Friday, July 25, 2008

Remember When

Remember I wrote that post about wanting a Serena Williams booty two years ago.

Well I have one now. All it took was a few minutes per day.


Suite B said...

Oh is this all I have to do to get a black girl booty. I don't even need one like Serena I just need something behind there to let people know that I am black.

Chocklit~Socialite said...

i too suffer from noasssatolitis...and i clearly need to get my ass (or lack thereof) down on the floor and perculate like a braun!

classical one said...

Certainely nothing wrong with a Serena booty!

Anonymous said...

oh gosh.. im gettin on this just nowwwwwwwww

Tired of being broke said...

LMAO @ noasssatolitis. I can't say the same. I have a bit too much stuff back there.

Wes said...

Yeah I've got a pretty good thang goin' on back there too... although, it doesn't hurt to keep it toned.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

may i be the judge of that pls maam

wienna said...

I'm sure that was 'digitally enhanced'. It can't be real.

L'Artiste said...

im not gonna lie, i saw this and then tried to find the full length so that i could learn for my man :-( lol

Toya said...

LOL! So you've found Suhaila! Suhaila is a world-renowned second generation bellydancer. And no, that clip is not digitally enhanced. I have met Suhaila in person, several times, and she can, indeed, make her butt leap off the floor like that. I've been praticing those glute exercises for a couple years now and I can do it, too, though my butt doesn't jump nearly as high.

rebecca said...

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