Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Big Booty(Sure wish I had one).

Ok, I am going to make this my last post on big booties but daaaaaag. Did you see episode three of Flava of Love. Delicious' booty is out the door and around the corner. Even the women in the restaurant were looking and making comments. When you got a booty like this the men RUN, not come but RUN to you. I have a friend who told me about a homegirl of hers who has a booty like Delicious + extra. She said that when she attends clubs with her she has never had to buy a drink. As a matter of fact men are willing to do almost anything to get next to her.
Men are so crazy. I wonder, do women behave the same way to get next to a man with a big d%^k?


jsull said...

Since I don't fall into the category of the big D*(k men I can't answer that one. But being an ass man from way back I will tell you her face is secondary if her tailgate is good.
Just one mans take

Olawunmi said...

i won't lie, a big booty is mad attractive, like a good set of boobs. its just sexy in a way that compells you to open up your wallet and spend cash. mostly, your mind is filled with pictures of what you would like to do with the booty, and that can drive a man mad.

i'm out.

Smoothvibes said...

I would be wondering if such girls would ever get a man who liked them for who they really are .. or it's just all about panashukwuing!

A woman on the move said...

I saw that episode and yes the focus was completely on her ass. Most men like ass.
I also noticed Ms. Booty had a few battle scars on her body as well, but again most men will response to whatever the little head tells them to.

As far as a man with a big d***. I usually don’t find that out until we’re about to get down to business. I’ve never been one to stare at a man’s bulge when I’m first meeting them. But once I know I’ve hit the jack pot.

Man what a girl won’t do for a man who’s packing and knows what to do with all of that lovely equipment. We women can loose our minds behind some good & big d***… Or maybe it’s just me, LOL!!!

So...Wise...Sista said...

My 1st time here and I'm crying laughing! Probably bec I pray daily for a few pounds more azz. lol

Anonymous said...

A huge arse always does it for me. confused and deranged as you stare at whats nothing more than a shit vessel. ah well.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Jsull- Don't worry, most men don't.
@Oluwunmi-Thanks for admiting what I know as the truth.
@Smooth vibes- panashukwuing?
@ woman on the move- You know I'm still waiting on my big daddy who can work it well. The was just alllrrright. I noticed the scares too, look like she has been shot up a few times, like a BlackTail model(Chris Rock joke).
@ So wise sister- Thank you, I enjoy your blog to.
@ Delot- Thanks for being truthful. Like you said, its only use is to remove shit.

jsull said...

Well Smooth i think that alot of good women/men don't get a chance to show that they are good people or they are funny/bright/nice/wehatever because they aren't pretty. Thats bad too.
And I realize that most guys don't have a big D*@k but I also am fairly sure I'm the only internet guy that will readily admit that!!! What I do have is a hard wet and very willing tongue! I was hoping some female would say that if the tongue was there and willing then the D&*k size was secondary :)~~~~

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ jsull- I love a nice tongue . Actually, that is the best part of sex.

Nneka's World said...

there is something about a nice big shaped booty that drives guys crazy!!!!!

I had a friend that her bum was out of this world and i tell you we never used to pay for our drinks!

Sometimes it can be a burden

NaijaBloke said...

Channel most men see a big booty and all they could think off is hitting it from the back.It kinda makes men fell good that they r actually pounding the booty.I know it is crazy but thatz just the way men think.

LA GIRLIE said...

all the girls on that show are certified sex workers/hookers/porn stars etc's their job to have big booties lol

Anonymous said...

ALL black men love women with big asses.A woman can have nice breast but a big booty will always win