Thursday, March 01, 2007

Very Very Random

10. I'm getting some on Friday(the Swinger). How happy am I, man it has been so long. My pu&*y is so tight now that it may take him an hour just to put the head in.

9. How happy am I that Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar and was on the March cover of Vogue. The March cover is the second biggest of the year(September is the biggest).

8. How disappointed am I that Jennifer talked ish about the dress that Andre Leon Talley helped her chose for the Academy Award's red carpet. She must not forget that Andre helped her get the March cover of Vogue and worked to make her name one that is well know within the upper crust.

7. How happy am I that Tyra Banks is comfortable with her new body. I know I going to sound like a hypocrite for saying this but if my looked the way hers did in the apex of her carrier, I would soooo be working it out to hold on to it.

6. I am also happy that Beyonce is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I think that to many people hate on this chick but you have to give it to her she is very talented. She also has a nice figure for swimsuits and figure hugging dresses.

5. All of the black teenagers in Baltimore are turning into hipsters. At least the boys are, with there tight jeans and waist chains. Do I like it, yea, when the dude has a nice body and a nice size package of which I can see the print through his tight jeans.

4. How happy am I that there is an African-American top model now(Channel Iman).

3. I am preparing to put in my application for nursing school, wish me luck.

2. I have decided to move in with my parents so that when I attend nursing school I will have one less bill(rent).

1. The part-time job is killing me from lack of sleep but I am going to hang on because I need/want the money.


Always.Funky.Fresh said...

You better enjoy #10 now especially if you're going to be doing #2! HA! *oh yeah, 35.6 miles to B-more..hahahahahaha. Let me stop*

afro jamaicano said...

congrats on getting some this fri!

ya'll know i luv andre leon talley (and yes he helped her w/ her clothes choices and to get the cover, buh that lil jacket was a mess)

tyra banks is crazy haha, thats why my market doesnt even carry her show anymore

im glad baltimore kids are switching upt he style, when it warms up here, we'll be wearing boardshorts (from ae) and sandals haha no originality here!

Shaq said...

I can see what you mean about Jen being grateful and all, but you cannot deny that jacket was not the business! I got passed the dress, she made with what she had but he didn't have to add insult to injury. C'MON.

and oh yea, what always funky fresh said. Have fun because #10 won't be going on in #2.

Anonymous said...

a random your dad ibo or yoruba?

afro jamaicano said...

anonymous i'm totally confused about the whole yoruba and ibo thing educate me... lol

also might already know about this blog buh this guy writes for "the wire" thought u might like to peep this

Anonymous said...

What?! I can't STAND boys in skinny/tight jeans - YUK!

Lola Gets said...

#8 I think the jacket would have looked better if Jennifer wore it correctly; she let it slide back on her shoulders, when it would have looked better if she had pulled it back down.

#5 In my opinion/belief, all those "boys" who are becoming "hip" are gay, lol, so all you can do is look!

DivineLavender said...

A tight pussy is always the shit...everyone wants one. Good to you!

Good Luck to get into nursing school and moving back in with the folks. How you gonna get your freak on in their house?

I hated that fucking jacket. She is new...she don't know how to be Hollywood yet. She will soon learn...soon learn. That is what happens when you are in the spotlight too quick and haven't learned tact.

Have a good week!

Africainement said...

Hey sista,
Wanted 2 say thanks for stopping by my bloggie and featuring it as well...i'm trully flattered:)
I am impressed by your no-bullshit straight up talking you have here...abs' fierce:)


Elle* said...

LOL, good luck on Nursing School! Like the other commenters said, savor the flavor now cuz there will no getting some in the 'rents house!

I agree about Jhud...some say she was keeping it real, but it wasn't the most tactful move. Still am sooo proud of homegirl though!

yankeenaijachick said...

@ beauty.......l pray you get into Nursing school. Nursing is a very lucrative career. Always a job for you and hang in there concerning ur part-time job. Only for some time. Keep on doing ur thingy.