Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stop Toming Part one(Micheal Richards you are a racist jerk.)

Look at the modern day minstrel show, and tell you are not embarrassed. In some way I'm sure that the two are related. Many white people think Micheal Richard's behavior is fine since a lot of black people call each other this name all day every day.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Bloggers are disappearing left and right and a little thank you.

Oh, I find that I am very sad lately. Why, you ask, well many of my favorite bloggers are or have decided to disappear or give up their blogs altogether. Many bloggers have decided to give up their blogs because they have they have decided that they have nothing else to write about or have entered a new stage of life. Another group of bloggers have decided to let go of their blogs because they wrote some things that came back to haunt them, and therefore decided to close their blogs. There is a third group of bloggers who seem as if they have disappeared off the face of the earth. A final group decided to leave because of the negative comments.
I must thank all of the blooggers who upon their decision to stop blogging, give their readers a post letting us know that they are going to discontinue their blog. To many bloggers stop writing and simply leave their readers in the dark as to their decision to stop blogging. For some reason this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I realized that I have grown close or feel as if I know some of the people whose blogs that I read regularly.
I guess the feeling is similar to the way many people feel when they meet their favorite star in person. It's as if you know the "person" because you have spent so much time reading about that person's life. In blogland you develop the same feeling if not a stronger since of closeness because many boggers give their readers a more in depth and honest(?) look into their life ,mind, and thoughts on various issues. Bloggers, I think, are much more open because they get the chance to be anonymous, and show their true feelings versus the real world in which we must be PC at all times( I am well aware that many people create identities through their blogs). When a blogger that I have developed a quasi relationship decides to leave, I feel like I am losing a very close friend.

Lets have a moment of silence for the following blogs:

Afrochic - Black hipster chic who has very refined tastes.
Hammeddlot- Nigerian male living in England who talks about Soccer, soccer and more soccer and little bit of everything else.
Afrohomo - Gay Nigerian male discuses his life, opinions and inspiration.
Sistaintokoyo- An African-American lady living and studing in Japan.
AllThings "A"-An African-Ameircan lady and her opinions on life and her runins with her crazy neighbors. She is very, very, very funny.
Adebusola - Very nice upwardly mobile Naija girl.
A dissilusioned naijagirl - Please read this blog before she decides to take it off the web. It is very well written and she writes about a lot of topics that many other bloggers shy away from.
Overwhelmednajaibabe- Young Naija babe who writes about her life and the life of her family in an unbellievably open,honest, and poetic way. If you have not checked out this blog(very few who read this blog have not),please check her out.
Conflicted Consciousness- Thank God, Lovely has a few more bloggs to keep me going.

After watching all of my favorite bloogers disappear one by one, I have begun to think if maybe I should let my blog go also. Well, I seriously doubt if I will let my blog go anytime soon. I think I will keep writing for at least another year. I have not cleared my head of all my crazy thoughts nor have I found the perfect guy to hang out with. Look forward to more of my crazy analysis concerning life, a few more sex posts(if I get any),and my stories on any interesting/eccentric/weird people that I meet.

To all of the bloggers who have added me to their blog rolls and one time or another thank you very much. It is nice to know that other people appreciate what you write and see things your way(sometimes).

If I forgot anyone, it was truly by mistake. Or maybe I am unware that there is a link between our blogs.

P.S. I've found three very good blogs recently. Please check them out.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Eat That Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving

Eat plenty of food, and enjoy the time spent with your family.Please remember that today is a day of morning for the Native Americans. For them, the pilgrims/colonists celebration of the European's survival in North America was the beginning of the end. Like Native Americans, Africans would soon find themselves punished because of the colonists "discovery" of the Americas.

Monday, November 20, 2006

One hand four fingers(lets talk about the number) Part 1

Warning: If you are a holly roller you may not like this post. Please come back on Thursday when there is a post more to your liking.

Ok, lets go. First read this . Please read the comments also.

