Saturday, April 26, 2008

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I am so tired of the African-American vs. Continental African beef. I really want to write a proper post about this as I have a foot in each world.,and look at things from both points of view. To read click here


1/3 of what I used to be said...

me 2. I hate that we all have the same ancestry down somewhere down the line but we seperate ourselves. I would be interested to see what you would write concerning this

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

next they gone have stuff niggaz like

Stuffgirlslike said...

Thank you for talking about stuff girls like and you are right these are light entertainment blog and a satirical and they are not that serous.

As for the comment on stuff niggas want I thought Anything Black was already in the niggas market.


hey? wetin happen? Make I go read.

How body?

Naija Sutra said...

But why the beef ladies, there is already so much competition in the world for us to increase our distance some more, geesh.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for linking that article.

PreciousGem-Beautifully Human said...

Please post that. I too have a foot in both world so I feel you!

Anonymous said...

Yeh that beef is retarded. Its more on the African American side not wanting to claim heritage from my point of view


Coffey0072 said...

I think both sides share some blame in the ridiculous war of Africans vs Black Americans vs West Indians or whatever the eff.

Bottom line is, while we don't all share the same ethnicity, we do share the same race. I know I'm disheartened everytime a West Indian person or a person of African descent (whether they be from Brazil, Honduras, or the continent itself) label themselves as "other" or will exclaim, "I am NOT Black!"

I'm a liason for a youth employment program, and a lot of the applications I sift through, Black children of immigrant parents (from Africa, the West Indies and in some cases even BLACK AMERICAN children) check the "other" box. ;-(
Even though the application offers a wide array of options to choose from INCLUDING African, Jamaican, and "Other West Indies" recognizing that the minority applicants are coming from many different backgrounds besides African-American.
We need to cut this mess out and sit down somewhere and figure out how to get on. Because it's ridiculous and it's getting old and it makes it that much easier for The Majority to disregard and oppress us.

Rashid Z. Muhammad said...

I just can't give skin color a whole lot of clout for bonding with an individual. I have plenty of black African friends and plenty of black American friends. And there are plenty in both of these groups that I wouldn't want anything to do with. The reasons why have nothing to do with their skin and everything to do with their makeup - and I internally control for class.

I used to date a Nigerian woman who told me that when her parents immigrated to the states, other Nigerians that were already here told them to not let their kids (especially the daughter) hang around American-reared blacks lest they be "corrupted." Again, there are plenty of American-reared blacks that I wouldn't let my kids hang with either, but it's this simplicity of thought (not just present in the group cited, but pretty much everyone) that leads to tension and routinely results in missed positive opportunities.

In order to get along everyone has to be willing to get along and negotiate differences in good faith. In people that don't get along, my observations notice a serious lack of the latter.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

This ought to be interesting. I agree with the other poster that both sides are to

Wes said...

I also do not like the separation (or "beef") between West Indian Blacks and Black Americans... I can't understand why we aren't able to accept and embrace each others cultural differences. We're all the same... We just left the motherland on a different ship ;)

gorgeous black women said...

I do agree that both sides are responsible for keeping this "beef" alive.

Many black immigrants come to this country with a certain perception of black Americans courtesy of Western media. With the exception of The Cosby Show, it's pretty much all negative. Most people don't want to be put in the same category. I'll also add that this is also a big factor in the very negative perceptions other immigrant groups have of black Americans.

Another part of this is that the American perception of Africa and the West Indies is negative. For generations, people of most ethnic groups in America have tried to assimilate, essentially rejecting their heritage. Being "ethnic" is still perceived as negative. Just like black immigrants don't want to be associated with gang bangers and teeth-sucking Welfare queens, black Americans don't want to be associated with the people with the funny accents serving them drinks on vacay or the dark-skinned naked people in National Geographic with "bad hair" starving to death or dying of AIDS because they can't stop like monkeys.