Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random #4 of 08

5. Now see this right>>> here. I don't agree with the abuse but she deserved that ass whipping. How in the hell are you going to screw in your grand mama's house. Was she crazy? I know I waited a long time and not everyone is willing to do the same but damn. Why did they not go to a hidden part of the woods or something. The hell if I would take those types of chances in my families home.

4. As of today I drooped 23 pounds. Thank God. BP was 107/70 down from 126/80. Now 126/80 is not high BP but is was higher than what I was used to. It's funny how an extra 20 pounds can throw the body off.

3. Why the hell the price of everything increasing at such a fast rate. The coast of food is skyrocketing. A pastry that I buy at the farmers market has increased from 1.75 to 2 bucks and I've noticed that bread ,milk and fruits and veg tables have also gone up.

2. I am so happy I don't drive right now. I am planing on buying a car thought. I need it for nursing school. Gas is to darn expensive although the price should start dropping since Saudi Arabia has pledged to increase output.

1. I am having fun with my natural hair again. I still haven't made it to a swimming pool yet but I will eventually.

My computer is acting a fool. If I am not around for a while, you know what's up. I will try to post as much as I can.