Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random15? (Ilost count)

1.) I had planned to write about thugs tonight but I changed my mind. I just looked at the Ray J and Kim whats her name sex tape. Man that boy is on fire. Before I read Superhead's book I would of never thought that he was such stud. Let me tell you, from what I just viewed(esp minutes 25-30) that man is not to be played with. Sure he looks corny on BET trying to speak with a New York hood accent but in the sheets he got more game than most men walking. I was about to pull out the hard plastic and get my own game of tickle the button going. Anyway, if you want to see the video go to ybf, Natasha has a link. You will have to press play many times before the video starts to play but it is worth a look if you are as nosy and sick as I am.
2.) I noticed that a few bloggers that I like to read have put pass words on their blogs or have taken their blogs down.
Can the following people give a sister a password or let her know whats up:
Lovely Monai
LaGirlie in NYC
3.) If you checked out my blog roll you will see that beside some of the blogs listed I gave a brief summary of the blog or my opinion of the blog. There are a few blogs that I mention that are very well written. Well, one of the most well written blogs, and also one of my favorite bloggers is thinking about throwing in the towel. If you have lurked on her blog please let her know that you love her blog as much as I do. Coffee please don't leave. You have no idea how attached I am to your blog. I think your blog was the second black blog that I discovered(right after afrochic). After reading through your archives I realised that this is something that we do(black people) and something that I can do. In the beginning it seems like you were experimenting with your blog. The first few entries were about how you and Cat spent your weekend but overtime you began to let us know more about the real Coffee. I love reading your writing and seeing how much you have grown and how you have dealt with the adversity that life has thrown your way. Please don't throw in the towel just yet.
4.) I notice that many of the blog I read are in some ways similar. Even when the writers are from different ethnicity and cultures there seems to be such similarities between some Bloggers that I wonder if they are related. I call these bloggers, blog siblings.
For example:
I think my blog sibling is Shaquer because there are a lot of similarities in the things that we write about, our sense of humor and the fact that we both love cats.
Overwhelmed and Tittyballs are blog siblings because they are able to convey there feelings in their blogs in such a way that you find yourself quite moved after reading a post. They also have a wicked since of humor that borders on naughty.
Acolyte, Funky fresh and Naijabloke - These dudes are soooooo very funny. That can take the most mundane event and make it into such a hilarious laugh out loud with tears running down your face and pee your pants funny story.
Afronerd , Stop snitching and the Modelminority - These bloggers are so very smart but at the same time they discuss black issues in a way that will not scare off those who are not so academically inclined. These hood chefs serve brain food with a smile. Please visit their blogs when you have a chance.
Lavender Squirts, Excessive Diva and the Mistress- These ladies discuss the x rated side of life in a manner that many of us are not used to hearing from a female on a regular bases(I like I like I like) . Although, I must say that the Mistress is like the diet version of the other two , she is still heavy and tastes good but will not make you tear up when you get on the scale.
Eb0nie and Bedhlam because they are like that one cool older aunt who will take you to the side and tell you how life and men really are minus the BS. They state their feelings about things including men, friends or work and just say it. They live they way that I think women should, by our own laws and largely independent.
Afrochic and Coffee because ladies have bougie tendencies and are sort of like black hipsters(I mean that in a good way) and I admire how they have opened themselves up through their blogs for the world to see.
5.) Brittney is out of rehab. Lets hope she gets her life together for the sake of her children. Say what you want, Naoimi Campbell is a bad chic. I know she likes to beat people down but that chic has true star power.
6.) I have yet to hear any African-Americans say that Obama is not black enough. That statement is the invention of some white reporters who decided to try some Willie lynch letter type tactics. Yes, his mother is white and his father is from Kenya but I think he has spent the better part of his life in this country(maybe I'm wrong) and he has been socialised as an African-American. Furthermore, he married a DARK-SKINNED black woman and not a Vanessa Williams look alike or a white woman. I think that says a lot in and of itself because so many black men who achieve what he has achieved, suddenly decide that black women are beneath them(upcoming post) and that is a problem of both African and African-American men(actually black men anywhere). Furthermore, if you listen carefully, reporters will refer to him as a black candidate whose mother is white, very very very rarely have I heard him referred to as biracial. I feel as if whites are trying to put up a clear wall between themselves and Obama when they call him a black candidate with a white mother.
7.) Is there really any difference between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Guillany(sp). For example, they are both leaning to the left on social issues and believe that government needs to control spending. Furthermore, isn't Rudy kind of weird for marrying his 1st cousin( they had a long marriage). In some ways I like Obama, Hillary and Rudy but I am very very very curious as to who will win the upcoming election.
8.) I'm so happy that spring is here. I am so sick of the cold weather. I must say that we had very little cold weather this year so maybe I should stop complaining.
9.) I want to take a vacation soon. I trying to decide if I should go international or keep it national.
10.) If there are any lurkers out there, can you introduce yourself. If you have a blog, hit me up, because I am always on the look out for new blogs.


