Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The End

I'm typing this post at the library.

My computer's battery died on me this past week. I find it strange how on my one year anniversary of writing this blog, it suddenly decided to die. Maybe it is a sign that I need to end this blog or take some type of break. I mentioned in an earlier post that I would continue this blog for at least one year. Well the one year is finally come and I feel like I have not had the type of growth emotionally that I hoped this blog would bring.

That said, I have really enjoyed blogging and reading the blogs of others(more so and I will continue). I feel like I know a lot of you(and have friendship with) although I have never met any of you before. I should have another battery in a week so I guess I will have figured out if I want to continue this blog.

As I mentioned a few posts ago I plan on attending nursing school this fall which will amount to the most stressful time in my life thus far. I pray that I do well so I can continue on to work towards a masters degree in nursing.

Maybe I will revive this blog in the fall while attending nursing school so that I can relieve stress.

Speaking of stress, whats with the anonymous people who are blowing up blogville with their BS. I see they have made some bloggers go private, edit comments or simply quit their bloggs. I figure that the people who are responsible should just stop it. If you don't like what you see on a blog you can debate the issue like an adult or simple go to the top right hand corner and "X".

Whoever is responsible is obviously a kid or student because they only behave this way during the break periods of the school year.

Another thing I notice is that I see a lot of this on Naija blogs and very very very little of this on black blogs outside of Naija(sad). Please understand that in other parts of the world people are entitled to free speech so anonymous or UFOs as D.O.G likes to call them, grow up.

For example:

Anonymous said... , what happened to the comments on the Makari post. Wanted to comment on Funmi's flawless skin...She's my idol 1:23 PM

Anonymous said... you are just a forking bitch i know who yuo are.bitch bitch bitch bitch and keep away from my boyfriend with yuor smelly cunt. 11:42 AM

bitchesaintshit said... I agree. Am waiting to see her go down in flames. Stupid cunt. Fishy funmiyando pussy licker 1:20 PM

Friday, May 25, 2007 8:35:00 AM ]

I notice that the above was posted on a number of Nigerian blogs

I would prefer to not have a private blog or comment moderation on this blog if I decide to continue to post. Luckily, I am pretty good at ignoring people since I spend most of my time in my own little world and have a loner type personality, 96% of the time the insulting anonymous comments cease to bother me.

Love you all


Sunday, May 20, 2007

My hair

I decided to relax my hair today(after 12 weeks) and so as I am washing out the relaxer I notice that there is a sizable amount of hair in the sink. My first thoughts were Oh God, the creamy crack has finally caught up with me. What am I going to do. I immediately started thinking about the wigs that I would need to by so that I can cover up my chemical disaster.

Never relax and color your hair at the same time. Either relax or color&natural hair. What did I have a chunk of my hair lightened about 9 weeks ago.

About five minutes later, I figured that if my hair broke off extensively than maybe this will be my big chop sans a transition period. I continued to wash my hair and told myself that what has happened has happened.
Well, I combed my hair out after washing and conditioning and thank God I did not lose an excess amount of hair.
I am making a promise to myself today that I will have one more relaxer in August and after that I am finished with relaxers. I going to be a natural chic again baaaabeeeee.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Top Model & Heavy D

Congrats Jaslene!

The following video(Nothing But Love) was made by Heavy D in the 90's . In the video he showcases a lot of the top black models of the 90's(minus Naomi and Tyra).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Men are a trip

A few months ago I was waiting in line inside of Rite Aid (Baltimore&Charles st for b-more peeps). Rite Aid is a drug store similar to CVS and Wallgreens in other areas. Anyway, while I was standing in a very long line praying that the cashier would move faster because I don't want to stand there all day, a young man walks to the counter.
In his hands he had a forty ounce of some "kill a negro quick liquor" and a box a of EXTRA LARGE magnums( I shockedthey make them this big). Now of course my eyes bugged out after seeing the box of extra large magnums. I guess I was staring a little to long because I felt a pair of eyes burning a hole into my face. I looked up to find homeboy(Mr. E.L. Magnum) giving me one hell of a look. I guess that was his sexy look. I felt like he was trying to communicate telepathically with me. He was trying to tell me "girl let me put this extra large up on ya and turn you out" but instead the look on his face was more like I had some good weed and I'm about to fall asleep.
As you know I no longer have a desire for a big one(the swinger cured that) so I gave Mr. E.L. Magnum my mean mug and averted my gaze. I made sure that I did not look in his direction again because I did not want that fool chasing me down outside of the store to offer me a sample.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Drag Queens

This is a lazy post because I have one hell of a headache today.
Inspiration: Pussycatbitch

The men in the first video are participating in a ball(I forgot the proper name) this type of event is apart of a sub culture of gay African-American and Hispanic men. At these types of events you can see some of the most talented gay men in America. On a far smaller budget than the Grammys and MTV music awards these guys put on one hell of a show.

