Monday, January 29, 2007

On Nigerian bloggers and the current state of Nigeria.

A few weeks ago I came across this article about the growing militarism and nationalism among a few ethnic groups in Nigeria. With all that has happened in Nigeria's past (concerning the civil war), I find this development very troubling.

For those of you who know nothing of the civil war, this is a very very very condensed History.
The Nigerian civil war was one of the most horrible events to happen in Africa. Long before the genocide in Rwanda, Nigeria had its own large scale ethnic cleansing. The cause of civil war was the murder of the religious leader of the Hausas(one the big three ethnic groups)and the murder of a number of elected leaders.
Although, all of the corrupt older leaders were supposed to be murdered a number of Ibo leaders were not killed. The fact that many of the Ibo leaders marked for execution were not killed and many(not all) Igbos celebrated that their ethnic brothers managed to survive. This along with the execution of the Hausa religious leader, led to Nigeria's full scale civil war. Many Igbos were murdered, tortured, raped etc(read more). One of the most important things that is overlooked or downplayed about this atrocity is the Yoruba involvement. Many Youruba want to sweep their involvement under the rug.
One of the things I notice in the blogworld is that among those of us with some percentage of Nigerian blood in our veins there is very little talk of triablism. Sure some Naija folk may write posts in their ethnic language (I applaud) or pidgin English but overall there seems to be cohesion among Nigerians in blogland. Is the pride of the younger generation of Nigerians the result of many of us living throughout the world and bing exposed to different ideas or the fact that many of us in blogland are a mix of Nigerian ethnic groups, black ethnic groups outside of Nigeria, and races or maybe it is because most of us are the children of elites and educated middle class Nigerians. Should Nigeria spilt into four parts(Igbo, Hausa, Youruba, and minority land). Is Nigeria in danger of having another civil war?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Cheaters revisited

There is a television show by the name of Cheaters and it is as trastastic(something so trashy that it is fantastic) as the Maury show if not more so. It is one of those shows which I know I should not watch but whenever it is on, my eyes are glued to the screen for an entire hour. The premise of the show is one partner thinks the other partner is cheating so the suspecting partner hires the cheaters crew to investigate their suspicion.

Of course we only see the instances when the partner was truly cheating because that is what makes the show so juicy. A lot of the people on that show break some of the ten rules of cheating. The best part of the show is the confrontation, when they take the "good" partner to meet the cheating partner out with their amour. Man do you see some crazy stuff, there have been instances when the crew caught a couple in the middle of sex. Once they caught a woman cheating on her husband at a swinger party. Anyway, I have a few clips for you to enjoy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Travis Barker vs. David Beckham

What is it about David Beckham(hold the voice) and Travis Barker that make so many black women cream their panties. I 'm talking about many sisters who don't date white men. Actually, I can see the attraction to David Beckham, but Travis Barker, hell to the naw. Baker is not hitting on anything in my book. Well ladies, which guy do you prefer.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cheating on your girl/boyfriend 101

Inspiration for this post: The one and only Mistress.

I am in no way saying it is okay for a woman/man to cheat on their partner. What I am saying is that there is wrong and dead wrong.

For example:
1. You are on a diet and you decide that you want to cheat. Wrong is having a small hamburger from MacDonald. Dead wrong is having a small hamburger from McDonald, a large order of fries, two apple pies and large cup of diet soda to wash it down.

Respectfully cheating(oxymoron) on your partner

1. Never bring the person to your home to sleep with them. This is so disrespectful to your spouse. This can also lead to a violent confrontation if your spouse walks in and catches you in the act.

2. Never introduce the person you are cheating with to your children. This is so disrespectful to your spouse and it also increases the likelihood that you will be caught.

3. Always use a protection with the other person. You must, there are no if ands or buts about it, unless you want to take the risk of unplanned pregnancy(hello Maury show) or bringing a disease home to your partner.

4. Men do not sleep with prostitutes or women who have been with everyone guy in the city. By sleeping with these type of women you increase the chances that you will pick up a STD. Women stay away from the thugs, men who have been in jail for long periods of time(DL), sexual freaks and guys who have sleep around with to many women. As you should know woman are more susceptible to various STDS therefore it is important that we try to choose out partners carefully.

5. Never ever ever ever perform or%l sex on someone who is not your partner. I can not stress this enough. Keep your mouth off of anything below the waist.

6. Never call your partner by the other persons name in the heat of passion.

7. Hide the evidence(no used condoms in your pocket, receipts, etc ).

8. Never spend your spouse's money on another person. I have read stories about men who set their mistress in apartments and gave them large allowances. Never do this with your spouses money or take away money from your children to spend on a lover.

9. Always shower before you see your partner. Never let your partner kiss/touch you if you have not washed the sent of your lover away.

10. Never ever ever ever sleep with your partner's relative, best friend, co-worker or neighbor. To sleep with someone who is close to your partner could deeply wound him or her, and cause your partner to have deep trust issues for a very long time.

* With all of these rules, I think it is better if you just broke it off with your partner to sample a new dish.

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Ideal Man

Thirteen qualities ( a baker's dozen)of my ideal man, off the top of my head(no deep thinking).