Now if you read that post you know that the author was talking/asking the appropriate number of sexual partners for men vs. women. Well lo and behold if the hollyrollers did not come out in full force. They decided to "beat up" the blogger for simply discussing sex.
If case you don't know, the writer of that blog is a Nigerian female. As someone who is part Nigerian, I know that part of my blood very well. Even modern(western educated, exposed city women) Nigerian females seem to a have a big problem with a female saying anything about sex. Traditionally, women in Nigeria were not suppose to enjoy sex since it was seen as the domain of men. Take this line of thinking alone with the idea that out of control gossiping(and I do mean out of control) is normal, and you have the makings of a society in which modern exposed Nigerian women(many,not all) feel uncomfortable talking about sex even to their closet friends.
Maybe because I am part African-American and have lived in this country most of my life, I reject the archaic ideas that Nigerian society has concerning women and sex. I know that I am a tad bit(maybe very) different from most Nigerian girls my age in my outlook on sex. The funny thing is, many of those hollyroller chicks have had far more sexual partners than me (particularly oral).
My view
My opinion concerning the number of partners that a female should have is this, it is her body. Let her make her own decisions concerning how she lives her life. Some women are lucky in that they are able to enjoy sex(I wish I was in this category) in a way that most women can not/have not. For women who are this lucky/blessed they may find themselves racking up partners simply because they like to "sample" many different men. Other women have a large number of partners because they have low self-esteem and sleep with different men to feel better about themselves(so bad).
Some women are able to keep their number low because they get married while they are very young(18-20). Other women have a low number because they are a bit frigid/cold( I think this is me) and have not learned what works for their body. Some women who are frigid/ cold may develop a long list over time because they are trying to discover themselves sexually, and therefore have a few duds in the bucket before they find someone who can rock their world. There is still another group of women who are do get married until they are well into their 30's and have had many boyfriends so by the time they get married they have had a number of partners.
For many women it may take up until the 10th partner before they find someone who is talented in bed. Men on the other hand, like it all the time(99.5%). The woman could be butt ugly, but because she has a triangle between her legs some man is willing to sleep with her. It is only because most men live in cultures(around the world) were they are encouraged to be hos that they feel comfortable bragging about the number of women they slept with and therefore have no problem shouting a big number. Well, here in Baltimore many women don't agree with that line of reasoning and as a result many men here will hesitate to tell you their true number. They will say 4 when it is really like 44.
Yes I know many of the commenters mentioned STDs as the reason that having to many partners is dangerous but guess what, so is driving a car. Many women who have contracted HIV(particularly in Africa) have done so because their husband decided to visit the local prostitute(espy South African mine workers) or chasing after everything in a skirt( I truly believe that the average man has sleep with more people versus the average woman period, whether that man is American,Nigerian,French etc....). Did the woman sleep around no, yet she was still unfortunate enough to receive a death sentence from her husband.

As much I consider myself open minded, I must say that in the back of my head I am always slightly worried about my number becoming to high. For some reason I want to hold on to my last finger. I guess because like every other female I have been socialized to see things a certain way. That is why in the past I would sleep with one my ex boyfriends, to avoid racking up new partners. Not good, since none of my ex boyfriends really put it on me the way I like it. Anyway, whenever I do sleep with number five I hope I choose a good one who can make my toes curl ,and you know I will blog about it .

Friday, November 17, 2006

whats up

1. Small Daddy is gone. I refuse to marry him and I certainly will not sleep with him. Men are so funny, most are only looking for an easy road to getting what they want.

2. The Swinger has called and texted me a few times. I'm feeling really tempted to get another sample of that. I have not had a piece in so long that there are surly cobwebs down there by now. He would need to clean my p&*sy with some lysol before he could do anything with me.