DivineLavender said...

You know what...I realize that I didn't have your email addy. Send it to me at and I will send you an invite. Kweel?

afro jamaicano said...

where did u get a copy of the sextape???

i def need to see that

beautyinbaltimore said...

@afro jamicano- from YOung black and faboulous.
@ Devine Lavender- you got it.

Dj Triple Threat said...

Gurrrl....You made my day.

But I think you gave me props too soon....cuz I just put a post up about waking up w/ a video vixen.

****raises eye brows. Hunches shoulders. Sips coffee***

yankeenaijachick said...

Hey girl, u can say that again. Spring time is here. later girl.

afro jamaicano said...

i found itlike 15 mins later after asking haha it took a lil bit to load on the screen, buh it was an aight tape, damn he totured that poor girls pussy didnt he??

always.funky.fresh said...

Gotta luv the Beauty in B-more. Always showing a bruh man some love. I appreciate that now umm...what you want from me? You trying to borrow some money? some Kool-Aid? You're being awfully nice like you about to ask for something?!?!?!?! LOL...

T.C. said...

Ok I totally agree with #6...he is a Black man in this country...becasue he speaks and carries himself well he isn't black enought GTFOH! We should be proud that we have someone who has the TRUE ability to run and represent the community as a whole well...there is SO much to US, we are such a rainbow of color and experiences...I can't stand us putting US in a box...

oh and by the by...really like the blog

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed this blog

Tired of being broke said...

Am about o go searching for that tape, you got my curiosity going.

TTD said...

i dont have a blog-sibling? =(

we havent had a lot of cold weather.. but we sure as hell had enough snow!!! i'll be glad when spring kicks in and STAY in!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beauty,

I've been a lurker for almost a year, I never have anything to say, that's why I don't comment. Just saying hi since you asked for lurkers to introduce themselves...

later, NYMommyofone

Acolyte said...

I watched the sex tape and all I can say is dang! That boy is hung! But it was sooooooo staged with Kim uttering the same phrases over and over again!
Sometimes the best blogs on the blogosphere have such a short lifespan.
I do think that despite ethnicities and nationalities differing inspiration and expression at times ring the same.
I do feel you on the media ignoring Obama's black side and trying to make him seem like a perpetrator.
Have fun with the vacation and thanks for the big up!

Coffey0072 said...

Hi Beauty,
Thanks for the kudos.
The comments and especially the emails I received, were overwhelming. I'm floored. I'll keep the rhetoric up and running for a while longer.
I've been busy, and haven't had time to update like I used to... and I hate not being consistent.

Anyway, all I can do is update as often as I CAN. I'll leave it up, and keep plugging away at it. After all, it has opened up a potential opportunity for me, just recently.

Thanks so much for reading, I really love your feedback and I enjoy reading your blog as well!

chidi said...

i heard about the sex tape! i have a freind who watched it and has also seen the "One night in paris" one and she says the one with paris is better. what do you guyz say?

Coffey0072 said...

I caught the Paris sex tape,
out of curiosity. Well, curiosity killed this cat, because I was bored to tears.
Bitch is a lousy, dry, limp lay and she rocked the mic with a mediocre performance, if you catch my drift.
Basically... she gives lousy head.
I wasn't impressed.

ebz said...

awww Im in here as a fav.... I feel so SPECHO! lol

Shaq said...

I feel speshul too. Thank you!

I feel you on being happy that spring is here (altho it is still cold outside). But we did escape with a decent winter. Thank gawwd.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Shaq- that pic is hella funny, old girl is most def tor up.
@coffee- Thank you and you have to watch minutes 25-30 to get to the good part because that is where Ray J really put it down.
ebz- That is because you are.
@chidi- Paris was more into the video camera than her partner.
@ Acolyte- You are very welcome. I can't get over the similarties between you and your blog brothers.
@ttd- Of course you do. I just have to think about it a bit more.
@yazmar- Thank you, I am going to check your blog out too.
@t.c.- Thank you. I sick of all us being lumped togeather too, its like we are given the chance to be indivuals.

@ funky fresh- Just loan me 5 dollars until I get my check.

@Nymommyphone- Thank you for coming forward. I hope I continue to entertain you.

davy B said...

