Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ten things that I love.

1. Fashion television, I wanted to be a supermodel when I was a little girl.
2. Traveling and meeting people from different cultures. Its amazing how much people differ but at the same time we are so much alike.
3. Men with big dicks.
4. Men who are good at eating pussy.
5. Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenew
6. Juicy Couture handbags.
7. School, I love to learn but I hate exams.
8. Nice men, there is no such thing as a man who is to nice
9. I love channel ballerina flats. 440.00 in the states but I will splurge one day.
10. Masturbating, I always orgasm, never get a disease, never have my heart broken or break someone's heart or have an unplanned pregnancy.


Nneka's World said...

Lol@ the big dick and eating pussy!

Yeah who dont like them things.
There is nothing worse than a man who does not know how to handle his business well.......

Adunni said...

shhhhhh ..Ok don't tell anybody but i like them things too.and i totally agree with nneka.

Anonymous said...

There are nice men, with big dicks who love to eat pussy.... shoot I've got my hat on and some binoculars..' casue I'm looking! I will find one dab nabit!

LA GIRLIE said...

try the silver bullet..i live by that thing. very cheap very dependable and little. sold at babeland.com

C. Holden Blackman said...

My ex-wife would certainly concur on items #3 and #4, which is one reason why I'm her ex-husband but still retain the position of her on-demand pussy licker.