Friday, April 11, 2008

P*ssy As A Commodity?

As most of you know, the Governor of NY state recently stepped down because he has patronized high priced call girls or prostitutes. Well another blogger and I, the brilliant have been going back and fourth along with Aunt Jackie in the mix.

Check out the two posts between aka Model Minority here and here. Check out Aunt Jackie's blog here.

This is my latest response. I curious what men have to say about prostitution. You can always post under anonymous if you don't want to sign in.

Soul,Coffee,Golden Silence, and Lavender I want to hear your views too please.

I must admit that I've always though prostitution should be legal but Amsterdam really cemented my thinking.

M.Dot who said those women don't have a choice. The women I saw in Amsterdam would tell men to get away from their windows/doors if they did not find them attractive. Even street prostitutes will turn a man down if they don't want to perform an act or find him repulsive. I also saw some of those same prostitutes bang on the windows or even open the doors to whistle at men they found attractive.
Since we use the argument that being pro-life is telling a woman she can't have control over her body aren't we telling women who want to sell it legally the same thing?
According to all of the documentaries I’ve seen, articles and books I read, most men go to prostitutes for oral sex. So men are renting a mouth, not a vagina. The reason that so many men go for oral sex is because there are still a lot of women( like myself) who hate it and see it as demeaning. There are other who men don't want their wives or girlfriends to perform oral sex on them since they see it as disgusting and disrespectful even though they enjoy it.
There are other men who go to talk. Can you believe it, just to talk. Now what kind of woman does he have at home that he can't even sit down to talk to her. He has to go and pay a prostitute for conversation or just to listen. I some of the johns have sympathy for the women too.
There are also the pervs who go to prostitutes because the women they have at home won't perform certain acts. Things like beating him with a whip, using a hammer on his penis, tying his penis in a knot etc. On the HBO documentary I a few years ago, prostitutes laughed amongst themselves about the different perverted customers they serviced. They also made fun of another prostitute who did not make as much money as they did because she would not turn down the perverts.
Yes it is payment for her body no questions asked, but how is that so different from a booty call besides the exchange of money. Don’t women call men for booty calls so they can have good sex and then have the men leave a few minutes after the act is over. Not all men are looking for a relationship. I would much rather a man sleep with a prostitute who knows the deal instead of meeting a woman who wants more and dumping her after he has had sex with her. Some men never want to get married.
Violence unfortunately comes with the territory when you work the streets. The likelihood of violence against a prostitute sharply decreases in places like the bunny ranch.
NotSafe ForWork bunny ranch. Not Safe For Work

Furthermore, there are plenty of women who are assaulted that have never worked in the industry. Most women are attached by men they know, not a boogy man.
What about women who trick? There are women who pay to have sex with men. I saw a documentary on this too. What about men who trick for other men?
By the way I am not including drug addicts who sell their bodies because that is different. I also think that street prostitution should remain illegal.
You would be surprised at the number of prostitutes who use condoms compared to women who don’t work in the sex industry.

P.S. The thing is, most women don't understand that for a man the most important thing is busting a nut(orgasm)wheather he has to pay for it,trick you out of it(by telling you he loves you when he does not), or get you to give to him no strings attached. I don't think most women don't truly understand men and the pull that sex has on them. Its a weakness more than anything.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

well im a pussy addict, but i do admit if u feed me u can have your way with me, so in that case food over vagania

Ifeomaadiagwuagwu said...

Prostitution is old time business. Check out the bible; it is there, you have women that are prostitutes referred to as harlots. Judah's daughter-in-law was one. Mary Magdalene did have sexual relations with several men that wanted to condemn her to death but for the intervention of Jesus Christ. Japanese people refer to them as courtesans, i think.

Prostitution will never become a thig of the past. It sounds gloomy; i guess. Not judging anyone that engages in such. Some men like, "quick sex" "fix me" which they say, "it is like a drug and feels good."

Dominican Enigma said...

It's amazing how free sex is in Amsterday, yet the United states has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the world. I'm glad you posted again. I missed you. Hugs, DE

Anonymous said...

Glad I don't work the streets


Acolyte said...

Okay we do know there are those young girls that are kidnapped or runaways that are forced to work the streets by pimps. They don't do it out of choice plus they too are the minority believe it or not readers. Majority of the hookers are more of the call girl variety or those who work the clubs or in bordellos. Yes there are cases of women who are also trafficked in bordellos and such but again that is a minority. There I have issued my disclaimer.
Yes sex is a commodity and it has value, that is why some women would rather sell it than work menial jobs.
Many hookers can choose who they will and will not see. A tour of some of the escort sites will show you that. Yes there are some women who wont do what their man wants so they'll go see a hooker, while some hookers give men the validation their women won't. Thing is the trade isnt going away anytime soon no matter what people try to do. There shall always be buyers and sellers, and as Charlie Sheen said;" at least you can pay a hooker to go away"

Elle Woods said...