1. Someone who does not talk much.
2. Good money management skills(good credit too).
3. Very good looking.
4. Friendly personality(very easy going).
5. Has a good relationship with his mother.
6. His mother should not have a strong attachment to her son.
7. Likes me for me.
8. Can rock my world in bed(with tongue and stick).
9. Has good genes(just in case).
10. Likes to take care of the woman in his life(I hate the idea of a woman taking care of a man).
11. Fit body.
12. Educated.
13. Clean.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

David Beckman part 2

David Beckman is moving to the states. A few months ago I wrote this post about David Beckman. I still think he is one of the best looking men walking. He has that metorsexual/tough guy(not thug) swagger. For whatever reason this guy has pulled me to white meat. When I look at him( he is very very photogenic by the way), my mind has a tendency to think about what he would be like in bed.
And then I heard his voice(he did an interview about his pending move to LA). My God, it is so awful(Coffey, you did warn me about it). How can a grown man have a voice like this. Particularly one who is so fine. His voice is so awful that it made me go from a wet sponge(down there) to a brillo pad in 30 seconds flat. If he spoke with a stutter(stammer)I could understand, but the voice he has is 10x worse. His voice sounds like that of a drunk drag queen who has swallowed to much helium. Can you imagine sleeping with him and he decides to start talking dirty to you, total turn off. Rumor has it he wants to be the next big action star in American films, not with that voice. He is proof of the saying that no one is perfect.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random thoughts #11

10. What the hell is up with all of the hollyrollers in blogland. They have been giving my girl Overwhelmed a hard time all because of this post, and being the sister that she is, she fired back with this. I believe she made it clear that the post was going to be about sex with the title. Some people really need a life.

9. Scary Spice and Tracey Edmonds better watch themselves messing around with Eddie Murphy. I still remember when he was caught with that male prostitute who looked exactly like his then wife.

8. Scary Spice played herself be letting Eddie knock her up. Did he not just get divorced when you decided to let him hit(raw I might add).

7. I notice that a lot of posts are a result of articles or posts that I have read on other blogs. I will try to link to my inspiration from from now on.

6. How came 80% of black women on TV have blond hair now days.

5. Brittany Spears should really be ashamed of herself. Why must she show her naked pussy. After having two children back to back you know that thing looks beat up. She should remember that she is the mother of two boys. It is such a shame that now young girls everywhere will be walking around wearing short skirts and no panties(thongs don't count).

4. I finally got a part-time job. I've had it for some time now so that is why I have not been updating regularly. I will try to update 3 or more times a week from now on.

3. Rosie and Donald Trump's beef is getting more airtime than issues that are far more important. No wonder so many people in this country are so ignorant about the rest of the world. Even the news is dumbed down for idiots.

2. Speaking of the Donald, is it me or does the current Miss USA look more like a porn star than a beauty pageant contestant.

1. The Swinger texted me today. I know I said that I think he is to large but, I think I should get a piece of that on GP.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Wire on HBO

This is a lazy post but a favorite of mine.

The Wire is one of my favorite shows. A few weeks ago I blogged about Baltimore, both the good and the bad. I mentioned a television show(The Wire) as a good reference for people who are curious or unfamiliar with Baltimore. Well I pulled a few clips for you to look at(please enjoy).

Clip one features two of Marlo's(a major drug dealer)assassins. They go by the names Snoop(this is a woman) and Benga. Oh yea, Benga is from Nigeria. If anyone has the dirt on him, please tell me sha, thanks.

Clip two features Baltimore's most infamous stick up boy(in dealers that they take to their heals upon mention of his name.

Clip three featthe hard children of Baltimore. Now you know that little boy(youngest boy) had know business outside that late at night. More than likely, his mother is a drug addict who is to busy feeding her habit, instead being a parent to her son.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Can Be Soooooo Mean.

I can be a mean sister. I've said/done some things that came across as mean,cruel and hella funny to people close to me. Tell me, in which situation would you have given me a dirty slap.

1. Years ago while working in a restaurant, I was talking with my female coworkers, whom I was cool with. We were talking about menstrual cycles, when one coworker mentioned that she can not wear tampons. I replied "Why not, all those dicks that you have had inside of you, you should be wide open." All the other females in the group fell out laughing.

2. During the time that Small Daddy was trying to get a piece(this happened after I jerked him off and seen how small his D$%k was) he would not leave me alone . I put it on him with my magic hands. Well, one night he called begging for a sample and I continued to tell him no. I decided to embarrass him, since he would not stop begging, so I sent him to the store to buy a magnum(extra large condom). Do you know this little idiot went to the store and brought it. To use it he would of needed a safety pin and a cuff/him to keep it on. He called me back to say he brought the magnum and he was on his way. I told him never mind, I'm going to sleep, I will talk to you another day,click.

3. When I was a little girl I would bother people while they slept. One of the things that I would do was place ice cubes in a sleeping person's hands. It usually took about five minutes before someone would realize that there was something very cold in their hands. The second way I would bother people while they slept was by blowing into the sleeping person's mouth. This would usually cause the person to wake up coughing.

I was/am so mean.