Thursday, June 28, 2007

Very Very Random

The women in DC are having major problems with street harrasment. Read here , this is Golden's second blog. Its very rarely that I have a man approach me in such a weird manner when I am walking down the streets of Baltimore or DC. I guess I look so mean that they are afraid to say something stupid for fear of dirty slap.

Guess who called this morning? The Swinger ready to give me some of that horse di%k. Don't worry, I turned him down. I got to thinking after he called. How is it that one guy who love to lick the cha cha is not so good at it where as the guy who claims he does not like to do it, is so good at it. Now I know I have some nerve riding the ex about not wanting to perform since I don't lick the sword but I feel like women should not have to do that(unless they want to). Men on the other hand should be prepared to lick it since a lot of women are only able to orgasm through or&al se*.

The ex had the nerve to ask me if I was with anyone else while we were apart. Guess what, I told him the truth. I told him about the Swinger. He wanted all of the details so I gave him about 80% of the truth. I certainly let him know how freaky the swinger was, particularly our last session together.

Do you know that idiot(ex) said he was the best sex that I ever had. I told him I never told him that but now that I think about it, he was. His pe&is is the right size for me since I am on the small side down there. He asked me to marry him twice. I've told him a number of times that I don't want any children(more on this latter) or a husband for that matter. I will write more about that fool later.

I am really into tee shirts right now. I like the Afrocentric shirts of this site. They are very expensive but I think I may splurge. I am also feeling the tee shirts from this site .

Since I am returning to school I will be able to wear whatever I want. No more BS work clothes.

I've also found a few more sites that I really like.

Picks is a site that features a lot of fashion photos from different blogs.

This blog is written by a very pretty young lady who is a model, stylist etc..

This site is helpful for all of you who want to learn how to apply makeup like the mac girls.

This sister is addressing the issues African-American women face in finding good partners or husbands(not baby fathers). If you are a black female you should definitely check out her blog. A lot of brothers detest her blog for obvious reasons.

Anybody see the BET awards. I can't lie, Beyonce is a bad chic.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Is it me

Or is this a very creul thing to do to a child. I must admit, during my first viewing of the video I giggled at the little boy out running the older children. At the same time I was angered at the lack of empathy of the American soliders who came across as totaly unfeeling and crass. I guess this is the type of behavior that the rest of the world expects from America.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

What can I say

So I have so many things I need to write about but I will not write about everything at this moment because I am so sleepy.

First off, I should be covering a lot more material for nursing school than I currently am. I promised myself that I will pick up the pace this week.

I mentioned that I got back with the exboyfriend in my last post. Well, I realize that some men are meant to ex boyfriends and ex boyfriends only. See this dude don't like eating pussy and when he does lick it, he acts like he is under duress. For whatever reason he has always said that he is not into licking the kitty.

This lady is having the same problem. Check out her blog.

I don't know about you but I am starting to think that men who have an aversion to performing oral sex are really gay or bisexual deep down inside. Something is just off when a man is not into performing oral sex on a woman. I remember a few years ago when men had to work a little harder to get a piece and they willing to lick any and everybody. You hear men walking down the street(to much) say how much they like licking pussy.

I must come back and continue posting about the ex.

I saw the newest edition of Vogue and how happy was I that there was a model on the cover.

Baltimore has a few festivals coming up withing the next two months(Artscape and Affram). I can't wait to attend, and of course I need to save money but the temptation will be to spend money until my pockets run dry.

That's all for now.

See you in a few days.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Long Time!

I've been working,studying and enjoying life. You see since I have been accepted into the nursing program I've been short on time. I've been reviewing my A&P I and II material intensely. I need to be on point for this program because I don't want to have to sit out for a semester because I failed a class. I think I want to go on to complete a masters in Nursing after I have finished undergrad.

Another juicy thing that has happened in my life is I am now back with the ex boyfriend. Yea, I will blog more about that later.

I still have not purchased a new battery for my lap top(blogging from the libary again). Bad, I had the money butI spent it on something else. Each time I say I am going to buy the battery I spend the money on something else. Forgive me oh.

I have found a number of new black travel sites. Please check them out, I am going to add them to the list.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I think I just needed a break and I will continue this blog although I not sure how often I will post, I will post at least once a week.Finally, here is a video by a talented Nigerian& Germain singer named Ayo. I hope you enjoy.