Friday, November 10, 2006

I have a confession (One Hand Down)

Well, I have now filled a hand.
What can you say about a man who has a di*k so small that when you try to ride it it keeps falling out. Those kegal exercises sure do work because small daddy could not stop moaning ,talking(repeating the word pussy) and making weird faces. I tried to get him to do it from the back but he did not get in position. I guess he knew it was to short to reach my pu*&y. Poor baby, he didn't even last five minutes. I know, I know, I was crazy for giving him some. Oh well, it took 25 years to reach five, interesting. I don't think I am ready to start on the other hand yet.
Small daddy had another surprise for me:no greencard. Homeboy is done. I sure hope he does not think I am the one to marry him.

So many people(Chris Rock, Britany Spears, Reece Witherspoon etc..) have filed for divorce in Hollywood in the last two weeks. I guess divorce is in the air there.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe u slept with him. Have you no standards? What a waste of hands..It was bad enough that he was a cab driver with a small dick and he probably spoke like a bush man..I guess my question is who wouldnt you sleep with? when do u draw the line? Gross..Why beauty? Why girl?

Samuel said...

"Having sex with him was out of the question. I had no desire to sleep with him at all. Men are so weird/weak when it comes to sex. I refuse to beg any man for sex. Small Daddy had no problem though, he said " I beg you, I will do anything, please"."

- Uh excuse are so weak when It comes to sex? I think u r weak...I give that guy kudos for bagging another chick..Even hairy cab drivers with heavy accents and small dicks can still get it! You go cab driver you go!

afro jamaicano said...

i cant believe u let him hit haha i was talking to a frin that let someone hit and he got herpes....buh thats a dif story haha

if old boy dont wanna act right then u shude threaten to call INS haha

editorial shude be here by monday morning...(god willing)

i wonder if small daddy knows he's the subject of ur blog? also take a pic of him let us see haha

afro jamaicano said...

i forgot to say that u need to change ur comment thing to pop up it's soo much easier to comment using pop up...

after u sign in to, clik settings, clik comments, scroll down and clik yes where it says pop up comment

Melloyello said...

Me wonders if u feel u did dude a favor! You just made one cab driver a happy man. lol..for real was his peepee that small? lol..Its not all about size, but damn i need a guy that can satisfy me!

Anonymous said...

Herpes? Common, im sure she used a rubber...right?

Anonymous said...

Young blood... hy in GOD's hell did you fuck him!!!! Was this a classic pitty fuck? Or, did you truly slip up?

I have screwed a few men in my life that I would love to forget. But shit, some of us have to learn the hard way. You knew he had a small dick before you fucked him, so why bother?

yankeenaijachick said...

Girl, l have been reading ya blog but l don't know how true it is but if it is true. I hope to say that you might have to go check yourself if you are not infected at this point in time with the aids virus. I mean you basically pop into bed with anything that has a pennis. Girl, you have to set your standard high and sex ain't everything in a relationship. There's more to it than sex.

Black Girl Interrupted said...

Wow. I don't want to go as far as questioning your morals based on the fact that you let small daddy hit it, but initially you made it clear that you were not at all interested in sleeping with him. What happened to change your mind? Was it something you did out of boredom, loneliness, or desperation? You seem like you don't even like him, so I don't understand how you could have sex with him. Especially when you knew that he had a small dick. I could halfway understand you doing it if he was packing. But damn, wtf?

Coffey said...

I won't pass judgement, as I'm sure WE'VE ALL made bad choices and cringe at the memories. None of us on here have had or have, perfect moments, particulary when intimacy is involved. I know I've tongued down (nothing beyond that though) a couple of questionable men, during whirlwind, wine filled dates.

Now it's up to you, to move past this repulsive experience, and tell this grotesque individual to keep it moving, as you've no interest, had a lapse in judgement, and should NOT have been intimate with him. You may need to change your locks and your routine, and move on.
Just another bit of fodder to laugh and shake your head, with your girlfriends over.
I must opin however, that man does NOT sound appealing in ANY way, personality and the whole lot. *shudders*
Goddess bless you for making his, a memorable night. I'm sorry he didn't make yours one. Be Careful and try to screen accordingly ;-)

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Beauty likes this guy is not ANYONE'S business!! What she does to & with him is also not ANYONE's business!! You all should quit passing judgment on someone you don't even know!!

Coffey said...

Anonymous: readers will, undoubtedly, argue that Beauty has made it our business, in that she has chosen to share it, in a very public forum, with those of us who read about it. And to a degree, they'd be right in their assessment, however,
it ISN'T anyone's place to call names and be immature and nasty in their opposition.
As I said, I'm sure none of us have made good decisions, in the heat of the moment.

While Beauty (and those of us who opt to make certain aspects of our lives public) chooses to make her sexual encounters public and therefore open to scrutiny, blog readers are voyeurs (many of whom hide behind the cloak of anonymity) who still choose to READ about other people's lives, familiarize themselves w/ someone's blog PERSONA, and think that they have the right to judge the PERSON behind the blog.

Perhaps it makes a particular brand of reader, feel a little better about their own mistakes, when they make snide and insulting comments on someone's webjournal, no?

Anyway, Beauty made a choice, she may (or may not) regret it, we are cringing and shuddering at the paramour she CHOSE to bed for she painted a deliciously nasty and snarky visual of said paramour, but we DON'T in fact, have the right to question her morals or HER as a person. We DO have the right to disagree (unless she decides to take it away, by dismantling this blog), but we don't have the right to call Beauty names and paint a scarlett letter on her chest, as we don't know what the other aspects of her character are, outside the realm of this blog.
We're all beautifully broken, and have had dysfunctional sexual relations in our search for potential mates. I've yet to come across a perfect person, who hasn't. :-)

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ coffey and the last anonymous- thank you.
@ everyone else- Please now that I have always stated that ALL WOMEN SHOULD USE BIRTH CONTROL AND CONDOMS.
@NANKEEN NAJICHICK- sleeping with four men is not a lot by far. I am in my mid twenties. I bet yo have sleep with as many if not more men than I have. Remenber(performing) oral sex does count. I ALWAYS use birth control AND condoms. I'm not mad at you though.

Anonymous said...

lol@you and small daddy.. hot dang... i bet just right after you were done.. you just went.. now why the fuck did i go and do that?!.. that's happened to me with every dude i've fucked except for 2(i'm currently at number four right now... lol)

yankeenaijachick said...

Anyways, girl since you made it a public affair. U should have known better. No hating though. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

u sound kind of miffed..listen keep doing u ma! love reading ur sexcapades. please lets vote on who u should date will be fun to hear peoples thoughts..even if u dont carry it out!

beautyinbaltimore said...

@anonymous 11:41- I think I like that idea.

Anon 11.41 said...

Glad u think so..Let me be the first to vote and say ..oh heck I l'll jsut save it for when you post it!

Anonymous said...

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