Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Good sex for free?

Men trip me the hell out(slang for I can not believe some of the things they try to get away with). They are always attempting to get in between a woman's legs for free. I'm not saying that women should put a price on the pleasure which the space between their legs can give, however I am saying that men need to make more of an effort if they really want women to take them seriously.One of my favorite bloggers confessionsofnneka@blogspot.com has recently written posts about the same problem in England. Hello men, it is not owed to you, if a woman decides to bless you by opening her legs for you, you should first thank the heavens and then treat her body as you would the body of a goddess( I know major run on). Also, men its 2006, if you are not going down on your woman you better learn how. Plenty of men have lost their girlfriends and wives because they are scared to lick a little pussy.

Monday, May 29, 2006

About Graduating From College

Hello, Why didn't anybody inform me about how college can shape your financial future in a negative way. How, do you ask can college crash and burn your fiancial future. Well lets start with the loans , hot darn I said the loans. So many people have cried about the loans they have been forced to take out to pay for school. I've read in numerous places that the average college graduate today owes something like twenty thousand by the time he or she graduates( not including the plastic monster credit cards). You know what, twenty thousand is a down payment on a house. It will probably take a new graduate ten years to pay off this type of debt if he or she wants to live comfortably while attempting to erase debts accumulated during their college years. Or you can go the smart route of a lot of people in our age group and move back home. That way you can get rid of your debt a lot faster. I'm seriously considering this option ,but I am hesitant to move back home because I have been on my own for so long now. I think I prefer my freedom. My lease is currently up and I'm trying to decide what I should do. Move back home or stay here in my own apartment. One of the major things that is holding me back is having to deal with my family members monitoring my movements. I do not want to tell my mother and grandmother what time I'm leaving and what time I will be back. I just love my freedom, but I want more freedom to do what I want with my money. You can give me your suggestions. Technorati ProfileChannel

Guess who called

Hello, my second boyfriend( lets call him A) called tonight. He of the teeny peeny variety. I guess he thought that maybe I would give him some. He was wrong about that. I told him a white lie. I hope it does not come back to haunt me. Anyway, he called me a second time and said he was coming over . I told that sucker that he better have my graduation gift. You see I'm trying to become more like my home girl http://afrochic.net when it comes to men. She is a lot more open minded and far less cynical than me. I am hoping that I can learn to trust men more again some day. After dealing with my first boyfriend(from now on he will be known as the beast) I've found that if you are to trusting, men will take advantage of you. I absolutely refuse to let another man pull a fast one on me. Anyway, that's all for now. Channel

I need to get some

Hello Again,
This is my second post for today. I found myself trying to figure out which of the many things going on inside of my head should I write about. Well I chose to write about the one that all human beings like to discuss , drum roll please-sex. Hell yea sex, why because I haven't had any in a minute and now I am thinking about it(a lot I might add). You see I have not had sex in two months. I know its not a long time but, for someone who sees their 20's rapidly disappearing (I'm in my mid twenties) two months is a long time. I am suppose to be having fun right now. I have friends who are younger than me who have done damn near everything.
Now I am not saying I want to do everything but damn, can a sister get to enjoy it more often. I mean I haven't started to enjoy pentration a lot yet, but a sister loves the hell out of a guy who can go down on a woman the right way. I'm talking about lick you so well you wanna slap your mama. Anyway, I guess I don't like penetration yet because none of my partners(There have only been three by the way) have had big penes or at least had a clue what to do with their small penes.
So, the reason I got into sex on this post was because my ex -boyfriend(lets call him P) decided to call me yesterday. He asked me" How is your boyfriend?". Now, you ladies know when a man asks you that question what he really means is do you have a boyfriend. In response I decided to be slick also and tell him no, I have a girlfriend. Old boy burst out laughing ,but I could tell he was a little nervous.I think he would like for us to get back togeather or at least sleep togeather one more time. I told him there is no girlfriend or boyfriend after he finished laughing. Then he said we need to go out so we can sit down and talk. Now I'm a woman who loves good food, therefore that is not the thing to say to me. I'm going to get a meal and maybe a goodtime from old boy. I don't think I should sleep with him again because he does not like to go down ,and as I said earlier I can not enjoy sex without a good lick. Tell me what you think I should do. I'm going to have to let you guys know what happened on a latter date.

My very first post

Today I am writing my very first post. Now the question is why have I waited so long to start writing and the answer is , I'm not quite sure. I have been reading various blogs for almost a year now and I thought to myself "Hey, I can do that". So now I have finally decided to sit down and do it. Over time this blog will cover a wide range of topics . I have varied interests so, each day you may find a new post quite different from the last. There are currently so many things going on in my head that I am not quite sure where to start. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog.