Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is pologamy ever a good thing?

My Naja readers I really need you to answer this one but every one is welcome to comment. A longer post will follow your comments.

Oprah vs. 50 cents&ludicrous&ice cube(black men please)

I am so sick of these clowns attacking Oprah. Can anyone of them say that they have done for black people throughout the disporia what she has. Hell no, what little positive they have done is "negated" by all of the bullshit they put in their music. 50 cents is the most devious of all, I listened to his first CD and it was full of nothing but violence. He became famous by hyping up the fact that he was shot nine times. This man is an Uncle Tom and Stepin Fecthin in the truest sense of the world. As a result of his buffoonery many young African-American boys look at getting shot as a rite of passage(There was an article on this in the Baltimore Sun). The Oprah Winfrey show belongs to Oprah and she has a right to chose who she is going to bring on. Do I think Oprah is perfect ,no but who is. One thing is for sure, very few African-American parents would be ashamed if their daughters grew up to become another Oprah.
Her reason for not inviting rappers on (Kanye was on )her show is their demeaning and misogynist rap lyrics.For that, I back her one hundred percent. 50 cents made the statement that "Oprah caters to white women" he must have forgot that 90% of all rap albums are brought by white kids. Therefore, the people who buy his albums are the children of people who view Oprah. 50, don't bite the hand that feeds you. The beef that rappers have with Oprah also shows how far some black men are willing to go to destroy a black woman. It seems to be a trend for brothers to go out of their way to make all types of negative comments concerning black women. If only they put the same amount of energy into improving themselves then maybe black women would not be surpassing them in all walks of life.
comments please
P.S. I am well aware that not all black men fit into this group. However, if the shoe fits .....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hair and Rest

On Hair

I got a new hair cut on Friday. To bad I don't have a digital camera, otherwise I would post a picture of it for everyone to see. My hair really needed the cut because the relaxer took a toll on my hair's health. So for now there will be no more glamour girl curls instead I have a Cleopatra cut. I like my new cut but at the same time I am missing the length my hair used to have. In six months time it will grow long again so I won't stress myself about it.

On Rest
I worked another one of my marathon weekends. As a result I am now laying in the bed like a decrepit old woman. Instead of being lively like the 20-something I am, I find myself struggling to type this post. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and be up to writing something more entertaining or thought provoking.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The beast part 5( the last part)

The last piece of the puzzle. Five years condensed into five posts, enjoy.
After the beast and I broke up he wanted us to remain friends. I decided to go along with him , after all this was the first man that I slept with. Even though I no longer had feelings for him, for some reason I had a desire to keep him close. Well the beast probably wishes I never agreed to remain his friend now because I went out of my way to give him a taste of hell.
The last pieces of the puzzle finally started to come together when I called his former residence. Unfortunately for him, his roommate answered the phone. She could not believe that I was calling there for him. She informed me that he no longer lived there and he had not lived there for some time. He had in fact moved in with his new girlfriend. Now to be fare to the beast, he told me about two weeks before I called that he had a new girlfriend but he never mentioned living with her(He told me he meet her recently). His roommate was shocked that I had no idea that he no longer lived there. Somehow we started sharing information about the beast and it became apparent that the guy had only told me a 1/10 truth(not a half truth).
The beast had started dating the Nigerian lady well before I broke up with him. He had started having a relationship with her back in September. He was even so bold as to have her living there with him for a while(In the apartment he shared with the roommate). He felt comfortable doing this because he knew that I am not the type to do surprise visits. Can you imagine what would of happened if I had just stopped by without calling. There was one night in November when I had a very real dream about him cheating on me. In the dream a voice said to me if you want to find him cheating go visit him on Wednesday. Wednesday came and I seriously debated with myself if I should go. In the end I decided not to, I did not want to be with him anymore so I thought why stress myself.
I also found out that the other woman knew about me the whole time. He lost a few of his friends because they did not like the way that he treated me. Until this day, he has become an outcast among Nigerians in Baltimore because of his strange behavior concerning this woman. The woman that he cheated on me with, good God,physically she is nothing but a beast. She is taller than me which means she is probably a bit taller than him, very skinny(Nicole Richie -20 pounds),and she does not take care of herself physically(hair and nails). He even had the nerve to complain to me about her lack of upkeep. He asked me what type of relaxer I use for my hair. Now you know I should of volunteered to buy it for her. Yeah, I would have brought the relaxer and mixed a little something extra in it. I would of made that bitch as bald headed as a yard dog.

You see karma is a bitch because this woman is giving him everything he gave me x20. Although he never beat me this woman has smacked the beast across his face numerous times. Keep in mind that they are not African- Americans but continental Africans, this type of behavior is not something she could get away with in Nigeria. She has also alienated him from all of his friends which in part led to him becoming an outcast.
Remember that friend I talked about in part 4, well his girlfriend called the police and had him locked up simply because he came to collect his money from her. You see the friend used his name to buy a house for those two idiots. Now he is wishing that he never did that. They even had a restraining order put on the friend to keep him away from the house.
The new girlfriend is also quite fond of putting him out whenever he upsets her. He has had to sleep in his cab or ask his friends to allow( the couple that he has left)him to sleep on his couch. At one point this idiot even had the nerve to ask me to make a key to my apartment for his silly ass, yeah right. It was only after talking to his former roommate that I understood why he needed the key. The new girlfriend was sooooo jealous of any female around him. She called and cursed out his ex-roommate a number of times. One time she even went so far as to go his apartment and tried to fight her.
One day the bitch and I had our own show down. I had called the beast a few times over the weekend and got no answer so I left him a message. Would you believe that the bitch called me back. A part of me said yes lord, I finally get to talk to this low down creature. She had the nerve to tell me to stay away from her husband. Mind you, this monster was already married to someone else while living with the beast. I was at work but I forgot myself and screamed back at her that he is not your husband. I hung up and immediately ran to the parking lot to call her back. I let that bitch know that I was the one who broke up with him and not the other way around. I also let her know that he cried when I broke up with him. She said that I'm still in love with him and that is why I gave him my lease. I let that bitch know I didn't give him nothing except a swift kick in the ass and a set of hurt feelings. She wanted to get dirty so I let her have it and preceded to tell her how well her so called husband ate my pussy(he was okay at it) and if she knew better she would make him brush his teeth before she kissed him otherwise, she would taste me every time she kissed him. I also thanked her for the money since he was still giving me cash(this is very true) even after I dumped him . Finally, I let her know that she could never compete with me since she is old and wrinkled while I am young and fresh. I guess that was to much for her because she humg up.
I called her back because I was far from finished. She refused to answer the phone. Our conversation hit the mark thought because I would finally get my revenge. How is that you ask, well I told you guys how much this lady loves the police now. She called her friends (the police) on the beast and told them that he beat her( he did not). The police came and arrested him, yup locked his butt right on up. He had the nerve to call people begging them to come and bail him out. Punk bitch, he had the nerve to tell me he was crying in jail because he was so sad and afraid. Now what type of shit is that. I told the idiot he better not do that again or someone was going to make him their girlfriend.

