Saturday, April 28, 2007

Snoop Dogg

This photo is the reason that I hope Snoop gets a very long jail sentence, maybe someone will turn him into a bitch also. Snoop is an embarrassment to African-Americans no scratch that to all black people(and black men in particular). Who would of ever though that a stone cold gang banger would turn into America's number one Uncle Tom.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dare to Compare!

I found two more videos of entertainers grinding/freak dancing on stage with fans. Compare Akon's treatment of that young girl to the way these ladies were treated and I think you can see why he upset me. Compare how Bobby Brown and Common treated the women in their videos to Akon's treatment of that young girl and pay special attention to the end of the dance to how Akon left that young girl laying on the side of the stage in an exhausted heap,young women .

Bobby pulls the young woman on stage at about the 4 min mark.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The video

video: afronerd

Here is a copy of the Akon video. See his part of the freakfeast for yourself.

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Akon you should be ashamed!

Thanks everyone. I'm feeling better.

Inspiration: afrobella and Afrojamaico
The vacation post is coming soon. I just had to write about this because it hit me in the face.

Please watch this then this.

Now what type of ish is this. I've seen this video floating around for the past few days and many people have said their piece concerning the video. Of course many people blamed the young girl for her treatment.
Look, I don't care what that girl had on. There is no excuse for that ish. As far as I am concerned she could of been walking down the street butt ass naked, and she would not have deserved that type of treatment. The poor girl was forced to hold on for dear life otherwise she probably would of broken a few limbs. There were also reports that she was bruised after the dance(attack?), and that Akon's body guard/security pulled her on stage. Meaning that maybe she did not want that dance after all but deceided to go along with it.

It is particularly weird (but not unusual) that many women and girls were/are quick to condemn the young girl but in no way condemn Akon for his behavior. I guess I should not be shocked though because I'm sure many of these women were also blaming the young girls in the R.Kelly videos.

I have a problem with the fact that Akon did this to a 14 year old but I have an even bigger issue with the fact that he did this to any woman.If this was a 30 year old woman it would still be oh soooooooo wrong. If I was not told that it was a young woman being thrown around I would of assumed that he was tossing a dummy or blow up doll around the stage. Did you see how he got up and ran away after he finished, leaving the young girl on the side of the stage like a heap of trash. That ish made me hot as hell. How much you wanna bet that fool(Akon) came.

Why has our society come to point where men think it is okay to objectify women in this way.

Why are there so many men who get off in treating women this way. I came across two videos on Xtube in which the women were being treated like pure trash(actually less than trash). In one video the guy made it his business to finish in the ladies eye and in another the guy tried to ripe a whole in the woman's throat. Notice you never see the guy. He maintaines his annomity while the female is cast before the world as a good time girl who is desperate for attention.

The Akon video is just another instance where we see men getting off in degrading women and I say degrading because this and the two videos( in the comments Not safe for work ) are not about sex. They are about crushing/trashing another human being and getting off on the power to dominate and control another human being.

I think this stuff comes out of the same pile of smut that rape comes from. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT SAYING THAT AKON RAPED THAT YOUNG GIRL but I am saying that using and abusing someones body is such a harsh manner is in my opinion very close (symbolically) to rape.

I have a small collection of porn movies(about a dozen). Some of my movies are from the late 80's, and I have some were made in the last few years. One of the things that I notice is that the male porn stars have started to shoot* on the face (and in the mouth) of their costars. In movies from the late 80's men would finish on the butt, chest or leg of their female costars. Why has it become acceptable to spray the face of the female actress( and people wonder why I don't go down). Some of those women even take it out of their butts and holes and stick it straight in their mouths without missing a beat(yuck).

Keep in mind that I have seen a few gay videos on xtube and I notice that in those videos the men are never(so far) as ruff and disrespectful with each other as the men who star in the straight videos. Why? Do men secretly hate women deep down inside?

Why are so many women willing to subject themselves to this type of treatment? What do they get from this? Is it because they are missing daddies love or are they sexually unhealthy.

I would love to read what Coffee, Soul and Model Minority have to say about this please.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Health is wealth

I'm sick. I think I am coming down with a cold. As soon as I am feeling better I will blog again.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'm back. I have plenty of stuff to write about. See you on Wednesday.

Check out this blog start snitching

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rap music is going straight to Satan!

So far the vacation is going well. I ready to start the next leg and guest what, all of the seats are filled for the flight back to Baltimore. I hope they give me a seat, otherwise somebody at that airline better give me a voucher.On to the post.

People ask me why don't I listen to rap music(I like Mos Def and Common). This is the reason why. This is nothing but pure tomfoolery. Violence of this type is also one of the reasons that many rap artists struggle to go on tour. A lot of insurance companies don't want to cover them or they are charged an exorbitant amount compared to artists who perform other types of music.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Is this dude on something. He seems mighty slow for an news reporter and academic. This man reminds me of the people who hang out in front of Lexington Market(Baltimore peps know what I am talking about.

