Thursday, May 10, 2007

good news and bad news

Bad News:
1.My bad cholesterol is elevated. Its 110(overall 190), not high enough for medicine but high enough that I need to get it under control before it becomes a problem. If you are under 21 please get your health together NOW. Develop good eating and exercise habits while you are still young so that you won't have health scares when you are my age(26). You would be surprised at the number of people under 25 who need to take medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. I quit the part-time job.

Good News:
1. I'm going to nursing school baby. I sent only one application out and how lucky was I to get accepted to that school on the first try. I'm not sure what this will mean to this blog since I will have very little time to blog, work and study. I guess I will figure something out.

2. My blog anniversary is coming up very soon. I have not decided what I am going to do to celebrate. I'm amazed that I have stayed with blogging this long. Maybe I have stayed with blogging so long because I am very nosey and I enjoy reading about the lives of other people. Outside of blog world, I am very nosey but I am also known as someone who can keep secrets so people have a tendency tell me all of their deep personal dirt. Looking through the archives I have only mentioned a friends problem once. It was very difficult for me to write that post because I did not want to put my friend "out there". I don't think I will be writing about my friends again anytime soon, I just don't feel comfortable putting my friends "business on the streets". Some people write about friends in their blogs with such malice that I wonder why they are even friends with that person(s) if they have so much dislike for him or her.


Linda Ikeji said...

take care of ur health.there's nothing more important than that.and goodluck with the nursing school.its a great professional to get into outside this country

Anonymous said...

I honestly didnt know young people had such problems as bad cholesterol... thanks for putting that's something i'll definitely watch out for from now... my eating's alright... its just the exercise thing that i should probably jump on...
i'm proud of you for getting into nursing school... go get em beauty!
blog anniversary.. dang.. congrats in advance.. thats crazy.. i love it though.. you're one of my favorite people on blogspot... have a great rest of the week angel

TDJ said...

Congrats on being accepting into nursing school. I find that even when I'm at my busiest with school, work and family, the blog represents my outlet. You may need to write it more that you realize.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Congrats on the nursing school miss lady!!!!! One application and you're in? You think you nice?!?!? LOL.

The cholesterol must be in my head. I wrote an entry on health yesterday. Seriously I know someone who's 27 and on meds. That's no joke.

afro jamaicano said...

i had horrible blood pressure, so i'm working on that.

i need to find a pt job

congrats on ur anniversary and getting into nursing school! my 900th post is coming up

Soul said...

here's hoping you get well soon :D

Anonymous said...

I wanna sign up for lavender squirts blog. what's her email addy please?

Coffey0072 said...

On health: Healthy living... it's a matter of survival where all ages are concerned, especially young people. Kids are getting diabetes at an alarming rate, due to being overweight and eating garbage.

On nursing school: Congrats and good luck. Stay out of the prescription cabinet... tee hee.

On blogging about the lives of others: I try to just keep my blog relegated to me, myself, and I. Despite how pissed off people make me, I refuse to put them front and center in any of my entries. Call me narcissistic, but I reserve the right to keep it ALL about MOI. I mention my best friend Cat, on a frequent basis, but there's not ill will behind it.

I must say, my co-workers and men I've gone out on dates with, seem anxious to have me write about them. They're always, "Are you going to write about me?"
and when I say, "no" they always have a dejected look on their face. hahahahaha.

Anyway, good luck and godspeed!

Tired of being broke said...

Congrats on nursing school. Get that cholesterol in order, you cannot be a Beauty in Baltimore with high cholesterol, that is not good.

Lola Gets said...

Congrats on your acceptance!

Amadeo said...

I did the one application thing with college...I was cocky...and I got in so I was more cocky.

I don't worry so much about writing about friends (I don't really do it) but I worry about who I know that's reading about me and will never say.

Noseyasallhell said...

I find people that tend to openly stress on positive traits of themselves do it as a form of self-consolation. Thus I find you not putting their business in the streets is contrary to fact.

Sounds more like you dont have a net of friends to blog about. So you did it once because there was/is only one ... My outlook.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@anon- I will pass on to lavender that you want to read her blog but I think you should send me your email so I can forward it on to her.

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

congrats on getting into nursing school.

Getting in is the easieat part. Staying in is harder so goodluck and goodbless.

HB3 said...

I received a warning from my Doc as well about my bad cholesterol. (you & I are about the same age)

Since then, I've cut out all fast food, eat oatmeal for breakfast, drink much more water, eat more green, leafy foods, and hit the gym in the AM for 60 minutes.

I totally agree with your admonishment for the youngins. The "fastfood generation" will have a plethora of health problems later in life if they don't lose the "I'm infinite" complex much quicker than we did.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@Hb3- I think the problem is they think that they are insiable(sp).