3. New York readers is the bed bug problem as out of control as they make it on the news?

4. I am going to put off returning to school for another year.

5. Getting close to that time of the month and my skin is giving me problems, oh well. I will be back to normal in a matter of days.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maury Povich Show

This show is the reason that I preach that women should use CONDOMS AND BIRTHCONTROL. As you know I have nothing against a woman who enjoys sex or takes control of her sexuality. I think men have attempted (successfully) to control female sexuality for to long. That said, I do not agree with the behavior of the women on Maury's show. The chicks who come on this show have no shame. How in the hell can a woman who is not a sex worker sleep with 12 or more men within 21 days. That is simply way to many men.
Not only that, but these women sleep with male hoodrats/trailer park trash without some type of protection. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy to the power of 10 to sleep with anyone without protection(spouse excluded) in 2006. You would be surprised at the number of people who have STDs and knowningly spread them around. Others have a STD but do not know it because they have an asystematic(sp) strain of the virus or bacteria, and they fail to have regular checkups with a gynecologist/urologist(sp).
The reason that many women have difficulty becoming pregnant is because they contacted STDs when they were younger which they were never treated for. Over time their reproductive organs were damaged from the STD they were unfortunate enough to have acquired. Although condoms don't protect you from Herpes and HPV, they certainly help prevent the likelihood of aquiring other STDS. Ladies, if you want a man to use a condom, never tell him you are on birthcontrol. Once a man knows you are birthcontrol, he will be more willing to "chance it" without a condom since it seems like most men would rather deal with an STD( one they can get rid of) before they take on the responsibility of a child.
As for the women on the Maury show, many of them act as if they have no shame concerning the fact that they have no idea who there child's father is. The chicks who swear they are 1,000% sure of their child's father are perhaps the most pathetic of all. If you know you sleep with two men within the same time period why make a fool of yourself by saying you were only with your alleged child's father, since there is a good chance that someone else is your child's father, and you will find out on international television.
As for the men who continue to sleep with these women after knowing/hearing that they give it up without protection, it is as if they are begging to be burnt. What kind of man(?) would sleep with a woman who has given the pu&*y to the whole town without protection. Anyway, here are a few videos for those of you who have never seen the show enjoy(cry for the children)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Supermodels(please return)

This should of been one of my first posts because this is one of the small things that bothers me.
Where are the Supermodels? Why have actresses replaced models on the cover of magazines. Most of these women (the actress) can only take "okay" photos. Unlike the Supermodels, actresses lack that special something that models have that allows them to take extraordinary photographs. I discovered the Supermodels in the early 90's just as I was making my way to the teen years. I can recall opening a Vogue magazine and seeing Naomi Campbell's face and to die for body in an editorial. I was totally drawn in by her dark chocolate skin and full lips not to mention her dancers(not striper) body. I wanted to be her, so for the next 6-8 years I read any and everything I could about Naomi and every other supermodel and topmodel of the 90s. I was so good with knowing who the latest models were that my friends would point at a picture and ask me for a brief bio.
Eventuallyl, I began to see them less and less on the cover of magazines. Today Vogue may feature a top model on its cover once a year ,wtf. I want to see a true beauty(sometimes unique weirdness), someone who can take a picture like no other, on the cover of Vogue 12 months a year. It is not only Vogue which has taken to putting these annoying actresses and other celebs on the cover of its magazine. All American fashion magazines having taken to putting Janet Jackson, Christina A., Scarlet Johansen, Nicole Richey, Paris Hilton etc.. on the covers. Isn't it enough that Star and Us Weekly feature these women and air out every little piece of dirty laundry in their lives.
What I like about the foreign edition of Vogue,Elle, Marie Claire is that they use Models(excluding British editions). One thing with high fashion models is that you may not get true beauty but you will see a face that is unique and quite often she is not what is considered conveniently pretty. Thats just another reason I love my high fashion topmodels.
No one is sure what lead to the decline of the Supermodel and the ushering in of the tabloid actress obsessed culture that we have today. Although, one of the theories is that models caused many young girls to have eating disorders and/or not like their bodies. My response for that crowd is, and Nicole Richie and many other actresses of today do not. Furthermore, I think with the unique looks that many of today's high fashion models have it may help many young girls to see that things which are weird or different about your appearance are or can be good.
I for one, would be happy for the day that we return to the days of Supermodel. Supermodels of the 90s
1. Naomi Campbell
2. Cindy Crawford
3. Christy Turlington
4. Linda Evangelista
5. Kate Moss
6. Tyra Banks
7. Claudia Schiffer
George Michael though so much of Supermodels that he gave them the staring roles in two of his videos(my favorites).

