Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Small daddy returns and good music

I'm tired, I think I will write about Baba kekere on Wed. That dude is pure comedy. For now enjoy this video, the artist, Nayo is so very talented. If she was light-skined(I love my light-skined black folk) she would probably have a record deal by now.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Don't use drugs or become a heavy drinker!


Otherwise, you may end up looking like Eddie Van Halen by the time you are 52. Yes, this rock and roll legend is only 52. He looks as if he took the hardest street drugs( Crack,Heroin and Crystal Meth) used them nonstop for years on end in someone's dark and damp basement. Why is it that those who have everything(or so it seems) have so much trouble accepting it. I think most of us have had dreams about how our lives would change if we were fortunate enough win a lot of money(I want) or fame(I don't want) but looking at Tyson, Brown, Jackson and Van Halen should make us rethink what is truly important in life. It seems as if only Madonna and Prince are the only legends from the 80's who look like something. So if Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson did not scare the hell out of you, this dude should.
Inspiration: I ripped some parts of this post from another blog and I forgot the name of the blog. If anyone is familiar with the blog please give me a link.
thank you

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random15? (Ilost count)

1.) I had planned to write about thugs tonight but I changed my mind. I just looked at the Ray J and Kim whats her name sex tape. Man that boy is on fire. Before I read Superhead's book I would of never thought that he was such stud. Let me tell you, from what I just viewed(esp minutes 25-30) that man is not to be played with. Sure he looks corny on BET trying to speak with a New York hood accent but in the sheets he got more game than most men walking. I was about to pull out the hard plastic and get my own game of tickle the button going. Anyway, if you want to see the video go to ybf, Natasha has a link. You will have to press play many times before the video starts to play but it is worth a look if you are as nosy and sick as I am.
2.) I noticed that a few bloggers that I like to read have put pass words on their blogs or have taken their blogs down.
Can the following people give a sister a password or let her know whats up:
Lovely Monai
LaGirlie in NYC
3.) If you checked out my blog roll you will see that beside some of the blogs listed I gave a brief summary of the blog or my opinion of the blog. There are a few blogs that I mention that are very well written. Well, one of the most well written blogs, and also one of my favorite bloggers is thinking about throwing in the towel. If you have lurked on her blog please let her know that you love her blog as much as I do. Coffee please don't leave. You have no idea how attached I am to your blog. I think your blog was the second black blog that I discovered(right after afrochic). After reading through your archives I realised that this is something that we do(black people) and something that I can do. In the beginning it seems like you were experimenting with your blog. The first few entries were about how you and Cat spent your weekend but overtime you began to let us know more about the real Coffee. I love reading your writing and seeing how much you have grown and how you have dealt with the adversity that life has thrown your way. Please don't throw in the towel just yet.
4.) I notice that many of the blog I read are in some ways similar. Even when the writers are from different ethnicity and cultures there seems to be such similarities between some Bloggers that I wonder if they are related. I call these bloggers, blog siblings.
For example:
I think my blog sibling is Shaquer because there are a lot of similarities in the things that we write about, our sense of humor and the fact that we both love cats.
Overwhelmed and Tittyballs are blog siblings because they are able to convey there feelings in their blogs in such a way that you find yourself quite moved after reading a post. They also have a wicked since of humor that borders on naughty.
Acolyte, Funky fresh and Naijabloke - These dudes are soooooo very funny. That can take the most mundane event and make it into such a hilarious laugh out loud with tears running down your face and pee your pants funny story.
Afronerd , Stop snitching and the Modelminority - These bloggers are so very smart but at the same time they discuss black issues in a way that will not scare off those who are not so academically inclined. These hood chefs serve brain food with a smile. Please visit their blogs when you have a chance.
Lavender Squirts, Excessive Diva and the Mistress- These ladies discuss the x rated side of life in a manner that many of us are not used to hearing from a female on a regular bases(I like I like I like) . Although, I must say that the Mistress is like the diet version of the other two , she is still heavy and tastes good but will not make you tear up when you get on the scale.
Eb0nie and Bedhlam because they are like that one cool older aunt who will take you to the side and tell you how life and men really are minus the BS. They state their feelings about things including men, friends or work and just say it. They live they way that I think women should, by our own laws and largely independent.
Afrochic and Coffee because ladies have bougie tendencies and are sort of like black hipsters(I mean that in a good way) and I admire how they have opened themselves up through their blogs for the world to see.
5.) Brittney is out of rehab. Lets hope she gets her life together for the sake of her children. Say what you want, Naoimi Campbell is a bad chic. I know she likes to beat people down but that chic has true star power.
6.) I have yet to hear any African-Americans say that Obama is not black enough. That statement is the invention of some white reporters who decided to try some Willie lynch letter type tactics. Yes, his mother is white and his father is from Kenya but I think he has spent the better part of his life in this country(maybe I'm wrong) and he has been socialised as an African-American. Furthermore, he married a DARK-SKINNED black woman and not a Vanessa Williams look alike or a white woman. I think that says a lot in and of itself because so many black men who achieve what he has achieved, suddenly decide that black women are beneath them(upcoming post) and that is a problem of both African and African-American men(actually black men anywhere). Furthermore, if you listen carefully, reporters will refer to him as a black candidate whose mother is white, very very very rarely have I heard him referred to as biracial. I feel as if whites are trying to put up a clear wall between themselves and Obama when they call him a black candidate with a white mother.
7.) Is there really any difference between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Guillany(sp). For example, they are both leaning to the left on social issues and believe that government needs to control spending. Furthermore, isn't Rudy kind of weird for marrying his 1st cousin( they had a long marriage). In some ways I like Obama, Hillary and Rudy but I am very very very curious as to who will win the upcoming election.
8.) I'm so happy that spring is here. I am so sick of the cold weather. I must say that we had very little cold weather this year so maybe I should stop complaining.
9.) I want to take a vacation soon. I trying to decide if I should go international or keep it national.
10.) If there are any lurkers out there, can you introduce yourself. If you have a blog, hit me up, because I am always on the look out for new blogs.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Things you should never do on Public Transportation

