Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Plastic Surgery

In small doses I think it is fine. On the other hand I have a big problem with shows like "The Swan" which give off the message that if you "fix" yourself to fit society's standard of beauty you will have a perfect life. Bullshit, how many top models(Naomi and Kate for example)have found themselves fighting drug addiction resulting from low self-esteem while at the same time being celebrated for their beauty. To many young women are using the scalpel to overcome self-esteem issues. You must learn to love yourself for who you are flaws and all.

P.S. Have you seen the new pics of lil Kim. She has had to much plastic surgery for someone so young and pretty.


Mona said...

I agree with small doses although still as a Christian you are meant to love yourself and appreciate what you have cos some people are missing body parts while we have ema ll...but the world has allowed dominion take over, people thinking they are God and creating life, changing body parts etc...oh well...as for that Swan programme i think it's so corny do you? Ah I have to look for lil kim's pics online oh

Bella Naija said...

i totally agree with mona....i am not judgemental and do not criticize people who have had surgery for whatever reason but as a Christian...I luv and appreciate the fact that I am perfect the way God made me.....still love watching extreme makeover tho...is that bad? lol
thanks for stopping by o

Vixen said...

Nice blog...for a start:) You talk on a wide range of topics. Interesting ideas. Yeah, lil Kim looks like a mannequin. Scary.

Anonymous said...

I love me, and I would also love me more if I were 30lbs lighter.... shoot, I would give up the last 5 years of my life (you know, the dementia years), so that I could have some lipo and a tummy tuck right now!

That would cut out the gym time and give me more time to shop! LOL!