Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miss Teen USA what did you drink today!

She is as pretty as can be but

If she was black and had won the title after giving this type of answer you know folks would swear it was because of affirmative action.

So what was her excuse?

Nursing school is starting to pick up but all is well. I'm having a hard time adjusting to sitting in one spot for such a long time but I will get used to it again.

One of my close buddies returned to Iraq for a second tour of duty. I pray that he comes back in one piece.

Ladies I still need your help with my husband on the post below.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Update Update!

Update Update: 8/27/07 9pm

So I had my first day sometime earlier today. I must say it wasn't so bad and the semester hopefully won't be so bad. My first weeks reading is 15 yes 15 chapters. After this week things lighten up to about 3-5 chapters for class and other readings for my labs. I'm a bit nervous but very excited as well. I just hope I have enough time to sleep 8 hrs or at least 6 hrs most nights.

There are a lot of people in my class and I would say blacks are about 25% with at least 30- 40% of those blacks being African-American. I love our people no matter where they are from so I think I will have no problem and the no black students are very friendly. I must also add that the nursing teachers all come across as very friendly people who want there students to do well. I took a summer class with one of my instructors and I must say that she really worked with her students to ensure that we passed our exam. Furthermore, I heard nothing but good things about my professors.

I watching the track and field world championships right now but I will read more when I'm finished watching the champion ships(I've read four chapters already). The women's one hundred meter dash was a close race . Its taking sometime to figure out who won. I really wish Christina Aron would of won, but oh well, she never does well in championship races. Veronica Campbell won the race, she is from Jamaica, and a very strong runner. Why do so many strong sprinters come from Jamaica.

In a matter of hours I will be signing over the next two years of my life to the school of nursing. Thank you everyone for wishing me luck along the way. I will write another post about my first day sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Now on the good stuff

Shake that jelly boy cause jam don't move like that.

I can not be the only woman who finds this a turn on. I can't explain it, certainly the part where he pops his booty better than Beyonce should be a turn off, but it's not. Am I the only female who feels this way.I love male strippers by the way, but I can't see myself tricking behind a man. All of my female readers please give me an answer. That includes the lurkers, Yanni(thanks for coming out by the way), I need to hear from you again.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How to make a man feel good sexually!week of 8/20/07 post

Now you know I don't have all of the secrets but you know who does, Erykah Badu, ever notice how the men she has relationships with change after she gets her "gripers"(tightened pus#y muscles) around them. I bet she knows Alexyss Tylor. As a matter of fact this is the vagina power that Alexis is always hollering about. Read this post , to find about about the potency of Erykah Badu's love juice.

As Alexyss says there is the good di#k and the bad dick. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. View here . Lauryn Hill got some of the bad di*k, thats why she has changed so much.

I only have a few more days and then I am off to school. I think I may start blogging more again because I am sure I will have plenty to get off of my chest.

Yall know that financial aid office is still bull sh*ting me right. Yea, they came up with yet another form for a sister to fill out. Just so you know this is a majority white institution, so yes financial aid is a mess at any school.

I should call the swinger so he can give me a good luck fuck before I start school.

Guess who I saw today? Small Daddy aka Baba Kekere(new readers check the archives from September). He had the nerve to ask if we can go back to how we were before. I started to tell him if he uses a razor and gets a penile implant but you know I am not that evil.

Lurking on peoples blogs and never saying hi is mean and creepy!

Blogs of the week

Nappyme is a blog for sisters with natural hair or those thinking about letting go of the creamy crack.

Do you enjoy African druming and dance, if so this site is for you.

Now tradtionally we are taught to respect our elders right, so tell me why some of them try to make it so hard to respect them. Chruch folks kicking butt.

That slap took two days to connect to the old mans face and his punch took a week to get around. I tell you, getting old is a bitch. WE got to enjoy our youth while its here.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Post for the week of 8/13/07.

This is a long one, so get something to drink, put your feet up,take a deep breath ,and get to reading. We are going to cover a lot of material in one post.

August model of the month is the one and only Alec Wek.

Alec Wek burst on the scene and changed the game. She brought a different look from East Africa. Her look is very different from her fellow East African models Iman, Yasmen Warsame,Lila Kebede and Waris. Her look is described by some as pure African. I like to describe her look as pure beauty. Alec was discovered one day while walking down the streets of London, where a scout appraoached her and asked if she would like to be a model, and the rest is History. She has an biography coming out in September which gives her account of escape from Sudan and her rise to supermodeldom so be sure to check it out .

Alexyss Tylor part two

The guy with the curly fro in this video needs Alexyss Tylor(see yesterdays post) to talk some sense into him. He is in denial about his lack importance to his partner. Some men can be as weak as women when it comes to good di*k.

Thoughts running through my head

Florida Representative Bob Allen is one sick mofucker. How can a grown man have so little shame that he releases a statement to the media stating he was so afraid of a black man that when he saw the black man(an undercover police officer) approach him he offered the him 20.00 and a blowjob. You tell me what kind of ish is that.

Read the story here and here

I'm sure there are many men in this country who are afraid of black men but their fear does not lead them to offer someone $20.00 and a free blowjob. This is another example of blame the person with a natural tan. I hope my black readers are taking note of situations like this. From Micheal Richards to Imus to Hot Ghetto Mess and the recent execution of three New Jersey college students we are under attack. If you look closely, you will notice that people are feeling more comfortable with attacking us openly again.

Please note that many of our fellow black people are on the same page(gangsters,rapists,rappers etc..) as racists. The KKK do not protest very often anymore because we do the work for them(quoted on Afronerd).

An another thing, since when have people started paying to give a bj.

