like - I think I could of wrote a few about stuff black people like as I've been writing the black people quiz's.
stuffghettopeoplelike -I fixed the link!
stuff white parents like
stuff Asian people like
stuff that bothers us
stuff that lesbians like
stuff desi/Indian/brown people like
stuff stick figure people like
stuff ethnic people like
stuff educated latinos like
stuff black greeks like
stuff black people hate
stuffwhitepeopledo-the material here is not all tongue&check but its still cool.