Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Travis Barker vs. David Beckham

What is it about David Beckham(hold the voice) and Travis Barker that make so many black women cream their panties. I 'm talking about many sisters who don't date white men. Actually, I can see the attraction to David Beckham, but Travis Barker, hell to the naw. Baker is not hitting on anything in my book. Well ladies, which guy do you prefer.


sdddd22 said...

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Anonymous said...

girl, you're so speaking the truth here. there is nothing in this world that could make me give Travis Barker the draws. NOTHING!!!

Lemme name a few hot white guys...

Joshua Morrow from Young & the Restless

Jason Statham actor (previously mentioned)

Jon B. singer

Anonymous said...

damn dont start this shih haha u can start an entire series on it!!! hahaha

naw buh ive never liked dave beckham!! he's not packign nothing at all!!

travis is kinda a hollywood,rocker, type dude he always follows his own style

another one i like is steve-o from jackasss ohhh ahhh damn!!

then there's kevin james from "king of queens" luv the chubbies!

Matt Dallas the boy that stars in kyle xy, luv the whities that hav full lips!!

now u shude do a post about the latinos/blatinos/blk dudes that people are feeling, u might be suprised!

t.r.b said...

since i was like 17, becks was my crush...and then like you i heard the voice and not so much. but face/body wise not too many people are beating becks; his shit is that on point. i must say travis barker is "cool". sort of like the white equivalent of kanye or lupe...his attitude and quirks make him attractive, i like the way he dresses, the tattoos, the skateboarding, and blink 182 was my group along with red hot chill peppers. that being said....he couldn't get the mo' betta..but if he lent his voice box to beckham i'd have to do a little creep with him quick fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Beckham is a sexy bitch forever! i could go for a travis barker but of course i'd never pick him over becks!!I always did have a thing for 'white' white boys... not the 'black' white boys... kevin federline need not apply!

Anonymous said...

Loll - why would anyone in their right minds like Travis? Eeeeeewwwwwwww! Lollll

I like white men and think some of them are extra hot. Give me McSteamy (Eric Dane) or McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) anyday. I also like white men with long hair (not stringy rattails) - thick luxurious hair. Aahhhh - does something for me.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Beckham or Robin Thicke any day!

Dimples said...

Becks has my vote!!!...less the silly ass voice of cos...but that Travis Barker guy scares the shit out of me!!

Anonymous said...

David Beckham is a total HUNK!! I just wish he had a much deeper voice.....he does in my fanasties though! hehehe!

that travis dude is not attractive in the slightest (for me anyway). he does have that rocker-bad-boy thing going on which is sexy for some I guess.....

Oh..another white dude i'm completely in lust with is JASON LEWIS aka jared smith from SATC ( i want him handcuffed to my bed).....I think he is devastatingly handsome!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I will go with Travis..he is very passionate! did anyone see the MTV show withhim and his ex Shana moakler..There is something so sensitive and romatic about dude..And he knows how to pick up after his

Anonymous said...

i know NO white man that can make me cream my pants - beckham, travis are pretty much the same to me!

Anonymous said...

There was this picture of Travis (didn't know that was his name) that I used to like
(here it is:
Once I saw the tatoos and the hair...that was the end of my intrigue.
David Beckham...never did anything for me.

White guys I have liked?
1. Johnny Depp (deeply in love)
2. Brad Pitt
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Keanu Reeves
6. Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned..etc.)
And those are just the major ones off the top of my head. And this is just white guys. I'm all over the rainbow; what can I say?

Anonymous said...

OH yea and Jon B.! How could I forget?!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Barker?! Naw, Becks all the way!

Anonymous said...

Um, I've dated across the board, and even if I hadn't, there isn't anything even remotely appealing about Travis Barker. I wouldn't care if he were the last male specimen on earth... I would get my labia lips sewn shut. He looks musty, jaundiced, and his build is way too slight for my taste.
David Beckham is okay, but he sounds like someone's older sister, and he hasn't any lips to speak of. I mean, after several glass of Pinot Noir, I'd let him rub it 'round... but he's not my bag.
I am quite fond of Armand Assante and Pierce Brosnan, however.

Anonymous said...

Neither for me. Robin Thicke, Nicholas Cage, Jon B, Sean Connery and McSteamy could all get it! *lol*

beautyinbaltimore said...

@tdj- Robin Thicke is fine but Nicholas Cage is so funny looking.
@ Coffey- I don't find Travis attractive at all, he is to thin for my taste anyway.
@ elle- I agree.
@lauryn x- I can't stand John B. All the other men on your list are very attractive.
@busola-Are you sure? Not one?
@anonymous- I think that is the very reason that so many black chicks like him.
@Yellow Ibo Girl- You have good taste. I thought Jason Lewis was so fine back in his Calvin Klein days.
@dimples- Me to. When are you going to start a blog.
@ tasha- Good taste queen.
@noni moss- Robin thicke had long hair but I prefer him with short hair.
@ONB- My sister, you are something. I think you are one of two sisters (in comments)who finds Travis barker attractive.
@trb- Beckham's voice totally made me feel somehow about him.
@ Afro Jamaico-Kevin James is just awful, yuck and Stevie O is double yuck.
@ blu jewel- I going to have to check out Jason Staton.

The Mistress said...

I don't like either of them.

White guys just don't do it for me.

Anonymous said...

@ beauty - *lol* Nic Cage is SO funny looking. I don't know what it is about him. I think I was hooked after watching his vulnerability in Leaving Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Am I allowed to say Travis Barker is the IT thing!

Girl next door said...

Beckham all the way!

Anonymous said...

DBECKS baby... Anytime Anyday!!!

Anonymous said...

beckham is dreamy, the accent doesnt bother me in the slightest...I had a shrine to him during my alevels - that obsessed!