While we are on the topic of sex, I met up with the swinger again and I must say that I enjoyed it this time. Not enough to have the big O, but well enough that I was willing to continue even when he could not handle anymore.

This time I did not need him to stop so that I could lube up, as I had a tendency to go dry half way into it. This time I refused to concentrate on having an orgasm. Instead, I enjoyed the experience for what it was.

Financial Aid is the devil. I hope I don't have to put someone in that office in the head lock. Why is it that no matter what school you attend, the people who work in this office find a way to make life hell for students.

Why do so many people on the gossip boards hate on Usher's new wife Tameka. If you ask me, its because of her looks. So what she(Tameeka) does not have a smooth video girl stomach. I bet if she looked like Beyonce, people would not have this type of beef with her. I'm sure plenty of women who rip Tameka apart on gossip boards are more Tameka and less Beyonce. You think they would be happy for Tameka in that it shows that maybe they have a chance with a big money baller, even if they are not a perfect ten .

I notice that when I watch the news Barack Obama is referred to as a black candidate or possibly the first black president. Why is it that in the same breath a reporter can say that Obama has a white mother but he is a black candidate. How about calling him biracial instead. Many biracial people don't like the one drop rule(although I believe Obama calls himself black). I find it strange/weird/funny/sad how people can be mixed with Asian, native American etc.. and call themselves white even when their phenotype says otherwise. Yet at the same time you can have a person who is black or biracial and they can clearly pass for white but white folks will not hesitate to call that person black, not even biracial, but black. Its almost like we are tainted and some yt would prefer to keep a wall between us to prevent possible contamination. Although the wall should not be sound proof as they still want to hear us singing and raping on the other side. For those of you who think American racism is no longer around ( a lot of my Naija peeps), look at this
Good blogs
AfroHomo is another one of my favorite blogs. He has been around for a while but he does not write often. Whenever he writes a post his words are put together so beautifully that I forgive him for making me wait a month or two for another post. I see him as the blog brother to Coffee and Pussycatbitch in terms of the level and quality of writing.
sacdefilles or "handbags of women" is a French blog which allows you to see the goods that different women carry in their bags. I don't know if many of you will like this blog, but I love it because I am nosy as hell. Why do you think I like to read blogs because I like to know everyone's business.
mspudin is a young cute chic who likes to have fun and gives you a good laugh when she gives you the rundown on her day to day and her opinion about any and everything.
scandalessbeauty is a fellow b-more blooger. This blog is all about beauty beauty and more beauty. If you like Afrobella, I can assure you that you will enjoy this blog .
Preetyblackgold is a new blooger who tells it like it is. She has a gorgeous husband and the prettiest little girl
in the entire world.
I hope you are enjoying my blog selections. See ya next week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alexxis tyylor is telling the truth!

Alexis Tyylor is back and this time she has a message for gay men. Not safe for work!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

YOUNG BLACK GIRLS READ THESE QUOTES, my life and more bloggs.

I picked these quotes up from a recent post from one of the most controversial black female bloggers on the net. Say what you want about her, the blog and her message, but you can not deny that there is some truth in the following quotes:

"Choosing a man as your mate and the father of your children is the most important decision of your life because this decision will impact your life, your children, and your future descendants for generations to come--either positively or negatively."

"The ugly fact about this is that an unskilled or uneducated black female is going to spend a lot of her life on her back or on her knees, servicing men--so we MUST never shut up about education for black females, no matter what."

That my dear is real talk, no sugar added.

On to me

The ex is gone again and this time for good. That dude is a trip and I have no time for him or any other man right now. This nursing school is/will take up the bulk of my time for the next few months. To hear many females who have made it through nursing school tell it, having a man right now is not feasible because you do not have the free time that it takes to get a relationship started. At most you may have the time for an occasional booty call. Don't forget I plan on working part-time while in school so I will have fewer hours to play around.

I plan on starting my walking regime this week. I will power walk 3-5 days a week for 2 miles each day. It takes me about 30 minutes to walk two miles so that means I will be walking at a speed of 4 miles per hour(good speed).

I went to the mall(Mondawmin B-more peeps) earlier today and guess what, the fools were out. Now, although I mentioned that I am a bit heavier than I want to be, I have a fairly decent build, read no big gut and nice waist to hip definition. So I can wear things that fit albeit not skin tight like a video girl, but close and form fitting without showing rolls and muffin top. Although I sure wish I had more booty(I have a fair amount) like Serena Williams or Buffie the Body.

Anyway, I guess my fakeout ring was not enough to make them leave me alone because it usually works. As I was going down the escalator some dude asks if he can walk with me. I look up and see a guy standing at the railing with a Bin Laden(long beard). I told that idiot that I am married and guess what that fool said, so was he and that a "that made it funner". I became so flustered because I could not believe he could be so brazen that I speed down the escalator. I had a few other men make eye contact with me but nothing was said because I quickly averted my eyes, and I guess they had more class.

After I left the mall I went to get something from the store. As I was leaving the store some fools in a car drove past, and one idiot leaned his head out of the window to ask if he could walk with me. I told that sea donkey looking fool that I was married and they speed off. So at least this one had some type of respect for the sanity of marriage. Golden, I think you sent all of the fools running from DC into Baltimore.

On To Good Bloggs

Afro Jamicano- You will laugh out loud at the way this guy breaks down celebrities and titles his posts. He is very funny. Don't read will you have water or soda in your mouth otherwise you will choke.

Joey Bossy- She covers celebs a little but she is also into fashion and music. Check her out.

Secret- Did you say Player?

Meet another sister living in France- My so called life in France.

ExpatJane- While many black people struggle with and hate the texture of their hair, check out how people in South Korea are loving our "afro texture"

Snarklyblackchics- Makes me laugh. She has the funniest stories