He stayed in jail for about one or two days. One friend and two of his associates went to bail him out, now he is no longer conversing with these guys either. After he got out of jail I had a big confrontation with him along with a few other people. Oh boy did I let him have it. I called him every name in the book and let him know I knew about all of his lies. We talked a few more times after that day.
About two weeks after he got out of jail I decided to mail him a letter(6 pages). I put my address and name as the return address. I did that so that the bitch would know the letter was from me. I decided to twist the knife a little bit deeper. I heard she raised hell at him again because of all of things I put in the letter. In the letter I let her know that I refuse to fight over him, and that in African-American culture in order for women to fight over a man(and hold her head high) he must have at least have one of the following:1.) A big dick 2.) Be very good looking. 3.) Be very wealthy. Since he was none of the above, she could gladly have my leftovers. The beast's greed is what drew him to that monster. He thought that the bitch was wealthy when he met her but he soon discovered otherwise. Money, was basically his whole purpose of dating her in the first place.

He soon changed his number and I changed mine. I have not talked to him since last summer. I'm so happy that he is out of my life but I am still angry that he pulled a fast one on me. I just thank God that I did not have a baby with him because he likes to make them and then walk away. After I broke up with him I found out he has a 24 year old son in Nigeria and three children with some lady in Canada( not his wife). Can you imagine, I was sleeping with someone old enough to be my father the entire time. Oh well, I am sooo much smarter now.
A few months ago the beast had a baby with the bitch. Now you know that baby was beautiful because as ugly as the two of them are you can only get a positive(or pretty baby). There has even been serious talk about him needing a DNA test because the lady was two timing him with someone else. Yes, he even admitted that he would come home late sometimes and find some guy in his house at ten o'clock at night talking to the bitch. She would tell the beast that the guy is her brother but their is no way since they are from different ethnic groups. They are soon to be homeless because the friend has threatened to evict them from the property. They had 30 days and that was about 3 weeks ago, I doubt if they were able to raise 100,000 dollars so they could buy the house in such a short amount of time.

The End
To many men are full of shit, therefore don't put all of your eggs in one basket until you have a winner.

Why can't the United States be more like France?

I really wish we had universal health care in the states.Each year many people have to file for bankruptcy because of medical bills. The reason I decided to write about health care is because my leg has been bothering me lately. I am waiting for my health insurance(2 more months) to start with my weekend job.Until then I guess I will just suffer unless it becomes unbearable. If I lived in France I would not have to wait such a long time before I can even think about booking an appointment to see a doctor( because of cost). That said, I am aware that sometimes the French have to wait to see a doctor because there are so many people relying on the same system. I think though that they are still better off than many of us living in America because we are forced to think about paying to seeing the doctor or gas for the car. I am lucky that my job even offers healthcare. More and more jobs today do not offer healthcare, many young people find themselves taking jobs which do not offer healthcare. I wish Hillary Clinton had been successful in her push for universal healthcare when her husband was in the Whitehouse. What do you guys think?

p.s. I am trying to decide if I should make this blog more academic or should I keep my present style(very well rounded with some academic material through out).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No more sex with the ex (I promise)

Last Thursday the ex and I had a major blow up. Needless to say, I will no longer be sleeping with him. I have decided the hell with him and his disturbed ass. A few months ago he asked me to marry him, and recently he asked me again . I told him that I don't know him that well yet. I honestly don't think I could ever marry him. He suffers from low self-esteem and he is very insecure. We also had many disscussions about his disire to not use condoms. He told me that I wanted him to wear condoms because I wanted to keep some type of distance between us, and that I was with him only because it was convenient for me. I wanted to scream at him no dummy, I have you were condoms because when you are not with me I have no idea where you are or what you are doing. That said, I think he may have had a point about the relationship(if you can call it that) being convenient for me. The main reason reason I continued to sleep with him was because he was "the devil that I already new". It can be very diffcult to meet someone new and getting to the stage of the relationship where you feel comfortable sleeping with that person. Once you have sex with someone I feel as if you totally opened yourself up to that person(health wise and sometimes emotionally). Anyway, I've made a promise to myself to meet someone new and learn to truly enjoy sex for the sake of good sex.
I promise to write the last part of the best on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The beast part four(I should of left his ass in Canada).

Two weeks later the beast arrives in Baltimore. I had a friend help me go and pick him up from the airport. This guy was a very good friend and at one point he and I were so close that the beast thought we were sleeping together. I was well aware that he had a crush on me but once I set him up with a friend female I no longer had his attention. Upon seeing the beast in the airport I looked at him and said to myself what the hell is this. The beast stood before me in all of his forty-year old glory wearing a "du rag". Now he had to know he was to old for that shit. He said that he wanted to look like the rappers on tv. Instead, he looked like a geriatric gangter.
He had no one to stay with in Baltimore and little money on him. There was no way he could stay with me and my family, so I had to put him up in a budget hotel for a few days using my credit card to pay the bill. One thing that I can say in the beast's honor is that very rarely did he ask me for money. This was one of the rare instances when I had to spend my money on him.
. To this day I wonder what made him jump on the plane to come down to Baltimore the way he did. Was it that he though I was sleeping with someone else or was it that he was running from something in Canada. During his stay ,I took him around Baltimore to see the sites and help get him familiar with the city. I also introduced him to all of the Nigerians I was close to in Baltimore.
One day during his stay he found his way to a Nigerian restaurant. This restaurant is one of the most popular Nigerian restaurant in Baltimore. It is also known as the "Kingdom of Gossip", Star and Hello magazines have nothing on this place. If there is anything you want to know about any Nigerian in Baltimore, just go there mention the person's name and listen as various Nigerians(80% cab drivers)start shouting off at the mouth. When they are finish talking, you will have enough dirt on the person to write a book.
So I found out latter that night that the beast was at the restaurant sitting beside happy(remeber I sleep with just 2 weeks ago). When my friend told me that, I sear I almost shited in my pants. What is the likelihood of something like that happening. Man I was so scared that someone would say something(about happy and I). I had nothing to worry about thought because happy keep his mouth shut. When I spoke to happy a few days later he told me that they meet. He also told me that the beast was lying about his age he said that there was no way they could be agemates.
Of course in my dumbness, I argued with happy and told him that no, the beast is thirty-three . He keep trying to convince me but I was not willing to listen.The beast told me he had a return ticket, he was scheduled to leave in two weeks to go back to Canada. After going back to Canada, he waited another two weeks and decided to come back to Baltimore. This time it was his intention to stay in Baltimore permanently.
He had one of his friends in Canada hook him up with some Naja guys in Maryland so that he could stay with them. Something happened between the beast and the guys which led to them deciding not to open their home to the beast. I later found out that the beast's rotten reputation led to those guys deciding to take back their offer to let him stay with them. Therefore, on his second day here, I took him to an area where there are a lot of Nigerian cabdrivers and allowed him to state his case to them. He basically begged them to give him a place to stay. You can only imagine how embarrassed I was to have my boyfriend begging people for somewhere to stay. He even went back to the kingdom of gossip, with me in tow, to talk to the owner and beg him for a place to stay.
Somehow, he was able to find someone to stay with. In no time he and his new roommate and problems. The beast felt that the guy was just to dirty and messy. They had arguments about this and I was afraid that the guy would kick the beast out. I told him he had to make the best out of a bad situation. After some time he left the home of this guy and moved in with two young ladies. They told him that he could take over there apartment since they were soon going to Nigeria. What the beast did not know at the time was that the young ladies were planning to kick his ass out when they came back.
While staying at this apartment he was introduced to a Nigerian lady who was staying across the street. She was kicked out by her sister-in-law for what reason I am not quite sure. What I am sure of though is that she became a third roommate of the beast. Now being so young and trusting I truly believed that this young lady was only a roommate. I did however, find it fishy how he just moved her in without knowing her and asking me.
I would later go visit and spend the night at the beast's new apartment(borrowed apartment). I met two of the young women who were staying there. One of the original roommates never showed up during my stay there. I noticed that the newly acquired roommate,(evicted one) stayed in the bedroom while he sleep on the floor. I asked if he was paying the bills why was he sleeping on the floor.He did not have a good answer. The newest roomate was very friendly to me and came across as very decent person but until this day I wonder if the two of them didn't sneak off and have sex once or twice.
I could never again trust a man who has a female roommate. I just refuse to waste my time wondering what he doing or if he is doing his female roommate. This apartment would hold the key to many secrets about the beast. For example, I was there typing up a paper one day when bounty hunters come to the apartment looking for a Naja guy. No it wasn't the beast, it was the boyfriend of one the ladies who the beast got the apartment from that the bounty hunters were looking for.That incident scared the hell out of me because up until that point I had very little contact with the police or law enforcement officials and I wanted it to stay that way.
They asked me some questions and after they looked all over the apartment they left. When the beast returned I told him what had happened and he told me that they had come by a few times before. A few days later, I received another surprise at the beasts apartment. That's when things got really hot.

Someone called and being the nosy person that I am I decided to answer the phone instead of leting it go to voice mail. Well when I answered the phone guess who it was? His wife, the beast had been married for some time. The lady and I talked and we both managed to keep our cool. We exchanged information with each other about the beast, she told me that they had a child which the beast denied when I asked him. She also told me some other things about him. I let her know that I in know way knew that the beast was married and if I would have been aware that he was I would have never been with him. Eventually we hung up and I tried to finish typing my paper. I didn't finish the paper that day(how could I with all of that drama)however, I did go to class that day. I can recall sitting in class and being in a daze because of all I had seen and heard that day.
I returned to the beasts apartment after I finished class and found him in the middle of an argument with his wife. It seems that she called back some time during the day and decided to confront him about my presence.The two of them were arguing big time, they argued so heavily that she got her uncle on the phone to talk to the beast. After, they finished arguing on the phone, the beast then decided to turn his anger on me. He and I had it out for a while and I argued with him for not telling me that he was married. He said he married her under duress from his friends.
He went on to say that they asked him to marry her so that she could get Canadian papers(green card). I asked him why didn't he tell me and he said that he thought that I would break up with him since he was living in Canada and I in the US. For some reason I forgave this fool. Please don't ask me why because I don't know.
All was not good in paradise though because I tried to break up with the beast a few months later but all he did was cry and tell me how could he tell his friends,and that I needed to prove his friends and family wrong about akata(I hate this word)women. We would argue all of the time about his not spending time with me. His excuse was that he needed to work to make money.In actuality,it was more like he needed to work to pay off his trick tab(money spent chasing after women). After a year and a half we were only having sex once every four-six weeks. Although he would lick the pussy if I asked him to.Now you know that shit is not normal. I reported him to his friends about all of his misbehavior.
One of the friends was a snake in the grass. Why, well he was the roommate of happy during the time he and I had our little fling. He went back to tell the beast that happy and I had sex together. This bastard had some nerve since he would later take the beast to Atlanta and hook him up with a Nigerian lady there. He actually sleep with the woman and had the nerve to say that the woman had a nice body but a ugly face. He said she was so ugly that it was hard to look at her. I found out about this trip from someone very close to him after I broke up with him.
He had the nerve to tell me that he was in Florida at the time he went he went to Atlanta. I called his phone for three days and got no answer, he turned his phone off because he was probably up under that woman. Before his close friend confided in me about what he was really doing, I knew that something was not right. He tried to tell me that he was in Florida to go visit a Haitian organization to see if they could help him obtain American papers.
I said to him why would you go to an Haitian organization when you are a Nigerian. He said they could help him too and that he had something for me. Now being the type of person I am, I shut my mouth because I was about to give him a verbal wiping but when the word gift came out of his mouth I shut up. He told me the gift was a voucher with Delta airlines, worth $400.00. Now if you read my top twenty you saw that I love to travel so I decided to play it cool for the time being. Eventually he gave me the voucher and I read it throughly, it clearly stated that I needed him to be present to transfer it into my name. Therefore, I had to stay with him a little bit longer so I could get the voucher transferred into my name.
Two months after he gave me the voucher I finally got him to take me to the airport to transfer the voucher into my name. Thank God, I could finally get rid of him. I stopped taking his calls and began to hang out with ex-boyfriend number three. I remember there was one day that the beast called and I was laying in the bed with ex-boyfriend number three. I let the phone vibrate and acted as if I did not hear the phone at all. When I went home that day I called him and broke up with him, it was a few days before Christmas and my birthday. Finally, Finally, Finally I was finished with the beast. He wanted us to remain friends.His idea for us to remain friends led to his downfall.
Part five coming tomorrow(I promise). I made him wish he never met me.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Five reasons I deserve a sugar daddy(Hello Bill Gates).