That claim that somebody sez Obama is not black enuf. I bet you're on the right track with that Willie Lynch analogy, altho I wouldn't be surprised if they thought they were the anti-Lynches, being all liberally tuned in. But I don't know.

As to what Obama IS.... I would say this: HE knows who he is, as an African-American. His wife is a black American. His daughters are black Americans. He was born American, and grew up in America, but not in any "traditionally black" areas until college.

After his father, I believe his mother hooked up with an Indonesian man; I think he has, therefore, Asian-American siblings. He went through High School in Hawaii, so you begin to get the drift as to how he may not have had the up-close-and-personal socialization experiences that most of us get through our extended families, neighborhoods, churches. Also get the drift about how this man - this African-American man - is a Man of the World! Unlike any previous candidate, Obama is a multi-national American. And he is Black and Proud! He is like stepping out of the past, and into the global twenty-first century. Where I hope we can have him fulfill himself.

And his wife aint just dark-skinded, she smart and she hella real! That's the impression I get. And beautiful. And mature.

Also, he got a charge out of going around saying how he was raised by this little old white lady from Kansas, because it was true! His grandmother! Altho I guess she moved to Hawaii too.

Anyway, in Chicago, in college and after, the man made his way in Community Organizing. Now I've been assuming the community in question was predominantly black, but hey, maybe it was multi-national too. And I think he did it because he identified with that community, and it was his community, especially after he married into it.

Approximately. As far as I know. Since you brought it up.

As to, um, so WHO is this davy B guy, um well really.... Nobody. Is all. I was just passing by. Clicking on "next blog" for like the 4th time in my life, or at least for as long as I can remember, cause actually I've never hardly been in the bloggosphere before, nor even corresponded or chatted or had any acknowledgement of the persistance of MY being (on the edge) for like 6 years, and not because I was locked up or forbidden to use the internet either. For a while before that, I chatted and emailed and stuf a little, and was like penpals by accident with random sex workers in New Zealand and such, possibly because in part i wouldn't harp on it but instead just carry on with discussions of common interest and normal conversation, and leave the pornographic interests to their own special moments.

But then I stopped. Took a vow of poverty and went on a long field trip, found the Trickle Down into The Underclass. Didn't come up and discuss it with nobody above ground, so to speak.

And then I said, I got to blog this. But how? God, I'm all too much AD/HD ghettoe now and can't sit still to read the damn instructions, figure out how to post my vlogs and and anything! So I'll like make one up and start to paste some other rants into it and and....

And then it was like, "click-on" next log, and I did, and then another one, and it was you! And as is so often the trouble with me, I was perfectly CHAHMED, I'm sure, absolutely charmed! Lost focus on my own stuff and read on.

All of which, I'm thinkin, still begs the question: So who IS this guy?

Oh, me? I'm not even a lurker; I just got here. I'm just this little old white guy, to all appearances (but we know how deceiving they can be) (besides, I declare, I never learned to be white! Which by the way is the title - Learning to be White - of a book by - I can't think of her name - Black female Unitarian minister, probably not Dave Chapelle's mother, lives in DC, knew what she was talking about, wrote this book about the systematic way racism is socialized into white Americans - but I was raised on Yankee idealism by two white parents (altho I never had an actual conversation with my father) in actual social isolation from practical socialization experiences into how to act like a member of any community whatsoever, starting with white, so I was always just doing the best I could to pass, wherever I was (appearing white really comes in handy for passing, in the dominant culture, as you can imagine, but I was still mightily scared of old Jim Crow). Usually worked out. If I should occasionally get up and be who-I-am, people often would tolerate my unconventional ways, to my surprise, or they liked my smile, or anyway I could usually imitate an intellectual pretty well, or a hipster. Or sometimes a hipster, sister, since you brought that up too.) Just old white guy, i was sayin. Oh yes! But I've got a Black Goddaughter! And that DO make me real! Anyway, not a lurker, plus way to hell and gone to the other side of the nation, Baltimore, far from you! And not a perv, eiver! (darn it all, when it seems such a good opportunity to swing that way, just for the visit!)

Boy, baby, you ought to see spring here!! He-hee! Green and warm and cool.

Evidently, however, I sure do need someone to talk to. I guess I should pick up and copy this away to my own situation. Which I'm just beginning - again! Always again! - to contruct - again! - this time as donotusespelch - u know, like at, jeez if I could figure it out (or get friendly coaching!) I'd post it as a link! Evidently I have so much to say!

Ennyway. I forget what ever else I was gone to say.

It was nice meeting choo! Sayonara!

davy B

ps I am not a Republican nor have I ever been, nor even a sympathizer, so if u c something which makes u suspect that, remember: Appearances can be deceiving!