Friday, July 21, 2006


Enough about my sexually unfulfilled ass for the next couple of days.

Are we headed towards WWIII? I find it very strange that on July 4(The anniversary of America's independence) the leader of North Korea deceided to test weapons. Was that his way of showing/telling the United States what he thinks about us? A few days later, we have the start of a war between Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon over the kidnapping of two soldiers. I do not agree with Israel's move to wage war over two soldiers. Since the war, Israel has lost 25 people in addition to the two soldiers. All human life is valuable, but was it a smart move to lose more lives behind two people. I also do not agree with Israel's bombing of the Leboneese airport. By doing that they put all of the foreign nationals currently residing in Lebanon in a dangerous situation by making it diffcult for them to be able to exit the country. It also made Isreal look as if it is challenging the Leboneese goverment in addition to Hezbollah. That said, I do understand that Israel has to protect itself and show no sign of weakness. Since Isreal is surrounded by countries and people who want to see its demise( President of Iran for example) .
What will be the issue to bring the United States into this war thereby possibly leading to WWIII? Can the United States withstand a war of this magnitude. Are American youth willing to put their ipods and cell phones down long enough to fight for freedom ?(big ?) Its funny how few people I hear discussing this issue, but when Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer whats her name, I heard people everywhere talking about that nonsense.
Why can't we all just get along
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Sex and the Sushi said...

No one really gives a damn Channel. It's sad but true. Besides, war doesn't shock the way it used to. We're all so used to there being fighting somewhere in the world at any given time that the whole concept of a world war is just lost on us or to anyone under the age of 60 for that matter.

Ms. GD

Errata said...

I second GD.

No one can be bothered, unless of course it hits on homeland, then there will be all sorts of inquiries and forums. Honestly we are too busy hustling in our own lives with our own issues so another war somewhere off in whatever part of the world is passe. I guess we have an unspoken mentality of "as long as it doesnt affect me"

personally Im too smug with my faith having self to lose sleep over nations constantly at war with each other.
Que sera..

Everchange said...

i'll comment. i think what Israel is doing isn't even "protection." ISrael is like the schoolyard 10th grade bully faced with a rebellious gang of 6th graders. Israel has one of the strongest militaries in the world (backed by U.S. weapons support of $3 billion), and Israel is a First World nation, just as the US or Canada or France. This military might cannot be compared to what Lebanon or the palestinian insurgents have. It's like the U.S. going to war against Venezuela (that is, when comparing who has power and who doesn't). I think Israel is making more Arabs hate them, not only for routinely bombing and demolishing the homes of Palestinians over the past number of years, but for bombing a sovereign nation. They are messing things up for themselves big time.

Raymond said...

Here's a page with some good info about the time in history we will call WWIII:

Three World Wars

Personally I believe we are already in WWIII. I just think we need to start calling it that, and maybe we'll start down a path to a solution.

Honey-Libra said...

Sad fact of the matter is that like sex and sushi said (funny name LOL) one cares only those who have loved ones fighting or who actually watch the news care....sometimes it bothers me that the US is so quick to jump in on others fights and can't take care of their own.

Anonymous said...

I was about to comment, but I realized that I've already written extensively on this topic.