Friday, April 06, 2007

Random 16

11. I have discovered a number of good Kenyan sites from acolyte. I would also like to read blogs written by Ethopians, Ghaninan(SP) and South Africans. If you know of any send me a link please.
10. Have you decided who you are going to vote for. Has anybody been paying attention to the election in France. If Lapenn(sp) wins, then all of the blacks and Arabs in France better start running.

9. Health is wealth. I will write a post about this later.

8. Check out the African film festival currently taking place in New York City.

7. Check out Afronerd, he doing it big with the podcasts. This week he is discussing black women and the love that some of us have for weave,thugs, and food/obesity. I think this brother talks about things others would prefer to ignore. By the way, there is nothing worse than a bad weave

6. Why are the British Navel Officers being criticized. How many people are really willing to be
tortured for the honour of their country. I read where one person said that(I'm quoting loosely) in his day navel officers would have never said what ever lies the Iranian kidnappers/jailers told the captives to say. Maybe that's because back in his day people believed the lies that those in power told them about the other. I think many people are moving away from God bless America or the Queen and instead are thinking saying God bless the world.

5. Its official, I am going away for a short vacation next week. I'm so excited and I can't wait. I will post something while I am away.

4. I noticed that there are a number of Naija blogs that have popped up since the new year, and many of them are sex blogs. Now you know I write about it all(sex included), I think I may have been one of the first Naija(or half Naija in my case) females to write about sex so openly. That said, I have one question for all of my sex writers on the scene, can you tell a sister if your stories are real or fiction. I'm just saying, it would be nice to know, feel me. Cause sometimes some of these stories get me so worked up I have to pull out the plastic(just joking).

3. I guess I spoke to soon about the good weather. It was so cold in B-more today that I needed gloves, long johns and a scarf.

2. The Swinger has texted me for the last two days. He is back in Baltimore. I doubt if I will sleep with him again because I don't want to be bothered since I am not enjoying it. You know someone sent me a link from xtude of a guy explaining how to hit a woman's g-spot. Maybe I should play it for the swinger so he will know exactly what to do. Then again my plastic is doing just fine. Are there any men on this blog who would like to see it .The video is very graphic , so please don't open at work. I will put it in the comment section. This video is outrageous, dude had her hoping all around on the table, He had to hold her so she would not fall off the table and hurt herself.

1. Baltimore now has an Urbanoutfitters, now you know we are officially a hipster friendly city.


beautyinbaltimore said...

Rember not at work. Here is the video

davy B said...

Oh thank you! I came forward to see what came after the Mar 22 entry to which i just commented, thinking "I think I'll sign off and go see a sex show."

And there you go!

So thanks, you know?

davy B

Coffey0072 said...

I LOVE Urban Outfitters... even though they charge an arm and a leg for all that poorly stitched together trash. Anyway, the accessories, sunglasses, and home ware stuff is pretty cool.

aegeus said...

Dang! Always gets me to going seeing a girl buck like that when they come. Niiice!

afro jamaicano said...

#10 between borack and hillary borack, if it was hillary and condi rice, i'd vote condi...

#6 that shih is making me sik, how dare these "monday morning quarter backs" criticize those young men, they were serving their country, and helping the u.s. out in the process, the country didnt want people to get in their waters, so don't friggin go there... wuh wude u do if u feared for ur life and were being held captive? curse the people out and defame them and their god, or cooperate??? the gift bags were a hott idea...shih like that makes me wanna get kidnapped (how pathetic is that to want to get kidnapped jus to get a gift bag and a decent meal?? haha)

#5 uber jealous that ur going on vacation!! 18, and mum is like nope we dont have the money to take vacation, and u can't take off work to go on vacation.

#3 i wore shorts on weds and today it's confused... lol

have a happy/safe vacation and dont do anyone, my bad anything that u'll regret lol

Lola Gets said...

Um, I was just thinking about g-spot orgasms yesterday. Making me think of getting with FAF (see my blog) once more and getting him to play with it. If I do, Ill write about it!

Nneka's World said...

Thanks for the video, beauty!!
Dont mind me my dear have been busy!!!!!
Hey i have been following your blog even if i dont comment, just know yours is in my favorite section.
My dear how far? Hope say you dey kampe!!!! Dont worry i get enough giste.
Take care and your post always make me feel good and LOL

racquelle-cutie said...

You should show it to the swinger,send it to him on an e-mail with the title YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS

afro jamaicano said...

beautyinblatimore, that girl in that video was not playing was she?? omg i've never seen a woman cum like that, her pussy was breathing and everything, i got an account on there sn: man4viola i'm def gonna enjoy those videos...
also if u want a good site that u dont have to sign up @ u shude try

Dj Triple Threat said...

I doubt if I will sleep with him again because I don't want to be bothered since I am not enjoying it.
You better keep it one hunned and tell that n*gga to go back to the drawing board. Cuz guess what.

If you were wack, he wouldn't have a problem tellin you.

Acolyte said...

Always good to be of help! I think I want to branch out more but I have also gotten some good links from your blog.
Health is a big thing for me, I could be doing better in terms of what I eat but I try.
I think emancipation is occuring for naija women bloggers, it will take sometime for that to happen for the Kenyan blogosphere were are a bit more conservative.
I will watch the video in my free time, in the meanwhile send Swinger a link to it.
Enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

I WILL give you the fact that you were actually authentic in your dealings and writings, this new species is just full of it for the most part. They talk about things they cant even spell. I mean why lie..