Monday, January 29, 2007

On Nigerian bloggers and the current state of Nigeria.

A few weeks ago I came across this article about the growing militarism and nationalism among a few ethnic groups in Nigeria. With all that has happened in Nigeria's past (concerning the civil war), I find this development very troubling.

For those of you who know nothing of the civil war, this is a very very very condensed History.
The Nigerian civil war was one of the most horrible events to happen in Africa. Long before the genocide in Rwanda, Nigeria had its own large scale ethnic cleansing. The cause of civil war was the murder of the religious leader of the Hausas(one the big three ethnic groups)and the murder of a number of elected leaders.
Although, all of the corrupt older leaders were supposed to be murdered a number of Ibo leaders were not killed. The fact that many of the Ibo leaders marked for execution were not killed and many(not all) Igbos celebrated that their ethnic brothers managed to survive. This along with the execution of the Hausa religious leader, led to Nigeria's full scale civil war. Many Igbos were murdered, tortured, raped etc(read more). One of the most important things that is overlooked or downplayed about this atrocity is the Yoruba involvement. Many Youruba want to sweep their involvement under the rug.
One of the things I notice in the blogworld is that among those of us with some percentage of Nigerian blood in our veins there is very little talk of triablism. Sure some Naija folk may write posts in their ethnic language (I applaud) or pidgin English but overall there seems to be cohesion among Nigerians in blogland. Is the pride of the younger generation of Nigerians the result of many of us living throughout the world and bing exposed to different ideas or the fact that many of us in blogland are a mix of Nigerian ethnic groups, black ethnic groups outside of Nigeria, and races or maybe it is because most of us are the children of elites and educated middle class Nigerians. Should Nigeria spilt into four parts(Igbo, Hausa, Youruba, and minority land). Is Nigeria in danger of having another civil war?


azuka said...

I think coming out of Nigeria and facing the wider world has helped us to realize who we are. Sure, we're an amalgamation of disparate tribes but transcending the ethnic divide as we have come to learn, is much better.

To blog is to be open-minded, and I think the Nigerians in the blogosphere have been just that.

Anonymous said...

the nigerians in the blogworld do not reflect the larger population of nigerians. Tribalism exists but I dont think the country should spilt up because this will lead to an even bigger mess!! I truly believe we were never supposed to be a country and the colonizers just threw us together.

mochafella said...

More like the Nigerians in blogland have quite a lot to look forward to and so have little time for tribalism. There is ignorance out here too, just not much time for it to fester.

Anonymous said...

I think Nigerian bloggers are beyond tribalism, most of them have been exposed to what most in Nigeria havent been exposed to. Educated (well yeah) and they had seen the dangers tribalism could do outweighs the goods!
I am Ijebu and yoruba, I am pretty proud of both but that shouldnt be my prerequisite in forging ahead a relationship.
Nah I dont think the spilt will do Nigeria any good, but if thats the route that will bring that long-awaited peace and stability, so be it and let there be PEACE for once!!

Anonymous said...

I see Nigerians in the blogosphere as a microcosm of Nigeria itself! Tribalism is almost non existent with younger generation Nigerians; however, the root cause of the 60's civil war is still evident in today's Nigeria. Nigeria continues to disintegrate into a slippery slope of total ineptitude and corruption in every facet of our social, economic and political lives. We continue to disengage ourselves from the real issues that affects us as a nation by entrenching divisiness and demagogue on the alter of meritocracy and good governance to the Nigerian people.
Do I think ethnic nationalities should secede? Sure, why not! If it will bring lasting PEACE!
Bottomline, Nigerians need to hold our political elites to account as we struggle to free ourselves from the shackles of the lowest rung of deneracy!

Anonymous said...

Aint nothin like an open minded blog such as yours....regarding topics of choice...the Nigerian point of view...quite interesting beauty!!

Anonymous said...

i will def be sending prayers up for nigeria!

africans shudent be split into dif groups, i wish africa cude be more like america, in that people were respected, admired, for their differences (for the most part), and not persocuted, b/c to tell u the truth if the average american saw an african on tv they wudent know if they were yoruba, igbo, etc u know?

we all have to get over our "cultural hangups" i mean i have a strong dislike for white africans (Charlize Theron is helping me work thru that though lol) i mean when i see white- africans on t.v, no matter how nice they are they all seem to have this "way" about them that says that they think they are better than blk africans, and that's not right

there's a potential civil war happening in california between blacks and latinos, it's a shame!

also do u speak any other languages besides english? ive always wondered that

Anonymous said...

feelin this blog too sis...k.i.t.

Anonymous said...

I most certainly hope not. Growing up I was never aware of tribal differences, but it makes life so difficult in the country when the only way to get somewhere is by knowing someone - who is often from your village

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nigerians are like so over that. Its books like half of a yellow sun that bring the story of the civil war to those of us who have no clue.

The Mistress said...

I don't know nearly enough about the situation to make a relevent comment so I'm headed to Wikipedia to read up on it. LMAO!