Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random thoughts #11

10. What the hell is up with all of the hollyrollers in blogland. They have been giving my girl Overwhelmed a hard time all because of this post, and being the sister that she is, she fired back with this. I believe she made it clear that the post was going to be about sex with the title. Some people really need a life.

9. Scary Spice and Tracey Edmonds better watch themselves messing around with Eddie Murphy. I still remember when he was caught with that male prostitute who looked exactly like his then wife.

8. Scary Spice played herself be letting Eddie knock her up. Did he not just get divorced when you decided to let him hit(raw I might add).

7. I notice that a lot of posts are a result of articles or posts that I have read on other blogs. I will try to link to my inspiration from from now on.

6. How came 80% of black women on TV have blond hair now days.

5. Brittany Spears should really be ashamed of herself. Why must she show her naked pussy. After having two children back to back you know that thing looks beat up. She should remember that she is the mother of two boys. It is such a shame that now young girls everywhere will be walking around wearing short skirts and no panties(thongs don't count).

4. I finally got a part-time job. I've had it for some time now so that is why I have not been updating regularly. I will try to update 3 or more times a week from now on.

3. Rosie and Donald Trump's beef is getting more airtime than issues that are far more important. No wonder so many people in this country are so ignorant about the rest of the world. Even the news is dumbed down for idiots.

2. Speaking of the Donald, is it me or does the current Miss USA look more like a porn star than a beauty pageant contestant.

1. The Swinger texted me today. I know I said that I think he is to large but, I think I should get a piece of that on GP.


Anonymous said...

lol@ #'s so true. The trash news on tv is really too much, while there's more important stuff to be focusing on.

Have a great sunday Missy. said...

Britney needs some er er dicking sorry i mean living to do.Marketed as blue rinse virgin,occupied by career then got married and started popping kids like diddy pops cristal.Something got to give damnit.Wheres the url of her putting the puna on show?Not that im a fan or thirsty though.She aint my type.Just curious.

TTD said...

im sick of the donald vs rosie thing.. get over it! talk about our stpid ass president sending it more troops or something! geesh..

congrats on the gig

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about that whole Scary Spice?eddie Murphy thing myself. Was that the only man she could get??

Britney didnt deliver her children vaginally - she had two planned C-sections! I guess she did that so she could keep her shyt tight! LOL

Congrats on the new job.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job! and dont get me started on britney . I mean she needs to start acting like a mother of two. if she wants to party let her party but to flash the world!

Anonymous said...

Loll - Britney had a week of coming out literally. Good luck with the job.

I like your blog! I also find I tend to be influenced by other people's posts. You find you read something and it strikes you except your opinion/comment becomes extra long so it's easier to just put up a post about it.

Anonymous said...

Britney look like she can swallow a few brothas with ease!!!!

The Mistress said...

Ugh, those holy rollers better stay the fuck away from my blog! I hate assholes like that.

Oh and I think both Eddie and the Spice chick BOTH played themselves.

Of course the woman always gets the brunt of the criticism and I think that's wrong. They both look like assholes if you ask me. That dickhead already has 6 fucking kids, why didn't HE take some precautions? She mighta been on the pill for all we know so he deserves to take some credit for what happened.

Anonymous said...

u got a job? hookm my lazy azz brother up with one haha he seems to not keep one for more than two months ^_^

scary spice is a fool for letting him hit raw. johnny gill had just been in eddie the nite before...

i watch the first 15 mins of the view everyday and it's hilarious, rosie is a filthy slob and donald is a filthy loser.

u need to start watching "lincoln heights" on abc family channel it's one of my fave teledramas, it took no time for me to get into it

Anonymous said...

Britney needs to put down the pipe and get abck to her childrean and her career.

Rosie needs to get on Jenny Craig and shut the hell up. Star Jones was given the boot for doing far less!

Anonymous said...

I'm so upset at Tracey for playing herself like that messing with Eddie...I mean he just got divorced and so did she is it the in thing to do now...gross if you ask me and both of them cheesing like it's cute....Rosie and Trump need to give it a rest acting like kids....I'll def be back..I have to go read some more of your blog LOL

Anonymous said...

I am ok with the donald and rosie thing better than hearing of britney, lindsay and paris hilton although donald has to think of more mature insults than rosie is stupiD!!! thanks for stoppin by!

Anonymous said...

u spoke the truth on #9,8,6,5,3,2.

dont sleep with a man for GP is you've already said you have issues with sex cause you'll probably only make it worse.

I'm now caught up with all of your Jan posts...i enjoyed reading them and thanks for stopping by my spot

Anonymous said...

lol..forget about those fucking hypocrites(i've decided to ignore those fuckers for now).. donald trump is an idiot and you're so right about the current miss usa.. she does like a bit porny... eddie is bisexual?