Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random thoughts

1. If I had a bigger butt life would be so much easier. Men would bend over backwards to do things for me.
2. Damm, suuuurrrre wish I went for a technical degree instead of that liberal arts
waste of time.
3. Why are so many other female bloggers having good sex and I am not. Life is so not fare.
4. Both of my parents were supper slender when they were my age, so why am I on the thick side.
5. Beyonce's legs looked hella toned in her new video. I gotta do squats.
6. I think I am going to take the next semester off.
7. Why do men lie about their penis size when you are going to see the real thing anyway. This goes out to you swinger friend.
8. Why can't I stop watching Maury's "whose the daddy episodes".You are not the father.
9. Why do people who have unprotected sex act surprised when they become pregnant.
10. Maybe a big dick is not in my future.


The Stiltwalker said...

hmmmm. I see it is likely we were seperated at birth. Very interesting. Although I advise you not to long for a huger ass. Wobbly asses are the devil. I will not tell you again. Let me read on...

Honey-Libra said...

Girl I only had good sex cause it sorta feel into my lap LOL....anywho it's gone now so oh well..looks like we have lots in common..but trust me a big butt doesn't help LOL

Sex and the Sushi said...

Girl you have issues! LOL If I could pack up a big, hard dick and send it to you I would! And speaking of asses, I'm glad my sister got the big jelly ass and I got the huge tits! She got some ass fo ya and it ain't always pretty! LOL

Ms. GD

LA GIRLIE said...

big ass? thick side? hun, it's all about attitude. You carry yourself like you LOOK like Beyonce (even if you don't) you will attract what you seek. Trust me on this. Good sex, full filling your fantasies, takes guts and self-confidence.

TTD said...

u are in baltimore.. im sure you will find big juicy penis soon!

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ honey-libra- I can not wait for my own experience to fall into my lap. Face first of course.
@ sex and sushi- Since you date interacially I guess big breast open more doors than a big booty.
@ la girlie- You are so right. Confidence is very important when dealing with the opposite sex.
@ttd- I sure hope so.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ everybody- I see that all of you don't think much of a big butt. Thats very intresting(spell).

Anonymous said...

So you want a big butt to go along with your beautiful smile...? Think again. The bigger the booty the greater the chances for celulite. Think about it.

Sexx, girl my 80/20 rule still applies. 80% of men are wack or illequipped for sex. And 20% are fantastic. Proceed on your hunt for the holy dick, and pack several lunches, 'cause it is gonna take some time and effort.

Embrace celibacy. I did it for two years (on and off, more on than off), and it gave me clarity. No more wack lays. Hold out for quality, instead of just simple screwing.

eclectik said...


I love the random thoughts, good business

You step out of Bmore and slide to the VA side...that'll help a few things out :)

The Message Board


Anonymous said...

if u had a big butt people would be bending over backwards for all the wrong reasons.
Havent u heard? THICK IS IN!!!
Men lie about their penis size to get you curious...by the time you've seen it, its almost guaranteed that your curiousity has gotten u where HE wanted to take U.
A big dick shouldnt be your priority.

Tired of being broke said...

I am not having any sex at all. I have given up on finding great mind blowing sex, or even good sex for that matter.
And do not wish for a bigger ass, I have one that I think is too big. Guys think it is cute to cat call. And do not get me started on how difficult it is to shop for pants with a huge ass and a small waist. Completely depressing.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ delot- Actually it is a nice size. It just takes him a while to swell up. I gave him a good handjob during our last session, and I got to see the 8 and3/4 inches.
@ tired of being broke- The sex that I am having is NOT mind blowing. I think I am going to give up to.

Anonymous said...

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