10. Never eat or drink gross or dangerous things on the bus. No one wants to see you pick your nose much less eat it. Please don't drink super hot coffee on the bus so that when the bus makes a sudden stop you spill it on the people near you.

9. Never forget that the bus, subway and light rail are not your bathroom. Please don't apply makeup, shave, apply lotion to your legs and feet, comb or brush your hair on public transportation. I would prefer to think that you wake up that pretty in the morning(pretty damn ugly). Likewise, if you have gas please wait until you get to a bathroom before letting it flow.

8. Never change your child's diaper on the bus. I don't want to smell crap first thing in the morning.

7. Never bring a child on the bus who does have home training. No one wants to hear your child scream at the top of his lungs and cuss you out because you would not buy him an ice cream cone, candy or let him or her go over their grandmother's house.

6. Never bring on Television sets, file cabinets, large fans or air conditioners. Trust me, I seen people bring all of these things on the bus.

5. Never use one of those radio nextel phones on the bus. No one wants to hear your business. Sometimes I feel like people who use those nextel phones are pure attention whores.

4. Never come on the bus with so many bags that you have to make two trips to get all of your bags on the bus.

3. Never come on a crowed bus with a bad attitude. When you got on the bus did you not see that it was very crowed. Why would you get on a crowed bus with your new $250.00 one of a kind nikes if you did not want anyone to step on them.

2. Never tell a war story(sex tale) on the bus. As much as I like to hear and read about the sex life of other people, please don't tell your homeboy how your girlfriend gave you a world class BJ. Yes, some fool really did this before, I was soooooo very disgusted. With the exception of the man(?) and his friend, the bus was full of women.

1. Please don't masturbate on the bus. If you are a pervert please leave that part of yourself at home. I once had a dude masturbate next to me on the number 5 bus. Baltimore readers know that the number 5 bus is the sister bus of the number 8. Both are best to be avoided if possible. I was also unfortunate enough to to witness a homeless woman who had an itch that needed to be scratched. She just hiked up her skirt and started to go to work. One question, why were some of the men on the bus trying to check out homegirl plucking her violin.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't Use Drugs and Save your Money.

This is one reason why if I ever came into a lot of money I would save most of it and live off of the interest. This video can also be used to show youngsters what happens when you use drugs and do not manage your money well. Mike Tyson was once worth over 100 million and Bobby Brown 20 million.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monitor your children

People please monitor what your children watch on TV. When children are very young they absorb any and every thing like a sponge. Personally, I think homeboy should be kicked in his tail for encouraging this little girl to pop her booty.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Model of the month

March's model of the month is Mimi Roche. She is twenty three and five feet ten inches tall. She won a local model search and was then sent to New York to sink or swim with the big dogs. Before Channel Iman came on the scene she looked to be the girl who would take over Naomi's throne. I love for look, she is very waif/downtown/uptown looking. For more pictures of Mimi click here.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Don't Sleep on the Big Girls /The Voice of Reason

A lot of thin and thick women sleep on big women because they think there is know way that there man would want to creep(cheat) with a big gurl. Therefore they let their guard down when it comes to protecting their investment. There in lies the perfect opportunity for the big gurl to take your man. Looking at the video below you, will see that it is the biggest chic who can shake it flip move it and drop it better than the other three. Please believe that I showed this video to a number of dudes who swear by smaller women, but after watching big gurl break it down they were willing to make an exception for her.
The chic in the tan pants could be Serena Williams body double, and I mad at her for having so much booty and not knowing how to drop it. That chic is as stiff as a scarcrow. Meanwhile, the biggest chic has an ass as flat as a board but somehow she is making her pancake booty go to work.

