Monday, June 16, 2008

R.Kelly Is Not Guilty-SAY WHAT?

R.Kelly is not Guilty
When I read this ^^^ across my computer screen I could not believe it. R. Kelly is not guilty-all of the 14 charges were dismissed. I really thought they were going to nail this sicko. I mean, the tape was not so distorted because you could/can make out that it is R.Kelly in the tape without straining your eyes.

I went to one of my favorite gossip blogs this morning to check out the comments, and what I read truly did not surprise me. There were a number of people like myself who think that idiot should burn in hell. There was an equally large number of people who want to blame the 13 year old for what happened by calling her all types of names including but not limited to, whore, tramp, slut, and fastass. Since when have we in the black community decided to hang our girls out to pasture in this manner. Things like this give more proof to Evia's talk of DBM and the black Mammys in our community.

If this is the way that we now treat our young women, then maybe I need to turn in my black card. I have no desire to be around or associate myself with people who think that it is okay, alright or normal behavior for a adult male to have sex with such a young girl. Have any of you seen the video? I have, and let me tell you something, that little girl could not pass for anyone's 18 years old. Her body was in the earliest and I mean earliest stages of puberty as her chest was almost flat as board and she had no hips to speak of. Even in the quick shot of her face, she had the look of a very young child.

From what I've read, R. Kelly is suppose to be this little girl's Godfather. I can only imagine how sick he really is to have had sex with her after standing in a church with her when she was a small baby to baptised(comment from RWB). I wonder if during the day of her baptism he was dreaming of the day he would piss in her mouth. What a degrading way to treat another human being. At 13 years old, there is no way that this young baby could of been into this type of stuff, she was simply led along by a man who was much older and experienced than she was.

Many people want to make a big deal out of the fact that the young girl managed to have intercourse with R.Kelly without looking like a novice. To those who made note of her experience I say, who do you think taught her??? Maybe R. Kelly was the one to break her in. I am very sure that the episode we saw on camera was not the first time he slept with her. I've read that R.Kelly paid the young girls parents off. If that is true, then what type of parents did this young lady have? What man would pimp his daughter out for any amount of money. Reading this makes me wonder if the father had his way with her also.

The sad thing is, the life of a dog is worth more than the body of a black girl. While Micheal Vic sits a prison cell somewhere for fighting and killing dogs, R.Kelly remains a free man after fucking and pissing on (and in the mouth of?) a little girl. Is it any wonder black women, that we are treated in the manner that we are, when so many of us want to make excuses for this type of behavior. A number of black people are running around saying I am glad he got off because that would of been another black man in jail, and to them I say- SO WHAT. This is not a one time thing for R. Kelly, he has done it multiple times. Furthermore,I don't care what color a person is, if they do the crime, they should do the time. I find it outrageous that black people can rally around Sean Bell and the Jenna 6 but this little girl has her body violated and we have a large number of people on the molesters side. Or maybe if a white man did it then black people would be more untied and ready to protest.

Why are so many black women willing to sacrifice everything to protect black men? Where are the black men to protect us? Why are so few of them militant and loudly vocal about the destruction of the image of the black woman?

check this link for R. Kelly sex facts. This is nothing new for him. I saw this at sterohype.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ebonics Part 3

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have come across my previous two post on Ebonics. As I have written before on this blog and other blogs that have covered this topic, I think Ebonics is an important component of African-American culture. That said, to excel in Mainstream American and certainly corporate America, it is important that those of us who speak Ebonics can also speak standard English with ease. In the video below, a professional brother gives us an excellent demonstration of how it is possible to shift between the two dialects. He goes from William Jeffery Wilson III from 5th avenue to DaShawn MoQuan Jackson from Martin Luther King Blvd in less than 5 seconds. - Watch more free videos

This guy wishes it was pollen.
Video from C&D

Thursday, June 05, 2008

American Children Are Out Of Control 2

Children in this country are out of control. Why is it that so many of them think it is okay to physically attack the adults who are here to help them. I am sure most of you have read about the Baltimore teacher who was beaten up in her classroom by a student. Sadly, I know this woman, and she has the type of personality which makes for a good teacher. After her attack, she said that she will not return. Children of parents who can not afford private school are losing out in this country. Without a good education most black people who live in the hood can forget about ever leaving the hood.

After seeing the video below, I would advise teachers to ask that boxing lessons be included in their next contract. I gotta give it to the teacher, she was able to hang in there for a while but an out of shape 17 year old almost always wins over an out of shape 40 year old.

Youtube Video Of The Day: American Students Are Out Of Control. Are the reporters giggling in this video as they report the incident.