This dude went on the Hannity and Cohlms(sp) show to discredit Obama. When you go on these types of shows you must come with your A game because these types of shows are less about who makes sense and more about who is articulate and can argue(yell) their points clearly. Otherwise, you look like the loser* even if your point of view or side of the argument is correct.

He is one of those of those black people that republicans and whites like to use when they want to insult or discredit other blacks. I'm am so sick of seeing blacks who take pleasure in character assassinating other blacks simply for the joy of getting a few crumbs from the table and a pat on the head from master.

I'm starting the vacation now.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Random 16

11. I have discovered a number of good Kenyan sites from acolyte. I would also like to read blogs written by Ethopians, Ghaninan(SP) and South Africans. If you know of any send me a link please.
10. Have you decided who you are going to vote for. Has anybody been paying attention to the election in France. If Lapenn(sp) wins, then all of the blacks and Arabs in France better start running.

9. Health is wealth. I will write a post about this later.

8. Check out the African film festival currently taking place in New York City.

7. Check out Afronerd, he doing it big with the podcasts. This week he is discussing black women and the love that some of us have for weave,thugs, and food/obesity. I think this brother talks about things others would prefer to ignore. By the way, there is nothing worse than a bad weave

6. Why are the British Navel Officers being criticized. How many people are really willing to be
tortured for the honour of their country. I read where one person said that(I'm quoting loosely) in his day navel officers would have never said what ever lies the Iranian kidnappers/jailers told the captives to say. Maybe that's because back in his day people believed the lies that those in power told them about the other. I think many people are moving away from God bless America or the Queen and instead are thinking saying God bless the world.

5. Its official, I am going away for a short vacation next week. I'm so excited and I can't wait. I will post something while I am away.

4. I noticed that there are a number of Naija blogs that have popped up since the new year, and many of them are sex blogs. Now you know I write about it all(sex included), I think I may have been one of the first Naija(or half Naija in my case) females to write about sex so openly. That said, I have one question for all of my sex writers on the scene, can you tell a sister if your stories are real or fiction. I'm just saying, it would be nice to know, feel me. Cause sometimes some of these stories get me so worked up I have to pull out the plastic(just joking).

3. I guess I spoke to soon about the good weather. It was so cold in B-more today that I needed gloves, long johns and a scarf.

2. The Swinger has texted me for the last two days. He is back in Baltimore. I doubt if I will sleep with him again because I don't want to be bothered since I am not enjoying it. You know someone sent me a link from xtude of a guy explaining how to hit a woman's g-spot. Maybe I should play it for the swinger so he will know exactly what to do. Then again my plastic is doing just fine. Are there any men on this blog who would like to see it .The video is very graphic , so please don't open at work. I will put it in the comment section. This video is outrageous, dude had her hoping all around on the table, He had to hold her so she would not fall off the table and hurt herself.

1. Baltimore now has an Urbanoutfitters, now you know we are officially a hipster friendly city.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Model of the month

April's model of the month is Jaunel Mckenzie. She is originally from Jamaica where she was discovered through a local model search. She is just one of a number of models from Jamaica who have made a dent in the fashion world. However, she is by far the biggest model that Jamaica has ever had. Although, she did not book many shows last fall I don't think we should count her out. I think she is the black version of Lily Cole and Jemma Ward(baby/alien models) .

Check out this site if you like the sartoralist. Howard students are just to stylish.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Baba kekere is back

Some background on Small Daddy

About a week ago I was on my way home walking about 100 miles an hour because I was trying to catch the bus(not the number 8). I was walking so fast because I only had a few minutes to get to the bus stop, otherwise I would of had to wait another hour for the next bus. I'm to cheap to catch a cab. When I was about two blocks away from the bus stop, guess who rolls up, Small Daddy aka Baba Kekere.
Small daddy took pity on me and offered me a ride home. He informed me that he now has his green card(good for him). We cut the bobo(talked,joked and laughed) for the most part as he drove through the worst and best parts of Baltimore. When we were a few blocks away from my apartment he got an incoming phone call. He was so excited to be receiving a call in my presence because he began to chant " I wonder who this is " about three times in a loud and very excited voice. When he picked up the phone guess who was on the line.
A woman, you would of thought that he never had contact with a woman before. Actually, I think he wanted to show off and try to make me jealous(very difficult). Did he really think that I would be jealous because he has moved on. I'm pretty sure that once that woman sees what he looks like naked she will take off running. I actually felt sorry for the woman because that dude is a waste of time if she is looking for something permanent.
If I was a cruel woman I would of yelled to the caller that she should run because his d*ck is infant sized(and is smaller than his balls) but I would not do that because that would be mean, and I am not that type of person. I did thank him for the ride because he truly did not have to stop and take me home. Furthermore, I was raised to believe that it is not good to burn bridges.