The voice of reason was the woman at about 50 seconds who comes in to warn those chicks that the video will be looked at all over the world. Why didn't those young chics listen? That video may come back to haunt them one day. Oh well, I guess this is better than having a sex tape floating around.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Freaks Come Out At Night

If you are very religious or have issues with people who have sex without a ring, beware of this post. I will have a post for you next week.

The Swinger came over Friday night after initially saying that he would not make it. When he texted me that he would not be able to make it, I let him know that he should not call me again. After I made it clear that I would not talk to him anymore if he could not give me what I called him for, he decided to go rent a car(he is working out of state now). Well, he arrived at about 2:30 am and we wasted no time getting down to business.

Now this time he did some new stuff that really turned me off. I never realized that he is such a freak. Homeboy licked every inch of my body and I mean every inch(feet and all). While he was sucking on my toes, I so wanted to tell him could you just eat my pu&8y so we can just get down to business. After he licked the front of my body he turned me over, and he preceded to lick the back of my body from the top of my neck to the back of my feet.

His next move really shock me, he told me to get into the do%#ystyle position. After I got into position he spread my but* checks apart and stuck his TONGUE INSIDE OF MY BU&T. Can you imagine, maaannnn I was like, WTF. I flopped down on my stomach so fast to try to stop him but he said that he wanted to continue so I got back in position. He had the nerve to ask me if I liked it. I told him it was okay.

After that, he licked my pu#$y for a while, and then we got around to the main event. I was so tight, that it took him a few minutes to put it in. During the main event he keep asking me if I love him(no) but I told him yes to shut him up. I turned my stereo on before we started because I did not want the neighbors to hear my moans just in case I got a little loud. Well, I was not the one who screamed the house down, it was him. He shouted/ screamed so loud that I know for sure my neighbors heard him. As he was having an or%^sm, he let out the loudest Micheal Jackson scream that I have ever heard. All I heard was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,GOOOOOOODDDD,HOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo. If he would of added the "hehe owl", I would of died . My right ear rang all day Saturaday. It took him so long to get his breath(no lie), like he ran the 100 meter dash. It took him about ten minutes to catch his breath.

I did the dirty and I still don't like it. I just don't get what the big deal is, why can't I relax to truly enjoy it.
When I say that I don't like it I do not mean that I don't have moments were I feel pleasure because I feel that. What I'm not feeling are orgasms, I have not had one in about 2 1/2 years. I thinking about giving up on sex. After playing with my vibrator for about 6 months I thought when I finally got some I would really enjoy it, especially since my hormones perked up after discontinuing my birth control.
I think this may be my last graphic post. I'm having a change of mind about some things.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Very Very Random

10. I'm getting some on Friday(the Swinger). How happy am I, man it has been so long. My pu&*y is so tight now that it may take him an hour just to put the head in.

9. How happy am I that Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar and was on the March cover of Vogue. The March cover is the second biggest of the year(September is the biggest).

8. How disappointed am I that Jennifer talked ish about the dress that Andre Leon Talley helped her chose for the Academy Award's red carpet. She must not forget that Andre helped her get the March cover of Vogue and worked to make her name one that is well know within the upper crust.

7. How happy am I that Tyra Banks is comfortable with her new body. I know I going to sound like a hypocrite for saying this but if my looked the way hers did in the apex of her carrier, I would soooo be working it out to hold on to it.

6. I am also happy that Beyonce is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I think that to many people hate on this chick but you have to give it to her she is very talented. She also has a nice figure for swimsuits and figure hugging dresses.

5. All of the black teenagers in Baltimore are turning into hipsters. At least the boys are, with there tight jeans and waist chains. Do I like it, yea, when the dude has a nice body and a nice size package of which I can see the print through his tight jeans.

4. How happy am I that there is an African-American top model now(Channel Iman).

3. I am preparing to put in my application for nursing school, wish me luck.

2. I have decided to move in with my parents so that when I attend nursing school I will have one less bill(rent).

1. The part-time job is killing me from lack of sleep but I am going to hang on because I need/want the money.