Monday, March 05, 2007

Freaks Come Out At Night

If you are very religious or have issues with people who have sex without a ring, beware of this post. I will have a post for you next week.

The Swinger came over Friday night after initially saying that he would not make it. When he texted me that he would not be able to make it, I let him know that he should not call me again. After I made it clear that I would not talk to him anymore if he could not give me what I called him for, he decided to go rent a car(he is working out of state now). Well, he arrived at about 2:30 am and we wasted no time getting down to business.

Now this time he did some new stuff that really turned me off. I never realized that he is such a freak. Homeboy licked every inch of my body and I mean every inch(feet and all). While he was sucking on my toes, I so wanted to tell him could you just eat my pu&8y so we can just get down to business. After he licked the front of my body he turned me over, and he preceded to lick the back of my body from the top of my neck to the back of my feet.

His next move really shock me, he told me to get into the do%#ystyle position. After I got into position he spread my but* checks apart and stuck his TONGUE INSIDE OF MY BU&T. Can you imagine, maaannnn I was like, WTF. I flopped down on my stomach so fast to try to stop him but he said that he wanted to continue so I got back in position. He had the nerve to ask me if I liked it. I told him it was okay.

After that, he licked my pu#$y for a while, and then we got around to the main event. I was so tight, that it took him a few minutes to put it in. During the main event he keep asking me if I love him(no) but I told him yes to shut him up. I turned my stereo on before we started because I did not want the neighbors to hear my moans just in case I got a little loud. Well, I was not the one who screamed the house down, it was him. He shouted/ screamed so loud that I know for sure my neighbors heard him. As he was having an or%^sm, he let out the loudest Micheal Jackson scream that I have ever heard. All I heard was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,GOOOOOOODDDD,HOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo. If he would of added the "hehe owl", I would of died . My right ear rang all day Saturaday. It took him so long to get his breath(no lie), like he ran the 100 meter dash. It took him about ten minutes to catch his breath.

I did the dirty and I still don't like it. I just don't get what the big deal is, why can't I relax to truly enjoy it.
When I say that I don't like it I do not mean that I don't have moments were I feel pleasure because I feel that. What I'm not feeling are orgasms, I have not had one in about 2 1/2 years. I thinking about giving up on sex. After playing with my vibrator for about 6 months I thought when I finally got some I would really enjoy it, especially since my hormones perked up after discontinuing my birth control.
I think this may be my last graphic post. I'm having a change of mind about some things.


acolyte said...

As the saying goes, there are freaks and there are FREAKS! That dude is on his own level. It seems that you need a back to basics dude and that is when you will enjoy it more coz all this freaky stuff doesnt seem to be working for you at all.

Black Girl Interrupted said...

sorry to hear that you didn't acheive the big "O." maybe you have done this already, but have you thought about reading books/articles on sex? there are thousands of books out there on women, sex, and orgasms. good luck.

afro jamaicano said...

forget blogging u need to be a grafic novelist (if u cude just say the words instead of typing D**k or bu$$ or o****m) haha lol it sounds like u had a decent time, haha, and please dont giv up on sex, jus find better partners

DonCasiragi said...

is Afro jamaicano soliciting? ROTFLMAO

Venus-Rises said...

Once you find a man you actually care for, it should come far more easily.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Maybe you're putting too much pressure on yourself to get the big "O". You just gotta relax. You gotta tell a dude what feels good to you. What do you do with your vibrator to make you feel good? Let them know. It takes time to discover your body. Not too mention, when someone does something to you that turns you off, the rest of the "session" is a wrap.

chioma said...

don't have much to say, except that the butt thing sounded a bit disgusting...just wanted to say thank you for coming by my blog..we big foot people are many.I do consider myself religious and don't agree with pre-marital sex(what's wrong is wrong), I however try not to judge people,after all he who is without sin cast the first stone..I agree with venus-rises though and with always.funky.fresh. Have a good one!

Soul said...

