Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Is this dude on something. He seems mighty slow for an news reporter and academic. This man reminds me of the people who hang out in front of Lexington Market(Baltimore peps know what I am talking about.

This dude went on the Hannity and Cohlms(sp) show to discredit Obama. When you go on these types of shows you must come with your A game because these types of shows are less about who makes sense and more about who is articulate and can argue(yell) their points clearly. Otherwise, you look like the loser* even if your point of view or side of the argument is correct.

He is one of those of those black people that republicans and whites like to use when they want to insult or discredit other blacks. I'm am so sick of seeing blacks who take pleasure in character assassinating other blacks simply for the joy of getting a few crumbs from the table and a pat on the head from master.

I'm starting the vacation now.


aegeus said...

Yikes! Used and abused. The race becomes tighter!

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Great. An unprepared, uneducated black man on a Fox news program. What a winning combination. Hannity seems obsessed with Obama. Any chance he gets, he goes at him. What's even worse...go to youtube and read the comments about this clip.

afro jamaicano said...

they got the most "ignant" nigga (and yes in this case thats wuh he is)and put him on the show, he knows not what he speaks about, he was used as a propaganda tool by "the man"

people get off borack's jock unless ur saying something positive. i listen to the sean hannity radio show about 2 a week and he is always throwing salt in someone's game. i mean if borack was eating at a chinese restaraunt they would say he favours asian americans over other races lol!

Dj Triple Threat said...

I can't watch it now cuz him in the lib.

Where is your Imus Post.

Elle* said...

I find that amusing. He could have at least prepared a coherent argument. At least, ANY argument that was, uh...let's see...THOUGHT ABOUT! And I don't see anything controversial about that list of values from Obama's church. If that were a white church, Black would be swapped out for "American". Unfortunately, when you are Black, you are Black BEFORE American in this country and "they" have made it so. So now there's a church who is committed to uplifting its people, it's an issue. If they were screaming about racial purity, and send the pigs back on the Mayflower, or "Watch out crackers!!" Then I'd compare it to racist Aryan societies like the KKK (who claim to be Christians btw)...but it doesn't say anywhere near those things, and they are being likened to a cult? GImme a break, homie. (sorry for the rant)

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Elle- I don't mind.
@ DJ Triple threat- I coming very soon.

Golden Silence said...

This guy is embarassing...completely unprepared and clueless.

davyBmail said...

A) I can relate. When I'm completely unprepared and clueless, I'm frequently acutely embarrassed. But apart from that, pardon me, I'm off topic. Although I did have something to say on Obama and Asian-American siblings in my comment to BeautinBalt's March 22.

B) Welcome back, Beauty! Vacation! What a concept! Do tell! But I'm just saying that to be polite. Actually, I'm still off topic.

C) Yo, I just got here! Would U do me a favor? I left an intro to myself as a late comment to your entry of March 22, "15 Things Someone Might Do" or whatever you said; I forget the title. No offense. And I intro'ed myself even tho I wasn't even a bone fide lurker! So anyway, would you like go see, and see if you like having me here? Also, compounding the favor, I just started blogging myself, see, and i was hoping you might stop by and see my "Qualifications" post of this date, approximately, in "Presenting davy B" at davybmail@gmail.com, and say something, because then somebody would have seen my blog and perhaps it would start to take on as life of its own. If I had the sense, I'd of brought a link, like this: http://davybmail.blogspot.com/
I guess. I hope that would get you there. Or would you rather not bother? I don't mind. I'll just go away. (bravely) So long!