Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update Update Update!

1. I have a bad headache. My head was thumping so hard last night, I could not sleep well.
2. The semester is almost over thank God.
3. Check out Coffee's post on natural hair here.
4.The long awaited Amsterdam post is very coming. For some reason have a problem talking about my vacations.
5. For those of you who did not believe me when I told you about the cigarette lady, here is another woman making it smoke. This is soooo not safe for work but click here.

Youtube Video Of The Day: Viagra grandaddy. Turn the volume down if you are at work.


Anonymous said...

k the smoking erm, was shocking. i didn't think it was possible when you first mentioned it and my imagination only goes so far. so the video definitely helped.

as for my hair, i haven't permed it since I was 7. it's so funny that back in Nigeria, my folks let me get it permed (where it didn't really matter what your hair looked like) and then we came to America where what your hair looks like is part of the assimilation process and they let me run around looking a hot mess. my mother adamantly refused to do anything with it.

i guess that's what inspired me to learn how to braid. i do my entire head of braids and i haven't wavered since then. it's been about 10-12 years having my hair in braids. long time i know, but when it comes to my hair, it's all about low maintenance. i want something i don't have to mess with (and what better than my hair in its natural state) but I haven't worked up to the point where i feel I can walk around with my hair in a big fro and feel confdent. i don't know why. i need to get over that. seriously. it would be such a relief.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

well good for you free at last (school soon tha is) and i have seen a woman do that in real life. have a great day

NigerianDramaQueen said...

I wish the semester was almost ovr for me- i just started spring break. You went to Amsterdam?Did u try any space cakes,lol...

Felicity said...

Hope you have a great break!

Anonymous said...

My hair is nappy as hell. I'm brushing tho. got that naija blood ya dig?

- www.anythingblack.net

afro jamaicano said...

u do not hav a tag on this post calld "smoking p*ssy" u just cant!!! haha omg thats crazy

that video was something.....

i peepd the natural hair post too, it was interesting and thought provoking.

id luv to hear about ur vacay, since i havnt been on a vacay in FOREVER. thnk god im gonna be studying abroad in the next few yrs.