Friday, November 10, 2006

I have a confession II(one hand , four fingers down)

Actually, I did not sleep with Small Daddy. When I decided to write the Small Daddy post I had only received 2 comments on the election post. I was curious if you guys were going to comment more on a sex post, than a post about the election. Yes you certainly did, why I'm not quite sure, since the election is more important to all of us than what I do between the sheets. Maybe it is because we have a very twisted view about sex(In America and Naija), that is probably why we have so much perversion in the world. I notice the same thing on many of the other blogs that I read. People who wrote anything about the election got little or no comments compared to the number of comments they regularly receive.
Don't worry, the negative comments don't bother me, but why all of the anonymous comments. You can use your blogger name, don't worry I won't ban you for simply stating your opinion. I've been insulted before on this blog and I did not cry a single tear(I'm a big girl).
I actually figured a few of you would have figured that I was just pulling your leg. I've already stated how much I detest Small Daddy's body so why would you think I would go all the way with him. The h&*nd job that he got from me was more than he deserved. Furthermore, I stated once before that for the time being If I decided to have anything serious(sexual-boyfriend(?)-which I don't want right now) it would probably be with an African-American man.

P.S. Why all the aversion to the fact that he is a cab driver. I don't need him to pay my bills. I did not look at him as marriage material. Everyone can't be rich or a 6 figure guy. Jesus was a carpenter.

I have a confession (One Hand Down)

Well, I have now filled a hand.
What can you say about a man who has a di*k so small that when you try to ride it it keeps falling out. Those kegal exercises sure do work because small daddy could not stop moaning ,talking(repeating the word pussy) and making weird faces. I tried to get him to do it from the back but he did not get in position. I guess he knew it was to short to reach my pu*&y. Poor baby, he didn't even last five minutes. I know, I know, I was crazy for giving him some. Oh well, it took 25 years to reach five, interesting. I don't think I am ready to start on the other hand yet.
Small daddy had another surprise for me:no greencard. Homeboy is done. I sure hope he does not think I am the one to marry him.

So many people(Chris Rock, Britany Spears, Reece Witherspoon etc..) have filed for divorce in Hollywood in the last two weeks. I guess divorce is in the air there.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Change

Thank God, the Democrats have taken control of the House. Hopefully they will take control of the Senate too. I sure hope we don't have a Florida2000 type of situation in deciding who will win the two undecided seats in the Senate. I think the only reason the people in control of this country feel that it is no big thing to change election results is because we do very little rioting and protesting. There are many parts of the world where a Florida2000 type of fiasco would have resulted in major riots,protest, and death(see recent Congo election).
The Virginia race is something in itself. How is it that so many people feel so comfortable voting for someone who is so obviously a good ol'boy. I can't believe he was so brazen to call the Asian student Mucaki(spell) with cameras rolling. Oh well, I think that in some ways this country is rolling back to the 1950's on issues involving race. Many white Americans are afraid that they will be outnumbered by people of color(Hispanics/Latinas) and/or they feel that they will lose control of the country. We know what happens when a large number of whites feel that way(see South Africa,holocaust,Native American holocaust etc..)
Maryland has a new Governor- Martin O'Malley( his picture is above). Please believe that he will run for president in a few years. Probably 2012, because Hillary has the democratic nomination in 2008. If you watch The Wire he should look familiar since the actor who plays him looks like he could be his brother. He has promised to make a college education in Maryland affortable. I sure hope he keeps his promise.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Health is Wealth! John Kerry you are not ready for Comicview.

As I write this I am struggling to see the computer screen because my eyes are full of water . I am very sick, I have a cold. Please take care of yourself as we are entering cold and flu season. Try to avoid people who are ill and make sure you eat 2 oranges(for vitamin C) a day. Most importantly, wash your hands frequently.

One last thing, Is John Kerry a jerk or what. He should his corpse like ass can not tell a joke. Particularly the type of joke which could hurt the Democrats in the upcoming election.