I dunno Beauty..
I'd say, if 'swinger' is going to that with you again, tell him he should 'deal' with the front first before going to the back. (catch my drift).
he should definitely not be double dipping anyway and if he is, never ever ever.. do anal before the regular.

Anyway, forget about the O. Seriously forget about it.
Have you ever just tried being played with for hours on end.
if swinger dude is really into you, tell him you want a day of just being easy, which might not lead to penetration.
If I were you, i guess I would just spend time (like a whole day) just being easy, and exploring.. and when I say exploring it's all got to be gentle and easy.
in order to discover the things that take you to the next level.. don't be in a rush to be penetrated either, many women do not experience orgasms via penetrative sex.

oh and if during a 'session' you want your partner to stop what he is doing and go down on you.. don't ever hesitate to say so.

TTD said...

i think it's the partners that u have that take the pleasure out of it.. dude would've turn me off suckin ALL over me.. i kindly would've told him to stop & told him that it didnt do anything for you.. so dont do it again

another reason probably is b/c ur thinking too much about it.. just relax ur mind and let ur body go.. casual sex is usually just ok.. when u have it w/ someone u genuinely care about... ur more comfortable, and are able to let go

just my 2 cents..

Udi said...

lmao. dude tossed the salad. LMAO. WTF. Nasty ass dude. That right there is a sign of a gay dude

Blu Jewel said...

you have to be vocal about what YOU want and dont want and you cant say/do things that aren't gratifying. focusing on having an orgasm only strains the sex so let that thought go. in addition, I agree with ttd too.

last have some unresolved issues from your past that could be inhibiting your sexual needs right now. maybe you need to figure that out.

The Mistress said...

Well I'm not a big fan of salad tossing either so I can relate to you there. But, you should know that a lot of women don't have orgasms during sex with men...some women can only have one from masturbation. I don't think you're abnormal at all. Lots of women don't like sex...part of it is about relaxing though...if you're not able to do that you won't have a fulfilling experience. Maybe you should see a therapist...they're good! It's beneficial to at least figure out why you don't enjoy it right?

A woman on the move said...
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A woman on the move said...

This story is a trip. I will admit Mr. Godiva is a freak himself. However, he will always ask me if I like something or want to try it out.

He loves my ass literally. In fact, I’ve never met a guy who enjoys my ass so much. His thing is definitely tossing my salad (so to speak). I actually like it. I haven’t gotten into returning the favor just yet. I figure it’s his fetish more than mine.

But I’m sorry this adventure sucked. But don’t give up. LOL….

Anonymous said...

I heard some shit about women not reaching their sexual peak until they reach their 30's or 40's or something like that, so don't give up, you got plenty time to relax and get to enjoy it :)

x mwah x

Paula D. said...

I told him yes to shut him up......
Don't you hate that!!!!!!!

Girl, don't give up.....the big 'O' will happen :-)

Anonymous said...

All of that complaing is uncalled for but then again, I'm not surprised. Maybe your ass should lighten up. And folks wonder why 70% of Black women are unmarried.

DivineLavender said...

I got more than two cents.

I love all things anal...and it doesn't make a man gay he is loves your ass....tasting or fucking it. That was clearly homophobic remark.

Secondly, don't give up on sex. It is beautiful. Having orgasms are special and they aren't only given by someone you care about. I don't believe in that. Passion is passion and it isn't the same as love and caring.

Hopefully you will find someone that makes your skin tingle and your clit throb from their first hello.

Why end the "graphic" post? It is real or is interested. Don't ever censor yourself on my behalf...

I love you raw and honest!

beautyinbaltimore said...

@divine lavender- I read a post at another blog about putting sex posts online and the writer hit a spot within me.
@anonymous- I'm very sure that I don't want to get married or have children, so the fact that 70 percent of black never get married does not affect me personally. Why did you take this post so personally. Has a woman critcized your performance before? Please share your story.
@ everyone else- I don't think I will quit having sex but I think I have now grown comfortable with the fact that I enjoy my vibrator more than anything else. The bright side is uning my vibrator is a good thing because it will keep me form experminting with new people thereby signicantly cutting my risk to STDs and other stuff.