Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Change

Thank God, the Democrats have taken control of the House. Hopefully they will take control of the Senate too. I sure hope we don't have a Florida2000 type of situation in deciding who will win the two undecided seats in the Senate. I think the only reason the people in control of this country feel that it is no big thing to change election results is because we do very little rioting and protesting. There are many parts of the world where a Florida2000 type of fiasco would have resulted in major riots,protest, and death(see recent Congo election).
The Virginia race is something in itself. How is it that so many people feel so comfortable voting for someone who is so obviously a good ol'boy. I can't believe he was so brazen to call the Asian student Mucaki(spell) with cameras rolling. Oh well, I think that in some ways this country is rolling back to the 1950's on issues involving race. Many white Americans are afraid that they will be outnumbered by people of color(Hispanics/Latinas) and/or they feel that they will lose control of the country. We know what happens when a large number of whites feel that way(see South Africa,holocaust,Native American holocaust etc..)
Maryland has a new Governor- Martin O'Malley( his picture is above). Please believe that he will run for president in a few years. Probably 2012, because Hillary has the democratic nomination in 2008. If you watch The Wire he should look familiar since the actor who plays him looks like he could be his brother. He has promised to make a college education in Maryland affortable. I sure hope he keeps his promise.


Vera Ezimora said...

Yes, I'm first!

Ah ah, a capricorn in Bmore? How didn't I find you sooner. Who knows sef, I might know you. I'm in Bmore too, and capricorn too...aren't we da best??

I'm glad he won. Thank God!!! I'm tired of the damn republicans. And he is sooo fine too.

Anonymous said...


Tired of being broke said...

I for one am happy we have regained control of both the house and the senate. I know for a fact my vote counted.

Anonymous said...

Change in the Senate and the House? Well, the change is basically cosmetic, in my opinion. Give it time, lets see what they will really do. I personally sat this one out. the NY and NYC elections were totally full of shit. I usually never miss a vote. Oh well, why waste a vote on someone I don't believe in? Just sit this one out.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@tired- Me too, Nancy Peloci said that one of the first things she wants to do is lower the interest rate on student loans.
@LOVELY- So you didn't vote for senator Clinton. I guess you don't like her?

HB3 said...

ok - so first I'm disgusted by the "he's so fine" comment above.

Second, I have the privilege of commenting on this post 8 months after the MD election. As a Baltimorean who has studied recent political history; I would say that the Gov's track record shows us that he is infamous for making promises that he cannot keep.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

@HB3- Thats why those of us who voted for him must stay on his back. The reason elected officals in this country talk sideways is because the public does stand up for its self.