Im loving your banner..any way i can get the pic?

Janice said...

The Netherlands is a primary country of destination for victims of human trafficking. Many of these are led to believe by organized criminals that they are being offered work in hotels or restaurants or in child care and are forced into prostitution with the threat or actual use of violence. Estimates of the number of victims vary from 1000 to 7000 on a yearly basis. The victims mainly originate from the Netherlands, Africa and Eastern Europe, particularly from the Balkans and the former Soviet Union. Most police investigations on human trafficking concern legal sex businesses. All sectors of prostitution are well represented in these investigations, but particularly the window brothels are overrepresented. Sounds like those ladies were banging on the window to save their lives. I still believe that we can create better opportunities for our young women.

Felicity said...

'Mary Magdalene did have sexual relations with several men that wanted to condemn her to death but for the intervention of Jesus Christ'

Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, she came from the town of Magdalene and she was possessed by seven demons, she was mental case. It was another woman who Jesus intervented on her behalf, because she was caught in the act, that is why he asked the men who brought her to him, 'he would was without sin, let him cast the first stone' they could not do it, because many of the men who brought her were sleeping with her also. Sex should be between husband and wives or partners in long term relationships and even before people have sex, people should discuss their likes and dislikes what they are willing to do and not do, to avoid confusion. We seem to be getting very strange people like a some women contacting men on the internet to give them oral sex, because they can't get it from their husbands or long term partners and you get the same thing with men and prostitutes or friends with benefits and the whole sex act becomes vile and dirty. What is something to be a beautiful thing between two people and raises you to into another realm, becomes sordid, dirty and gross. The problem with oral sex, is that it seems to be power struggle between two parties, one party likes to receive but not to give, which again is very strange. If one party only likes to receive, and they are not willing to give, they should abstain from oral sex altogether, or some women only give their husbands/ lovers/SO oral sex on special occasions, like birthdays or getting new cars. If it is dirty for a woman to put a men's penis in her mouth, it is also dirty for a man to lick woman's vagina and clitoris also. Oral sex should be a selfless act of pleasuring each other.
People like Governor Spitzer are addicted to having prostitutes, they started out having them as young men, so it is habit forming. I have to great respect the prostitutes, because they are doing a profession. There are also many many women who prostitute themselves for a bigger payrise, promotion, film parts, they sleep with their bosses, co workers, or people who could get them pass the glass ceiling, and these women are married or are in long term relationships, but because they are not walking the streets, they would not say they are prostitutes.

afro jamaicano said...

im glad i peepd this post! it's a great discussion.
personally what spitzer did is nothing new. alot of people are doing it (heck the government accountability office jus released their report** about government abuses of tax dollars and last yr $360 was spent on lingerie and $1200 on internet dating by government employees so u know its not jus mayors and governors)

personally im against people PAYING for sex. b/c i think sex and love shude go hand and hand. and in prostitution there is no luv, it's a bussiness arraingment.

it's dangerous all around, i mean there are whores out there who will get a guy near climax then pull out a pistol and rob him.

and what is this about u not liking to giv oral sex? thats some bull! u need to find the right partner, get tested, get to know each other pretty well and then u will feel comfortable about that. i'm a psych majour so i read into everything, and ur not liking to giv oral sex might be about u not wanting to submit to a man or giv up control, which can translate to situations out of the bedroom too. a woman submitting to her man doesnt mean she's weak.
what u won't do us gay boys will haha. u got some pretty stiff (all puns intended) competition out there. b/c no man is gonna go w/o oral sex forever.

afro jamaicano said...

it's an interesting read

BeautyinBaltimore said...

"or some women only give their husbands/ lovers/SO oral sex on special occasions, like birthdays or getting new cars"

Felicity, welcome

You know this is the only time a large number of men get oral sex from their girlfriends and wives anyway.

Your point about women selling themselves for jobs, movie roles etc... is well noted. Plenty of women have done it and will continue to do it. Although they don't walk the streets they are still prostituting.

Felicity do you really think men see sex in the same way that many women do. Most will talk the talk but will not walk the walk.

@Elle- Just click the pic and you should be able to save it on your hard drive.