5.) The most important reason-I am broke as hell. I recently graduated with a liberal arts degree and don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.
4.) I know how to make a miserable middle age man feel like a king( Bascially tell them they are very intelligent, handsome ,manly and good in bed).
3.) I may be no Nigella in the kitchen but I can cook( 3 main dishes and I can cook them well).
2.) I do kegel exercises daily and boy is this pussy tight (I can use my pussy to write with a pencil).
1.) I am such a sweet young lady when my mind is not in the gutter.
I will post "the beast part four" tonight.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Have a good weekend. The Beast part 3 has posted under Wednesday 6/14/06. I may complete part four over the weekend.

Ladies there is now a web site designed to help you avoid meeting your own version of the beast. It has a world wide database of men, many with pictures posted to their profiles. The site is www.dontdatehimgirl.com protect yourself.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Romance Novels

I am convinced that reading to many romance novels is hazardous to a female's mental health. If you read to many you will find that you will place very high expectations on any guy you meet. I am guilty of over indulgeing in Harlequin Presents romance novels. In every story the guy is dark haired,tall,very goodlooking, taned,mega rich, has a big penis and knows how to use. He may have been a playboy before he met the book's female lead but once he sets his eyes on her there are no others for him. At the end of the story they go away and live happily ever after. Now you know this is bullshit. In America if you can find a black man with a job most sisters are happy. The other stuff please, most females wish. Some men have antenna on their heads to let them know when miss big booty is in the vicinity.The two of you are having dinner and homeboy is twisting and turning in his seat trying to get a better look. There is no way you can be this guy's one and only. The man shortage in the African-American community has even led the fuugly(fucking ugly)guys to become conceited. The goodlooking ones, oh please, forget about it (to much drama).

the beast part three coming soon.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The beast part 3( getting closer)

