Friday, January 19, 2007

My Ideal Man

Thirteen qualities ( a baker's dozen)of my ideal man, off the top of my head(no deep thinking).

1. Someone who does not talk much.
2. Good money management skills(good credit too).
3. Very good looking.
4. Friendly personality(very easy going).
5. Has a good relationship with his mother.
6. His mother should not have a strong attachment to her son.
7. Likes me for me.
8. Can rock my world in bed(with tongue and stick).
9. Has good genes(just in case).
10. Likes to take care of the woman in his life(I hate the idea of a woman taking care of a man).
11. Fit body.
12. Educated.
13. Clean.


AlwaysFunkyFresh said...

That's it?! 13?! That's respectable. I know/have friends that have got scrolls for lists - like 50+ items. The question is out of the men you meet, how many of these 13 qualities do they usually have?

Anonymous said...

Your list is comparable to mine and everyone i no. i guess not everyone finds that person though!hope you find yours.

Anonymous said...

not the type of post im used to from this site, buh hey w/e floats ur boat, haha have a good weekend mami chula ^_^

t.r.b said...

capricorns must think alike...i just had a conversation like this with my bestest at lunch yesterday and i said the same...i just added passion and confidence in whatever he does...can't be having a weakling you know?

The Mistress said...

I am feeling this list girl.

Mine is similar but I have to add these though...

Must like animals

Articulate with a good vocabulary and doesn't talk like a fucking hood rat

Respectful and sensitive of my feelings AT ALL TIMES

Makes me laugh often...entertaining sense of humor is a must!

Loves basketball more than sorry ass football.


That's about it.

TTD said...

lol @ clean... u would think that that would be a given... but it definitely needs to go on the list in this city! haha

Anonymous said...

OH i love your list.. exactly mine... funny/understands my sense of humour(obviously), taller than me(6ft and above).. have a great weekend gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Luvvn the list..was expecting to see "loyal"...hee hee!luv ur blog!

Dimples said...

Totally agree with the list...but is it in that particular order??

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the list but you know how that goes LOL...they have like 4 out of the 13 LOL...let me stop

mochafella said...

Yeah right, 50 bucks says you've had that ideal man cross your path before and then decided he was boring.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@mochafella- How much do you wanna bet? I had a man to talk my ears off so yes these things are very important to me. I have also mentioned in this blog a number of times that I do not like thugs.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@always funky fresh- When a woman's list gets to 50+ it becomes silly. How in the world can anyone expect to find someone with all of those qualities. Most of the men I've met have a few but def not all since no one has rocked my world and only one of my three boyfriends did not talk me to death.
@ omo Naija- Thank you. Will you post your own list.
@ trb- Good point but he should be a softie with me.
@the mistress- I think I should of added must like cats. I love cats to much to ever live without one for a long period of time.
@ ttd- You are write and I was not thinking of sex, I was thinking of a clean house. We got some dirty MF in this city.
@ overwhelmed- Thank you, I still can't get over that you are taller than me. FOr some reason I thought you would be a petite woman. Would you post your own list on your blog.
@ najai vixen- Thank you, loyal is a very good quality but forever reason it didn't come to mind as I was writing.
@ dimples-Yes, I should of put rock my world higher thought since I so desperatly want a man to hit it good.
@ honey-libera- Thats all I have been meeting 4 out of 13. I mean can I at least get 10 out of 13.

Omohemi Benson said...

What a woman wants,she wants no jokes!
There is such a man there for you and you will find him! Amen!

Anonymous said...

13 is my fave #, so my only additional comment is that i hope you find him one day.

acolyte said...

5. Has a good relationship with his mother.
6. His mother should not have a strong attachment to her son.

Don't these two points clash? Coz if he has a good rship with his mum won't she be attached to him.
Otherwise I am sure you can get all the other qualities in a man. But to be honest as another blogger asked, are you sure that you didnt dismiss this dude in the past for being too boring? Like it or not, women do love them some drama...

Anonymous said...

1. Someone who does not talk much.