In the video I posted check out how the men can put Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks to shame when they were at their peak. Am I the only women who has been around effeminate gay men and felt very masculine.

In the second video watch how my man comes in at 1:41 and takes over, and don't front on that big guy watch him do that split.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

good news and bad news

Bad News:
1.My bad cholesterol is elevated. Its 110(overall 190), not high enough for medicine but high enough that I need to get it under control before it becomes a problem. If you are under 21 please get your health together NOW. Develop good eating and exercise habits while you are still young so that you won't have health scares when you are my age(26). You would be surprised at the number of people under 25 who need to take medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. I quit the part-time job.

Good News:
1. I'm going to nursing school baby. I sent only one application out and how lucky was I to get accepted to that school on the first try. I'm not sure what this will mean to this blog since I will have very little time to blog, work and study. I guess I will figure something out.

2. My blog anniversary is coming up very soon. I have not decided what I am going to do to celebrate. I'm amazed that I have stayed with blogging this long. Maybe I have stayed with blogging so long because I am very nosey and I enjoy reading about the lives of other people. Outside of blog world, I am very nosey but I am also known as someone who can keep secrets so people have a tendency tell me all of their deep personal dirt. Looking through the archives I have only mentioned a friends problem once. It was very difficult for me to write that post because I did not want to put my friend "out there". I don't think I will be writing about my friends again anytime soon, I just don't feel comfortable putting my friends "business on the streets". Some people write about friends in their blogs with such malice that I wonder why they are even friends with that person(s) if they have so much dislike for him or her.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This man has talent and good looks so check him out. I love a black rocker.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Muffin top

Why why why were there so many 250 pound women(like this) out and about today wearing things made for 125 pound women. I saw so many muffin tops today that I may never eat another blueberry muffin. Why can you see 5 very large women wearing a half shirt before you see one woman who is actually built to wear a midriff bearing shirt. Is it because there are simply more overweight women now or do big women really think that men find them sexy when the show their rolls. I know one thing, as a country we are really going to need to get our weight problems under control. Otherwise our economy may struggle because of all of the money that we will have to be spent on diseases related to obesity and inactivity.
I wonder if Hillary Clinton is still considering universal health care for all American citizens.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Model of the month

>May's model of the month is Jessica Stam. I debated with myself whether I should make Jessica Stam the model of the month because I try to focus on black models since they seem to get so little love in the industry. Jessica Stam made me change my mind because an excellent model is simply an excellent model, and should be appreciate no matter what her race is.

Jessica Stam or Stam as she is known in the modeling world, is from a small town in Canada. In no time she made her way to the majors. I think one of the reasons that she is so popular is that she has a very versatile look which can go from waif to rich socialite easily. Stam is also genuinely pretty and the best looking model from that alien bunch. Marc Jacobs likes her so much he named a bag after her, the Stam.
P.S. Watch Stam take a hard fall on the runway in this youtube video.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why do black folks hate each other?

Tonight on Afronerd radio there will be a disscusion on the dislike and distrust between African-Americans vs Continental Africans and black West Indians. If you have the time please check it out(9:00 pm New York time/Eastern) or call in. Afronerd is one of my favorite blogfood blogs so I though I would share. It would be nice to hear the Naija(not bush) point of view on this topic(maybe I will call in).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


1. Why are people staring blogs, and two months later retiring. Man what type of mess is that. They get people hooked and then run away. I'm familer with the blogs of some of the people who have closed their blogs. Some of the people who have deceided to close their blogs have scandlous blogs like myself. I must say to those who are thinking about puting certain parts of your life online be very careful. It can come back to haunt you and hurt you if you are a very sensitive person.

2. Is it me or does it seem like we are being bombarded by fewer and fewer news items about hollywood stars. Thank God

3. Vogue has the new generation of supermodels on the cover. How happy am I.

4. I don't like the drama that has surfaced around Channel Iman's placement on said cover of Vogue.

5. George Bush getting down. To bad he can't dance his way out of the mess in Iraq.

6. I apologise if I offend anyone in writing this but how happy was I when the picture of the V-tec killer was revealed on television and it was not a black man. The nightly news is such bad PR for us that many of black people watch the news with our fingers crossed when the most atrocious crimes are disscused, praying that a black person did not commit the crime.

7. Alec Baldwin needs help.

8. Am I the only black woman who is not natural that shops at whole foods.

9. I'm noticing more bw/wm interacial couples in Baltimore. Is this a reaction to the lack of quality BM in baltimore or are times truly changing.

10. Mr. G(Overwhlemed's ex) is one hell of a character. Overwhelmed's former boyfriend has his own blog now. Check out this cute blog by a Naija diva living life.