Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me.

Today marks two years of writing this blog. I still have more stuff to get off my chest so I will be around for a least a little while longer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary Clinton,

BITCH ARE YOU CRAZY. How dare you talk of the possible assignation of Barack Obama as the reason you plan on staying in the race. How insensitive are you. You mentioned that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in California. Did you not hear that Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor. It was announced last week, and only a few days later you decided to mentioned his brother's assignation as a dig towards Barack. Was this a sign to some of your voters in Kentucky that you want one of them to take him out.

As a woman I an truly embarrassed for you. I was going to vote for you, until you and your husband played the race card. You see, when I was in high school I read a biography about you. In the book, many of your law professors were asked which of you were the most intelligent. All of your the professors interviewed made note of the fact that while both of you were truly intelligent students, your star was a bit brighter than Bill's. In middle and high school, I would read all of the horrible things that politicians had to say about you and your husband, with you usually taking the harder hit. I had empathy for you. I believed that they picked on you because you were/are a strong woman who can do more than bake cookies.

Now I am starting to see what the Republicans and some of your fellow Democrats were talking about. You are a bit bull in a skirt. You will do anything to win. For this I lose respect for you. After your coded calling for the assignation of Barack Obama, other people have decided that it is now okay to joke about assignating him. Check out the dinosaur in the video below. As you know, most people do not think very much and all we need is one idiot to take a shot at him. As you have been able to pull the poor white vote, many of those people still hold deep prejudices against blacks that are hundreds of years old. If something happens to Barack please know that you have blood on your hands.Have you any idea what Barack's possible assignation may do to this country.

You would of been better off bowing out like a true champion as you can always run again if Obama does not win or do well in his first term. Look at John McCain, he has been running for president for ever and he finally has a shot at becoming president.

P.S. I hope nothing happens to Barack Obama as I wonder what will happen to this country and how it will be seen to the outside world. While the USA advocates for freedom and justice in the world, the opposite is happening in her home.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama In Jeans

Youtube video of the day: Obama brought snakes on the plane. I saw this over at sandrarose. Michelle was not that plane that day,otherwise things would of gone down differently, cause you know she don't play.

Sometimes we women can be as bad as men.Imagine the outrage if a group of young men were taping Hillary's camel toe.

Monday, May 05, 2008

My Day 1 and other stuff

Amsterdam post tomorrow, I promise.

1. I went to Towson Town Center today. As I was walking to the mall, a brother was standing on the cornor with his girlfriend. His girlfriend was a white woman, and homeboy went out of his way to let me know that he was with her. I had on a pair of very dark Jackie O glasses so he could not see my eyes. This fool was squinting and trying to see thru the dark lens of my sunglasses to see if I was looking at him. The idiot would smile and grab her around the neck when he thought I was looking at him. I wanted to tell him, "Sir I don't care that you are not with a black woman, because keeping it real, I would never date you any way". Instead I just keep it moving. The poor woman had no idea what he was doing as she looked like she was looking for someone. Date who you like, but don't be with a person of another race just to spite the men/women of your own race. I notice that a number of white men who date Asian women use to same kind of reasoning as some of our very sad brothers(?)

2. While I was inside of the mall I saw an Asian albino person. I have never seen an Asian albino before. It was so shocking to me. I guess that gene for albinism must not be common among Asian people.

3. More stuff blogs

4. For those of you who are thinking of not having children. The little boy in the video below may make you run out and get your tubes tide or a vasectomy. See, I would of beat his ass up, F a spanking. He destroyed those cars. Granny won't be able to get insurance after this. And where the hell is that little boy's father. Little boy needs a belt around his waist to hold up his pants and another one across his ass for some discipline.

Youtube video of the day: Hello, I am seven, and I like to talk shit, smoke cigarettes and do hood rate stuff.