After talking with the beast for the first time I felt that he and I had some chemistry, so I told him to call me back on Friday. For the first few months when the beast and I talked on the phone we would talk for hours. It was as if we could never run out of things to talk about. I asked him about his family in Nigeria and he told me that he was raised primarily by his Grandmother. His mother was a teenager when she became pregnant. After the beast was born his Grandmother took over so that his mother could return to school.
He told me during our email correspondence that he was 30. After seeing his picture and talking to him over the phone I asked him again what was his age. He again said that he was 30. For some reason this did not seem truthful to me. During our conversations he would sometimes tell me about his life in Nigeria. He mentioned that he completed his baccalaureate degree there and had a job for a number of years. He had also told me that he had lived in Canada for ten years. Another red flag went up.I did the math in my head and figured that if he had been in Canada for ten years he must have left Nigeria when he was about 20 years old.
This did not seem logical since it takes four years to complete a bachelors degree after high school also in Nigeria, one has to do a year of volunteer work after one grarduates from University. According to his lie(or age) he would have left Nigeria when he was 20. Over the months as he and I talked more I begin to ask him more personal questions. I asked him again if he was married and of course he told me no (big lie,more on that later). I also asked him how many sexual partners had he had. You know what that idiot-liar told me "2". Who the hell did he think he was fooling.
A thirty year old man (Naja man at that) with two partners is like having the wining million dollar lotto ticket. That shit is almost impossible. I also asked him about the size of his penis, this fool told me I would see it for myself one day. I guess he was to ashamed to tell how small it really was.
Eventually we decided that we wanted to meet. Of course he paid for my ticket. I no pay for no man oh(Naja pidgin). I arrived in Montreal, Canada about a year after my first email with to beast. I was nervous the entire flight because I had not been on a plane since I was very young but at the same time I was excited to be away from home. As he came out to greet me in the waiting area I said to myself "he is even more unattractive in person".
I was hoping he would not try to sleep with me during my stay because I was not sure if I could get my body to relax enough to be with him. I think he was so happy to have such a young attractive girl on his arm that he called all of his friends and had them come over to meet(see) me. One friend came over with his girlfriend. In my presence, he treated her in a very disrespectful manner(screaming and shouting at her).
Of course I am human and stereotyping is something that we have a tendency to do.(but it certainly isn't right) Therefore, when I saw his friend mistreating his lady, I said to myself is this how African men treat women? We watched a Youruba movie in which a man beat his wife, the beast and his friend laughed each time the man would slap his wife. This disturbed me, so later when the beast and I were alone I asked him about this. He said " well you know I am from a different culture." I just let it go and decided not to say anything else about it.
I had already told him about how I feel about domestic violence and that he did not want to hit me because I will fight him like there is no tomorrow and afterwards call the police on him. The next set of friends came by a little later. One friend by the name of "olu" decided to tell me how he did not like black people in this part of the world bla bla bla. I tried to debate with him but eventually you just don't feel like having to deal with other peoples ignorance.
After his friends left it was just he and I. He decided that it was now time to put the works on me. He had told me earlier that he had never gone down on a woman before and boy could I tell. That head was awful, shit almost made me want to smack him. That evening we went out for a night on the town.
The next morning we went out again. Later on, in the second day of my stay we came back home and I guess the beast decided it was "time to pay the piper". He kissed me all over my body and grinded his pelvis into mine. I told him that I did not want to have sex and he said okay. We resumed our playing around and he became very aroused. He then begged me to have sex with him. I really didn't want to do it. I guess he could sense that I didn't want to, so he begged me, on his hands and kness in very humble manner. I finally gave in and told him yes. Bam he jumped up and ran to his draw to find a condom. He almost broke the draw in his haste to find a condom.
When he found the condom, I though he was going to have a heart attack or stroke because of the way that he was shaking. When he finally got the condom on, it was showtime. That little dick was as hard as a bullet and ready to blast off like a rocket. He tried to make me relax but is there really a way to make a 21 year old virgin relax. Next thing I know, he was trying to penetrate me. He pushed that little thing inside of me and the worst pain I ever felt burned inside of my vagina. Oh God the pain, he started to move a little and I would scream. When he began to pump faster I would scream so loudly that he and I were sure one of his neighbors would call the police.
As he was pumping away at my body I wanted to beat up every last female friend I had for not fully explaining to me the pain of the first time. I let him go at it for a little while but not for long. I had to stop him because the pain was just to much. He apologized for the pain that he caused. I told him that I did not want to do it any more. He said okay but that was only lip service because he gave me a day off but on the fourth day he was right back at it. He woke me up by kissing me and giving me another round of that awful head. He then told me that he would make it easier for me. By making easier for me he had me put one leg on the dresser and the other half way across the bed. This time it was still painful but not as bad as the first time. We had sex a few more times before I left.
On my final day he asked me if I would stay with him in Canada. The beast even had the nerve to break down and cry. I mean boo hoo like a baby because he didn't want me to go. Before I left we made plains for me to visit again in November because that was when he was scheduled to graduate with masters degree. I went back home and everything pretty much stayed the same between he and I.
I visited him in November as we agreed to but by this time he had moved to another part of Canada which was not as lively as Montreal. We would travel to Montreal for entertainment.I stayed for about a week and our relationship was still on solid grounds. I was more experimental with sex this time around and actually had my first orgasm. I think after the first time I had sex with him I began to have feelings for him. I think there is something to that saying that you always remember your first.
The final time I would visit him in Canada would be a little over a year later. Now by this time I had start to question if I truly wanted to be with him. I was tired of being alone. I wanted a boyfriend within arms reach. During this time I meet two new guys, both of whom I was attracted to. The first was another cabu-cabu(taxidriver), for some reason I was attracting a lot of taxidrivers during this period. The first guyI gave the nickname "pretty boy",he was a very nice looking man. I had a very close call with him. It got to the point were he took of my jeans and panties. I was strong though and managed to quell the urgent need to feel his dick inside of me. Pretty boy was hot as hell(angry). Needless to say , pretty boy and I eventually stopped communicating because 1.) He went back to Nigeria without telling me 2.)He was cheap 3.) I thought he was married.
The previous summer I met a guy by the name of "happy", since I was so in love the beast(or so I thought) I put his number to the side. After I decided to do away with the pretty boy I begin to call happy. I spent some time with happy and felt that maybe he and I would be friends. From the beginging I told happy that I had a boyfriend in Canada who I planed on being with although deep down inside I begin to have questions about where my relationship was really going. I also told him about my upcoming trip to visit the beast. He keep trying to convince me that I did not really know this person or what he was doing in Canada. I should give him a chance instead.
My third trip to visit the beast was horrible. He promised me $500.00( Canadian) to spend for my birthday. He gave me the money but that was the only decent thing to come out of the whole trip. His personality had changed since my previous visits. I guess he was just showing me his true personality. He snapped at me a number of times while I was there. I was sure that when I got back to Baltimore I would break up with him. There was no more gentleness when we had sex either, it was as if he expected me to be a pro.
When I left Canada this time, I said to myself this will be my last visit. After I came back to Baltimore I think the beast realized what he had done and tried to make up with me. He had been asking me for some time how would I feel about his moving to Baltimore. I tried to discourage him from moving here.
Since I decided that I didn't want to be with the beast anymore I begin to pursue a more serious relationship with happy. I had gone over to happy's apartment before but one night I decided to go into his bedroom. This is the night that I decided to give it up. It was three months since I had started to talk to him and about 8 weeks since I had last visited the beast. I was attracted to happy so this made the sex much better in comparison to what I had with the beast.
Now, for whatever reason I swear I think the beast could sense something. When I talked to the beast the day before I told him to call me at 7:00pm. He had called my house at 7:00pm (on the dot )that day and I was not there. He decided to call back a bit later and again I was not there. I think he told my grandmother he needed to talk to me today about something very important so she told him to call back until I got in. My Grandma sold me out, he proceeded to call back every hour on the hour until I got back at about 1:00 or 2:00 am. When I answered the phone he asked me where had I been. I struggled to think of a lie. I finally told him I had been at a party with happy.
For someone who acted as if they didn't like me anymore just 8 weeks ago ,the best sure was emotional. He proceeded to ask me a list of questions about the party and some other things. He said that if I was lying he was going to find out because he had brought his ticket for Baltimore that night and he would be here in two weeks. I was so scared because you know how Naja men like to gossip oh. OH MY, THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN.

PART 4- Drama Drama and more Drama(due Saturday).

The Beast part II( and another monster along the way)