@Janice- Those women who were knocking on the windows were smiling and pointing. *Some* of them seemed pretty happy to me.
I acknowledge that many women are in the sex industry by force and are trafficked into various countries around the world. Please don't think I agree with sex trafficing,because I don't. I do acknowledge that there are women who are willing to do it because the price is right as in the case of high class call girls. There are a small number of women who do it because they enjoy the job.

@ Afro- I don't like to give up control so you read me very well. I have met men who are not crazy about oral sex. Some African men have not be totally spoiled yet too. You remember that post I wrote about men being turned out right.

@acolyte- I2I.

@Domincian- Thanks honey, coming over to your blog next.Yes, sex seems to not be a big deal in Amsterdam as one of the posters wrote on the "well" post. It a place full of contrast.

@ife- I don't understand why some people like to talk about prostitution as if we could get rid of it one day when we can't.

Felicity said...

Felicity do you really think men see sex in the same way that many women do. Most will talk the talk but will not walk the walk.

@ BeautyinBaltimore
I honesty believe there are decent men out there, there are millions of men from every race which is available to us, who are single, not married or engaged or living triple or quadriple lives with the various baby mothers. There is an abundance of men. I was married to a man who was damaged and he played sexual mind games and I had to divorce him and heal myself, because I went into depression, subsequently I met a wonderful man, even though the relationship brief, he was kind, wonderful and a good lover, who enjoyed kissing me, even though my husband didn't, telling me how beautiful I am and I have lovely skin etc. I have other male friends who bought me flowers, whereas my husband wouldn't. I have come to realise that men are fairly simple, and they tell you what they are and they make no bones about themselves, but we as women don't choose to listen what they say. Just because he has a job, he is educated and financially well off, we don't believe that we can find better so we settle for losers. Governor Spitzer and his wife even though they were married for X amount of years have children, they never had a marriage, they had a business arrangement if you go fully into these people's lives, after their children were born, she is probably has her own lover who she would meet Tuesdays and Thursdays or something like that, but she is discreet, it is easy to look at Spitzer and the media say they have been married for so many years. Other people who don't behave like that and have decent loving, passionate marriages, they make love to their wives on a regular basis, but these marriages don't make the news. The men are hard working love their families, don't go to prostitutes, or have mistresses, lovers, or friends with benefits, have nice well behaved children and their wives are happy.

Naturally Sophia said...

Good Post! Glad you posted, missed ya.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I'm always amazed that people are still out here buying and selling the booty with all the diseases we have floating around. However, ain't nothing new under the sun. It's been going on since the beginning of time and probably will continue forever.

Yayemarie said...

Hey sis..been a minute wanted 2 come over and say hey 2 1 of my fav' bloggers out there..hope all is well:)

Coffey0072 said...

Personally I don't understand why prostitution is outlawed in the majority of the states in this country. I wont go into a religious or moral diatribe here, but essentially, you have two consenting adults engaging in sexual acts for money. Pornography was finally legalized, as is stripping. Ideally, if legalized, prostitution would probably diminish crime, the exploitation of women, human trafficking, underage prostitution, and the lot. But then again, anal sex and interracial co-mingling are still considered illegal acts in a few states. There are various puritanical laws that are antiquated and need some major revisiting.

Married men who patronize prostitutes or strip clubs are none of my concern. That's between hubby and wife. Politicians who cheat or indulge in escorts? So long as they aren't using government funds to do so and it doesn't compromise the office in which they hold. Politicians are not religious leaders, so I don't understand how the "moral" ramifications factor in...

I do understand that transporting a hooker over state lines (which is one of the charges Spitzer is facing) is illegal... but as I stated before... perhaps certain antiquated laws in this country need to be revised. ... Hooking is not for everyone, non. But done in a controlled and safe environment, where taxes have to be paid and licenses need to be obtained, it could very well help the economy and reduce crime.

afro jamaicano said...

hey bnbmore i found an interesting blog that u might wanna chek out. this girl is a prostitute and she was featured on 20/20 w/ diane sawyer. she talks about her life and other random shih

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@afro-thanks for the link.

@Coffee- Thanks for posting.I think we are certainly eye to eye on this issue. I think we worry ourselves in this country about the "morals" of our politians. When sex is involved we have a tendancy to switch back to the puritan roots of the early European-Americans.

@yeye- Bonjour, Ca va?

@kitten thanks for coming thru. There are women who sleep around and they are at the same risk as a woman who sleeps around.

XXX said...

As a college educated young lady, the DC workforce has taught me this: sex=success. Either the physical action, the entertainment of it, the promise of it.

afro jamaicano said...

hav u peep these vids before? this guy has been on shows like 20/20, dateline and maury. i wondered wuh u think about these: