Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Five things

1. Please forgive me for not posting regularly. My computer is something. I am thinking of investing in one of those mini computers. Anyone have one? What do you think about them?

2. Why did a crazy woman come up to me today and say "how much did you pay for that nose job"?

3. How proud am I of Michelle and Barack Obama. I swear there are grace and elegance personified. Michelle is a very real role model for the young black girls of Baltimore. Now if only more of them would follow her.

4 . would you date a guy who is younger than you? I have seen some really cute 18 year olds lately but I don't know.

5. I'm itching to relax my hair again but I am holding off. I won't relax my hair until August and I doubt if I will do it then.

Since I am writing about natural hair here are few sites for Sisters with natural hair curly nikki and black girl with long hair.

two sites that make me giggle Mr. quincy jones is just all out comedy and he sells handbags. I also did the chic over at theboobs blog. BTW the boobs blog is sometimes NSFW