Technorati Profile

After communicating with the beast by email for about four months I decided to finally give him my phone number. As I mentioned in part 1, the beast told me he could not give me his phone number because his phone was disconnected as a result of running up his phone bill calling his grandmother who lived in Nigeria. Well, I finally summoned up the nerve to actually talk to him on the phone. I emailed him and wrote that he should call me on a Thursday(actually it was the third week in Nov.99 at 6:00pm). Please keep in mind that during this very early period in our acquaintance I had to idea where this relationship would eventually go. I was also a very horny twenty year old virgin. I mentioned that because about two weeks prior to our first conversation(between the beast and I) I meet someone else. The guy ,lets call him"A" was a cabu-cabu (for my Naja people)or taxi cab driver, he said he was a few years older than me, I think he told me he was 26. Needless to say, homeboy was a little weird. Our first date was to visit friends of his. It was orginaly supposed to be to the movies. We could not go to the movies though, because my job let me off to late.His friends were a married couple with a 2 year old little boy. When his friend opened that door, the first thing he said was "Every time I see you, you are with another woman" . I guess being so young and dumb I had a problem picking up on obvious signs that something was not right with said male. Anyway, I asked the guy about the comment his friend made and "A" went back to approach his friend about it. He had his friend try to convince me , the friend said that I must of misheard him because that was not what he said. Two hours later we left his friends apartment. As soon as we were in the hallway "A" started kissing all over me. I remember thinking to myself, what the hell is wrong with him even as I tried to go along with it. When we finally got into his car, he started kissing me again. I looked over and saw some guy watching from his car, grinning . I guess he thought that "A" was getting some that night. "A " then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go over to his house. I can't exactly remember what I said but I remember that we didn't go. Maybe he was turned off by my lack of experience. Whatever it was that made him decide to not take me to his house that night, he eventually got over it because a week later he invited over to his apartment. Hot damn, as soon as I entered his apartment "A" was all over me. I mean his was like a man possessed. Of course he told me we were going to his apartment to watch a movie and talk, and that he we did but :1. the movie turned out to be a porn movie. 2. the only talking he did was about how he wanted to get in my underwear. Before I became sexually active I would wonder why people would go on talk shows and say that they had no idea how they sleep with some guy or that it "just happened". Until this day I can not explain how he almost took my virginity, it just happened.I guess since this guy was so experienced he knew how to make a woman's body scream because he sure did he use some tricks on me. Next thing I know "A" was guiding me back to his bedroom. He had me so caught up ,I swear everything had this hazy look like on soap operas when the stars have dreams or fantasies scenes. Anyway, he proceeded to strip me of my clothes and push me on the bed. After he took off his clothes , he joined me. As he was kissing on my breasts( he gave me a hicky) and stomach I asked him if he had a condom. "A" said he would pull out, my mind went into red alert( yall know I don't play that shit). I damn near pushed him off the bed and through the wall. I guess he saw how afraid I was and decided to tell me he would use a condom after all. He was a little to late because the haze had cleared and I decided that I would chill(relax) with him but I would not have sex with him. I put on my clothes and waited for him in the living room. I looked at him on the bed and noticed the size of his penis. I remember thinking to myself " I know I am a virgin but damn, that little thing". It was about the size of my pinky finger(no lie). He stayed in his bedroom for a while and when he came out he was on the phone discussing with a mechanic some work he needed completed on a car . After hanging up he asked me if I wanted something to drink. Needless to say within 30 minutes he was on me again. This time he decided to pull out all the stops because he went down on me. My goodness this boy really" did the thing" with his tongue because he had me screaming ,twisting , turning ,and speaking in tongues like I was in a trance. Just as I was about to have an orgasm, "A" up and says lets go into the bedroom. Now he was trying to play on my weakness because he knew that I was very horny by this time. I took his head and pushed it back into my crotch. We went back and forth like this for about three times. When he refused to finish I snapped at him to take me home. He said "Why won't you sleep with me like any other Park Heights woman". Now for those of you who are not familiar with Baltimore, Park Heights Avenew, is a very rough area (it is sort of like Brixton in England), you can find any and everything there from drugs,murder to prostitution etc there. It is also the area where I lived since the age of 6. My response to him was the reason I would not sleep with him was because "I have morals" so take me the fuck home. He was pissed but so be it. I was a virgin and had no intention on giving it up to some guy that I just meet two weeks ago. I guess he realized that he messed up the chance to "defollwer" a virgin because after he dropped me home he proceeded to call me all evening. Now why did I mention this episode? Well it was the day that I was suppose to receive the first call from the beast. He actually called about two hours after I arrived home(6:00pm to be exact). I had totally forgot his call in my urge to lightly explore my sexuality . As I talked to him for the first time I began to feel uncomfortable because I came so close to sleeping with an another guy only a few hours earlier.I would later find out I had no reason to feel guilty because this idiot was doing so much more dirt in Canada.
View part 3 on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

twenty things about me (20-10)

20.) I love high heels but I can not walk in them
19.) All of my boyfriends have been Nigerian(two Yoruba and one Beenie man)
18.) My parents are old enough to be called senior citizens.
17.) I wanted to be a high fashion model when I was younger(watchout Naomi Campbell).
16.) I love greasy junk food.
15.) I've been to Montreal and Toronto Canada. I loved both places.
14.) I love high end handbags( but I have to save for them).
13.) Sometimes my credit cards get me into trouble.
12.) I graduated from a HBCU.
11.) I am determined to be fluent in French by the time I am 35.
10.) I buy clothes for the size I want to be if I ever lose weight.
I was supposed to post part two of the beast today but emotionally it was to much. Don't worry, I will definitely write the second part tonight.

sex with the ex(again)

I had sex with my ex again. I'm not sure why I did it. Maybe because I was horny. Anyway, he went down this time. He actualy did a decent job but I wasn't able to come. Maybe next time he will take me over the edge. We are sort of in a quasi relationship. The big problem we have is that he does not want to wear condoms. It is 2006, if I have sex I or my partner must use a condom.Over a year and a half ago I let him put it in once for 2 min without a rubber, and ever since he has been beging me to do it again. That was dumb of me, I took a chance with my life because that idiot is the type to release a lot of precome. What do men have against condoms? If there is a man out there some where please leave a comment on this topic.

Monday, June 12, 2006

victoria secret

Ladies, Victoria's Secret is having there semi-annual sale on line. You know how important it is to have nice matching undergarments.Besides, I have heard many men complain about women wearing undergarments that do not match and women wearing period panties when it is not that time of the month. You know I have to get fly for boyfriend number 4(whenever that happens) or my first fling.

twenty things about me(1-10).

1.) I am only 5'8
2.) I have only had three boyfriends in my life(way to few)
3.) I really want my next boyfriend to have a big one( at least nine inches).
4.) I grew up in a ruff area but was still kind of sheltered from the dark side of life.
5.) I wear a size 11/42 shoe, yea I got big feet.
6.) Sometimes I sleep with my ex.
7.) I enjoy reading a number of blogs( such as afrochic,confesions of nneka,afrohomo, blakademic,conflicted consciousness,cake and icecream, on the verge of dating white girls, mimi in nyc etc... )
8.) I have visited Paris.
9.) I have a degree in History but I going to get a second degree in Nursing.
10.) I am saving money to travel this spring.

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Beast(ex boyfriend number 1) part I

This is the post for Sunday 6/11/06 I know the date does not reflect that.
I'm going to have to make a number of posts to cover all that this monster put me through. Let me start from the beginning. When I was twenty I decided to go to summer school. Since I had a break between my classes I would go to the computer lab. One day, while playing around in the computer lab I decided to put my profile on yahoo personals. I got a few responses but then I posted my picture to the profile and that is when my mailbox would overflow. One of those responses was from the beast. He told me he could not send his picture right away but when he finally did, I was not impressed. I guess he wanted me to get to know him for his personality not his looks.He also told me he was currently living in Canada but he was originally from Nigeria. Now being the type of person that I am, when he told me he was from Nigeria I imediatly went out and read every peace of imformation that I could on Nigeria. He also told me he was from the Yoruba ethnic group(I refuse to use the term tribe). I read things about Yorba culture and I asked him to teach me a few words of Yoruba( I can say a number of things in Yoruba thanks to him and other Yoruba people that I've come across ), which I took great pleasure in using when I can across other Yoruba people. Anyway, overtime he asked me for my phone number so that he could call me. I asked him for his phone number too but he said that his house phone was disconnected because he had a very large bill as a result of calling his grandmother in Nigeria. A RED FLAG SHOULD HAVE WENT UP but stupid, innocent and virginal(yes I didn't lost my virginity until I was 21) believed the lying idiot . This is only part one , there is much more to come.

