Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing to report

Unfortunately, I do not have an interesting report to give about my much hoped for freakathon. I wasn't able to do it since the Swinger did not come home. I was really hoping to swing from that pole for about a 20-30 minutes. Yes, I only need about 20-30 minutes, anything longer and it becomes more like a chore instead of fun. I haven't had sex in about 6 months(maybe a little longer) and I think that is very sad for someone as young as myself.
As a result of this dry spell, I decided to discontinue taking my birth control about 2 months ago. I noticed that within a few days of removing my ring(neuva ring) I became very very very horny. I could come three times within a hour using my vibrator(no lie). That has never happened before, never. That is why I am now more curious than ever to get a piece of the swingers big man meat(don't worry I will still use a condom). Maybe part of the reason I wasn't enjoying sex was because my birth control was hampering my desire.


afro jamaicano said...

haha yeah w/ alot of women that put frequent flyer miles on their vibratours when they arent gettign any. now baltimore is a huge place, u can find someone fi hav sex w/. may i suggest bubbles from "the wire" lol jk jk. keep up the search!

Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me smile... here's to getting some whenever and however you want it.. cheers babe!

acolyte said...

I am sure there are some men who are glad to hear that you are a 20-30 min gal. I am sure with some luck you will be able to find someone out there Bmore is rather large.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

No action? WTF?!?!? This is some bullsh*t. This is purely unacceptable?!!!!!!! *Where you at? Baltimore...checking Mapquest*

Kpakpando said...

I think part of why the pill and other hormone based contraceptives work so well is because they dramatically lower our sex drive. It's a CONSPIRACY. Without giving you TMI, I hate the pill/patch and all that nonsense, its like within 7 days I don't evn get as wet as I usually do without it.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Afro Jamiaico- Bubbles cleans up very well. I saw a picture of that dude, he is fine.

@ overwhelmed- Thanks babe, your posts make me smile too.

@ acolyte- The Swinger is large. He knows how to work it too.

@always funky fresh- YOu are so funny. YOU can't help me because you are married and I know your wife does not play that.

@kpakpando- You are telling the truth in a major way. I noticed I have trouble getting and staying wet to.