Tuesday, July 29, 2008

When advertising goes wrong.

How can either of these two young women explain their tattoos to their grandmothers? Now I know we have different hobbies but how in the hell can a woman fell so brave and safe advertising this type of hobby so openly.
I would be afraid that random men would yell all types of perverted things at me when as I am walking down the street.

The lady who has either of these two as a best friend, especially the one in the first photo, is incredibly brave. Imagine what the people in the emergency room will think the first time they open up her top to check her heart beat or pump her stomach*. I got a feeling she has had or may have her stomach pumped a number of times during her life. advertising
P.S. I know two of these women in passing*, so if any of the men want to holla at them let me know.

pics from you know &rooshv
PPS. This is not safe for work but since we are on the topic of oral sex this video is so funny.Two words dark vader. click here

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I so wish I could work it like her

Youtube video of the day: Make that money girlllllllllll!

Maybe NSFW

I saw this at my girl kashirocollrctive blog.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music That I am Digging

Listen and tell me what you think.

So I discovered Justin Nozuka one night while watching VH1. I like the sound of his voice. As you can see he is Asian. The music industry is going to put him out there to see if he can sell CDs and MP3s as a test. If his album flops you can best believe the industry will hesitate to give another Asian male a chance.

Justin Nozuka-After Tonight

The second song I'm digging is by Gnarles Barkley. I can't seem to get enough of this song. I brought the single on Sunday and already the song has made it's way into the top 25 most played songs on my Ipod. Usually it's the beat of a song that gets me, and I may never learn the words but with this song, the words got me and well as the beat. This is the type of song that you would play when you are breaking up with someone because the two of you are not going in the same direction.
I have the first Gnarles Barkley album and most of the songs had to grow on me. When I purchase the new album, I will give a run down.
Gnarles Barkley-Going On

Friday, July 11, 2008

Do black men hate black women part 3 or is it the media turning us agaianst each other.

When I check my site hits, there are a couple of searches that frequently led to hits for this blog. One is blacks or African-Americans who travel abroad of which I am very proud of the fact that many people are interested in blacks who travel or study abroad. The other search which brings a lot of hits to this blog is "do black men hate black women".

I sometimes wonder if this is the work of the media that we absorb and then interpreted or transscribe as the gospel. Increasingly in movies and television, black male characters are shown with non black girlfriends and wives. So much so, that many black actress are suffering. Hollywood is not a female friendly place to begin with, but add in the natural tan and your chances of finding quality work sharply decreases. Tonight I watched Mad TV and two of the skits featured black males with white wives and IR were not apart of the skit. Most black men do not marry white women, interracial marriages between black and whites in this country are rare. So why are black women being squeezed out of Hollywood and why are so many black men filled with dislike and hatred for black women.

Today, there are a number of blacks who work at all levels in the music bussiness. If you think black music executives don't play a large role in the fact that almost all black pop singers who receive major promotion look similar to Beyonce(I stan), think again. In a number of interviews and articles on the changing face of the music business a number of blacks in music business have made the statement that the reason most African-American female entertainers are light-skinned is because white people can relate to them more thereby helping the artist to sell more records.

This is absolutely the biggest piece of BULLSHIT to ever fall out of the mouth of a black person. We can not blame white people for everything, and this is certainly an example of the backwards thinking of many black people. In the eighties two of the biggest black pop talents where medium brown caramel colored Janet Jackson and Jodey Watley. Both of these women sold a lot of albums and had international success. If you think that only black people brought their albums you are a fool. Llikewise, go to youtube and pull up any video of Dianna Ross and Tina Turner in concert and you will see plenty of white people in the audience. How the hell do you think they are able to sell out arenas??? Anybody remember Lauryn Hill ten years ago, whites could not get enough of her music,including Hill's look and natural hair.

Don't believe the hype, if anything, white Americans are picking up on the backwardness of color struck black people and are now looking at us threw the lenses that we provide. In a way, I believe many black people have a touch of Stockholm's syndrome as a result of slavery and colonialism. We seel to look like the people whose ancestors enslaved us.

Until I started to read the blogs of other black women online, I had no idea that so many black women are unhappy with their looks. A few of the common themes I notice over and over his how black men don't like the natural texture of our hair, dark skin or flat nosees blah blah blah. I don't have a problem with our beauty,maybe it's because I have been approached by all types of people and have told that I am nice looking or maybe it's because I like to look at high fashion magazines where beauty is much more diverse. What's ugly in downtown Baltimore is considered beautiful in the high fashion world.

This is also why it is important for us to have our own publications where we showcase a wide range of black beauty. When we see high fashioned black models like Alec Wek, Sessilee Lopez and Atong in advertisements we must write emails or letters to the advertisers thanking them for using said model. Black women should also be conscious of the way they talk about the texture of our hair,facial features, and skin color around our children because they learn a lot from us.
Speaking of skin color, rapper Young Berg, the idiot who made a rap song using a medley/beat from a jig
made it know during an interview that he does not find dark-skinned black women attractive, calling them "black butts". He went on to say that he can not date any woman darker than himself and he is as light as Beyonce. Listen here, for yourself.

That said, look at the men in the video below, what could make them have so much hatred for black women. These brothers are older and to hear them talk about black women is this way is very frightening. One of the men(?) said "I can't wait until we can cut these black bitches throats/heads off" WHAT? If they can hate us like this no wonder Dumbar village happened. This is not so safe for work so turn it down or listen with headphones.

jacked the vid from happy nappyhead.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Affirmative Action Post 1

It's been almost two weeks, sorry.

Youtube Video Of The Day: Eye ain't 2 bright!

Be honest, have there not been times when you witnessed a non black person does something stupid and the first thing that came to your mind was, thank God he/she is not black.

You know if he was a black Democrat the Republicans would be saying he is an example of why affirmative action should be dismantled. Can anybody remember Jason Blair?

I like how Chris Mathews owned that ass. I am just trying to figure out why Kevin James( aka the villiage idiot) didn't research his topic before going on the air.