Black women, body image and eating disorders

Since I work so many hours during the weekends I will have to make posts during the week (with very little time to edit, sorry)so that you guys will have something to read . I thank all of you for visiting my blog and reading what I have to say. This is the post for Saturday 6/10/06. The media constantly focuses on white women and their obsession with their bodies. A number of years ago their was a survey which found that black women were overwhemingly satisfied with their bodies. Well today I would argue that things are not quite the same. Today many young black women have serious issues with body image. Many flirt on the edge of various eating disorders. As hip hop has become a larger part of American culture and accepted by the mainstream , the images of the scantly clad women have made their impressions on young black women. One of the most notable things about the physiques of the video girls( i refuse to call them hos) is that they are not stick thin. This sort of takes them out of the idealized beauty of mainstream America. That said, the bodies of these women are far more difficult to obtain because it takes more than going to the gym and eating carrots. Most of these women have very flat stomachs(sometimes 6-packs stomachs), large hips, big round behinds, thick thigns and slim tappered calves. Breast size can vary as it is not as important in African-American culture( perkiness is important). Three of the most celebrated video women: Buffy the body, Ka-toi and Melissa Ford are the embodiment of the perfect video girl ,with their extreme hourglass figures they resemble the black version of Jessica Rabbit. Many young black girls find themselves wanting to desperately look like these women. Unfortunately no amount of dieting can make you look you these women, with therportions of Buffy,Melissa and Ki-Toy it simply comes down to genetics. You either got it or you don't. Just as their are young black girls who want to look like the video girls there are also those who desire to look like supermodels ,who mainstream America tells us are beautiful. More and more young black women are being diagnosed with the eating disorders anorexia and bulemia. I think one of the reasons is that more blacks are being intergrated into white society so there is a sort of negative acculturation happening in that young black women are picking up the negative relationships that many white women have with their bodies and food. When I was a teenager I would never hear young black girls talk about wanting to be very thin. Unfortunately, today its become more common to hear young black girls talk about wanting to fit into a size 0 or 2. A few years ago I worked at a department store which was patronized by a mixed clientele. There were a few young black saleswomen who were a size 0 or 2. What we noticed was that the white women patronizing the store would frequently comment on the fact that they (salespeople) were so thin and also state that they wish they were lucky enough to be so thin. This happened so rarely with black customers , admiring the thin bodies of the saleswomen that it can be counted on one hand. In recent published statistics it has been pulished that of all women in America , African-American women are the most overweight. I think their are many reasons for this, tradionally African-American culture is more accepting of women having a few extra pounds. A second reason is that some African-American women avoid strenuous exercise for fear of messing up their hair. A third and not deeply examined issue is that many black American women suffer from an eating disorder-they are chronic overeaters who binge. Many poor black women find themselves having to pick up the slack because they are unmarried and have children with deadbeat fathers. Therefore , they are working two or three jobs to pay bills. When they come home they find themselves to tired to cook a nutritious meal therefore they overly rely on fast food and processed foods which have little to no nutritional benefit for the body. To deal with the stress many simply overeat to make themselves feel better. While the temporary feeling that eating junk food may feel good or like a rush, it is only later that black women see the damage(obesity,high blood presureand diabetes) that their overeating has caused. Give me your thoughts and opinions please. Conflicted con. I know you have your opinions on this post.

al zarqawi is gone. Good riddance. bin laden they are coming for you next

So they finally caught him. Well its about time. If what we read in the media is true he has caused to many people to suffer unnecessary pain from the death of loved ones, being fatally wounded or having to carry physical and mental scares from the madness that he and his followers have unleashed on the people of Iraq, Jordan and America. That said, I understand that this country is far from the angelic ideal that it tries to portray. I'm well aware that many of the civil wars and coups staged in other parts of world have been because of the envolement of the United States in their personal affairs all in the name of personal interest. I also think this is important when trying to understand why the rest of the world(or so many outside of the U.S.)have such hateful and vengeful feelings against the United States. It is not because they are jealous of our freedoms. No matter how much I can sympathize with the rest of the world's fustration with the United States, I can not however condone such outright violent actions, particularly when most of the people killed were his fellow Muslims. He practiced genocide against his own people. I can not help feeling affected when I turn of the six o'clock news and see an Iraqi man crying over his wife who was killed by a suicide bomber. Yes, these people are of a different race from myself but as a human being there is something deep down inside of us which allows most of us to empathic with other human beings when they are suffering regardless of race,class,and language barriers. For instance, we saw a glaring example of this during Hurricane Kutrina when a poor black man told a white female newrepoter about losing his wife to water from the breached levees. As he told his story his emotions could be felt and heard throught his voice. The newsreporter, who from her time in Jounalism school had been been instructed on keeping her emotions in check when reporting the news in an unbiased fashion found it diffcult to do so.Therefore, when al zarqawi forced so many families to undergo so much pain he and his followers came across as lacking empathy, which makes us human and different from the other animals that roam the Earth .Well, maybe that just speaks about what happens in the psyche of some human beings. Anyway, when are they going to get Osama bin laden. Is there an Osama bin laden, I mean does he relly exist? Give me your comments please.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I decided not to go

I did not go for my third interview with the high end retailer I wrote about previously.The reason I did not go is its company policy regarding sales people. If a salesperson does not keep up his or her sales(180 dollars per hour) they will find themselves without a job. I was not willing to take that chance. A second reason I didn't want to work there was the scheduling,it would have required me to quit my weekend job. Of course, I didn't want to quit my weekend job. I like the weekend job to much. I guess I will find a second job soon.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I was tagged .

My girl NNeka tagged me so here we go.

