Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Health is Wealth! John Kerry you are not ready for Comicview.

As I write this I am struggling to see the computer screen because my eyes are full of water . I am very sick, I have a cold. Please take care of yourself as we are entering cold and flu season. Try to avoid people who are ill and make sure you eat 2 oranges(for vitamin C) a day. Most importantly, wash your hands frequently.

One last thing, Is John Kerry a jerk or what. He should his corpse like ass can not tell a joke. Particularly the type of joke which could hurt the Democrats in the upcoming election.


The Mistress said...

Feel better!!! I was sick two weeks ago and it fucking SUCKED ASS!

Anyway, Kerry's joke was horrible but I do not believe for one second it was intended the way these republicans are blowing it up to be. Those fuckers take advantage of everything. I was much LESS offended by the Kerry comment than I was by Rush Limbaugh's snide remark about Michael J. Fox. Now THAT was mean-spirited and wrong.

js said...

JK is an idiot, I can't believe he got 100 votes. He was in the top 5 stupidest candidates ever. He is obviously a Republican, him , dean, gore kennedy and hillary. None of those foolish freaks will ever win national office. They only get votes from the uneducated and lazy. Anyway a blind deaf monkey could have beat Bush in 04 and the Dumbocrates couldnt even feild a candidate better than that.

There is a huge difference between Limbaugh and Kerry. Limbaugh isn't elected, Limbaugh was never the best a political party had to offer, they also have something in commen, they both had a huge role in handing bush the white house, Limbaugh because he has the biggest audience in history and Kerry because he is a damn fool

The Stiltwalker said...

ooh honey. I'm kinda sick myself. I feel like someone hit me with a payless shoe.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget purell girl that ish helps