Thursday, April 05, 2007

Model of the month

April's model of the month is Jaunel Mckenzie. She is originally from Jamaica where she was discovered through a local model search. She is just one of a number of models from Jamaica who have made a dent in the fashion world. However, she is by far the biggest model that Jamaica has ever had. Although, she did not book many shows last fall I don't think we should count her out. I think she is the black version of Lily Cole and Jemma Ward(baby/alien models) .

Check out this site if you like the sartoralist. Howard students are just to stylish.


afro jamaicano said...

she's hott!! thank u for adding a a jamaican model this month!

aegeus said...

Googled her and damn! she is fwiiine! I hope she gets more shows!

Dami said...

hmm fine gurl
*check ur title"

Africainement said...

Oh Waouh they aren't playing jaunel has very nice features..aight sista have 1 wonderful weekend & keep your head up*:)

Golden Silence said...

She is gorgeous! I think I've seen her before in a make-up ad or something.

I love seeing real working models!