Accent – Nigerian ,African-American and West Indian
Booze – Strawberry daqries(spell I know)
Chore I hate – Washing dishes
Dogs/Cats – Cats I love,Dogs I can't stand unless its a tea cup
Essential electronics – Mobile Phone PC
Favourite perfume – Perfume Addict, Fav at the moment Sephora's strawberry
Gold/silver – It depends on the day.
Hometown – Baltimore
Insomnia – No, I can usually sleep when I want to or feel like it
Job title – Just graduated so I'm looking for real employment
Kids – None, but I may adopt one day.
Living arrangements – On my own.
Most admired trait- Eye brows, I've had some men ask me if they are real and the shape of my eyes.
Number of sexual partners – Most people don't want to tell but I've only had three. I guess I just have not taken the time to put some real miles on this pu@#$ yet.
Overnight hospital stays – 0, thank God, we don't have universal health care so it can get very expensive here in the US(1,500 dollars a night)
Phobia – Flying insects
Religion - Agnostic, have not taken the time to figure it all out yet.
Siblings - One younger brother that I know of.
I usually awake – Eight hours after I've gone to bed, I go to sleep between 9:00 pm and 4:00am
Unusual talent – I know the names and height of many top models, I can also tell time without looking at my watch(within 15 min.)
Vegtable I refuse to eat – Most of them but I love fruit.
Worst habit – Procrastinating.
X-rays – Yes, my teeth and my chest.
Yummy foods I make – fried chicken(yes I know it is so unhealthy.
Zodiac sign- Capricorn
I'm tagging mimiinnyc@blogspot.com and afrocchic.net

I need some fun

After reading a recent post of conflicted consciousness, I realized that I too need to get some action this summer. I realized that the sex I had with two of my ex-boyfriends(one in March and the other a couple of days ago)will simply not do. I'm looking for a guy to rock my world. What I am trying to say is that when I look at him I want my body to come alive without having him touch me. Just the thought of knowing what he has in his trousers and what he can do with it will be enough to turn me on. Like any other women I would like for him to have a six-pack stomach, at least 9inches and tongue so smooth that it can give me whiplash. Its very clear that I am only focused on the physical because for now that is all that I want. I still have my youth so I have plenty of time to think about settling down. For now I would just like to meet someone who is fun and exciting.
For all the men out there, yes size does matter, we women just do not like to make you feel bad by saying it does not matter. That said, I've heard some females say that they have been with men who were on the small side, and the guy was able to give them a good time. I have also heard some women mention being with a guy who is blessed but he did not know what to do with it or he was to rough. I, unfortunately have only had partners with small penises (3 if you must know). So I am probably not the one to talk about penis size but I can tell you what I fantasize about. That may be another reason why I am so eager to go out and get my freak on. I can only hope that I meet my dream fling this summer.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Neeyo and other unattractive men

Why do the most unattractive men seem to be the ones who want to make comments or rate the looks of various women in a deameaning manner. For example, Neeyo, a popular r&b singer was asked to rate various female celebrities at a radio station where he was giving an interview( to see the scores go to www.ybf@blogspot.com). Now this guy was not blessed in the looks department, he certainly has some nerve to critique any woman about the way she looks. In the last issue of Vibe magazine he had the nerve to brag about all of the women he slept with in high school. I don't know what those girls were thinking, I bet you those girls made him turn the lights off before they were willing to have sex with him. Although I singled Neeyo out, there are plently of men who are guilty of doing the same thing and they do not have Neeyo's newfound wealth or fame. In fact a lot of these guys have nothing at all going for them, not a single damm thing. I've seen guys who are unemployed,unattractive and living with their parents (at 40) who have the audacity to say that they only date women who look like models or video chicks. To these super losers I say you should be happy you are getting any action at all. I wonder how these men would feel if women started to refuse to date men with dicks smaller than 9inches.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

some much needed money

I had two interviews with a high end retailer on Friday. If I get the job it will give me some much needed money. The job is based on commission so I will really have to hustle to make good money. I think I am up to the challenge.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Technorati Profile

Will the real singer please stand?

Technorati Profile

Ashanti, Cheyanne,Rihanna,Britneny Spears, Amerie(spell check on all of the names, I know). The before mentioned young women are only a few of those who constantly bombard us on television with their good looks but only ok vocal skills. I would much rather hear someone who has a wonderfull voice and a okay physical presence than the other way around. To many female singers today are getting by on their looks alone. Lil Mo, now that woman can sing, unfortnately she does not have the "star" look, I think that is why she isn't celebrated the way she should be. You know the usual, give me your opinions.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The meeting with the ex

Well,well,well guess who called me again. The ex "P"(aka little dick bandit) we are still arguing over the same problems that led to the breakup. His being to cheap(claims he is poor right now), not licking the pu***and too darn emotional. Can you believe this fool had the nerve to ask me if I would marry him. What? Is he crazy, Hell-to-the-naw(like my girl Whitney Houston would say). This fool just does not understand .I can not deal with a man who harasses me constantly about the state of his feelings for me. He had the nerve to say I should start looking to settle down soon because I am in my twenties and getting older. This fool is in his forties, maybe I should have told him he should be looking to retire soon since he is getting older( that would have shut him up). Anyway, I slept with him and the only question I could ask myself after was why, why,why. I have sleep with him numerous times before, so I know from past experience that he is no good in bed(well just a little bit). I guess this is just part of being in your twenties(aka young, dumb and and full of come). Should I give him another chance, I want to her your opinions. Channel

Can you be to thin?(Nicole Riche)

I'm sure everyone of you have seen the pictures on Nicole Riche. All I have to say is good God that girl is thin. What makes her thinness seem so extreme was the fact that she was a celebrity before she became a size double zero and we saw her suddenly pop up super dupa slim out of the blue. So my question is, who or whatput that pressure on her to become so thin? Was it that her ex-bestfriend Paris Hilton is a size zero so she felt she needed to compete(in the dress size Olympics) since they were no longer bestfriends thereby, leaving Nicole without all of the press that she got when she and Paris were the best of friends? Well whatever the reason I am glad that she realized something is wrong with her appearance. It is very rare to find an adult woman in North America who is as naturally thin as Nicole. The thing about this whole fiasco is that she and new best friend Linsey Lohand(spell check) milked their unnatural thinness for all it is worth. The media and the fashion community just grew to love them as they became more and more skeletal. I question what this is saying to young and impressionable girls out there. I remember when their was a big controversy about fashion models being to thin but those model chicks have nothing on Nicole Riche. Am I the only one who finds it weird that as the average American woman continues to get bigger, the women in magazines and on television continue to get smaller. Anyway, give me your thoughts.