Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This man has talent and good looks so check him out. I love a black rocker.


Soul said...

I can hear the lenny Kravitz in him and George Clinton in him

Just fab... I'm off to go find some more stuff...
nice one Beauty.

'I think i'll participate' instead of watching

Anonymous said...

luvzzzzzzzzzzzzz it!!!

afro jamaicano said...

this video is fresh! personally i'm a huge tracy chapman fan and i think artist like herself, jimmy hendrix,LEON JEAN-MARIE (the guy in the video) etc show people that blacks are more than "sad luv songs" and selling crack

this video is also very creative it's like i got a couple thousand bucks buh want to shoot a tight video wuh shude i do? if cassie (the "me and you" chick) wude have done something a lil more creative instead of a flashdance, "pleasure principle" rip-off maybe that song could have been an even bigger hit

~Mimi~ said...

ehm, who is this? u dint tell us his name

afro jamaicano said...

his name is LEON JEAN-MARIE

aegeus said...

Dude rocks! love the song! How do you find such gems? :-)

beautyinbaltimore said...

@aegeus- I found this video on someones blog. I glad that you enjoy.
@mimi- Sorry
@ Afro- Thanks and I like Tracy Chapman also.
@overwhelmed- Good.