Monday, October 02, 2006

Better Luck Next Time.

Lil man texted me on Friday night. The lil idiot wrote "Today can we have cool sex tonight." Of course I texted him immediately to tell the Little idiot that I don't do sex on the first date(not even with the Swinger). I then sent him a second text telling him not to send me anymore x-rated text messages. I have not had a another text or phone call from him since.
It is very funny that he would want to have a one night stand with methis time around, when he claimed to be frightened when I asked him to come alone for our first date. Some men are crazy when it comes to pussy. They are willing to do anything for p@#$y, and take all types of risks to get it.
If Lila man was so scared than why was he not scared this time. I could of took him somewhere and robbed his dumb ass or had a few of my "yo boy" associates beat him down and rob him. It is not like homeboy has any size to him. He is built more like a hobbit than a man. He could of been the lone black person in Lord Of The Rings.
Please don't worry about me on the dating front because I'm not really looking for a serious boyfriend. I'm more in search of someone who can stimulate my mind and keep my company sometimes (and maybe give me my first vaginal orgasm).


Coffey0072 said...

Hey there Beauty...
Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving such insightful comments. I'll definitely be back to posting, I just need to take some time off to reflect on some things. A lot is going on and I need to sort it out. I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Anyway, the break will also allow me ample time to donate to other blogs... like this one for example. :o) I like reading your posts!

Coffey0072 said...

P.S. Nothing wrong with exploring your options. That's what dating is all about.
Good luck to having your first vaginal orgasm. I find that exploring yourself sans any sex toys, using your bare fingers (if you don't or haven't already)... will probably help you attain that goal.

I got rid of the vibrators and the back massager (actually I blew that out) and learned how to bring myself to orgasm by using my magic fingers and figuring out, manually, where the key spots are, and never looked back. Twice, I had my first vaginal orgasm via intercourse. But then again, I'm quite vocal and honest about what my likes and dislikes are... and orchestrating how shit ought to be done ;-)

eb0nie said...

LMAO @ Hobbit. Thats to bad. I think Im too shallow to date anyone who doesnt meet the minimum physical requirements.

Anonymous said...

Girl that man was no parts of scared! It was all about control. It is ALWAYS all about control with men. In the immortal words of 3rd Bass, he gets the gas face! LOL

Ms. GD

afro jamaicano said...

that dude must be off his fukin rocker! i hate when people send me messages that are "x-rated"

Freaky Deaky said...

Thanks for coming by my blog.

I'm familiar with hot sex but what exactly is cool sex?

Maybe the reasons you stated were why he was afraid to come around the first time. Hobbits have big feet and you know what they say about funny looking people with big feet don't you? LOL

j said...

You misspoke
allllllllllllllllll men are crazy when it comes to pussy
all real men anyway
good luck

The Mistress said...

LMFAO @ "built like a hobbit". girl I want you to have that first vaginal orgasm so bad, you would think it was me! :-) It will be so memorable for you! And you better be giving up the details when it happens!!!

Anonymous said...

lol@hobbit.. girl ur wrong.. 4 inches taller than him is a lot sha especially if you wear heelz.. cos then you'd be 6,7 inches taller... he should be your height or taller...

abeg tell him to control himself... what's he sending you x-rated texts for? tell him to grow a lil first.. hehe.. i'm so wrong


Raymond said...

I drove 6 hours to So. Texas for a 1st date and the woman had planned to have her mom, sister and a couple of friends positioned in the restaurant while we were having dinner.

It ended up not happening and we were able to have dinner without the pack.

Honey-Libra said...

He is a weird one. I hate guys that talk about sex straight out the gate I mean are you that hard up.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would come back with a negative story LOL..Boy you sure know how to pick em...

The next Naija u pick has to be an upgrade from all the others..You are beginning to make us Naija men look bad. Its like u keep picking the wrong ones.

I'ma come back and check to see if u found a nice naija dude..Or i might have to step in and show and prove beauty.

Have a nice night Lady

beautyinbaltimore said...

@coffey0072-I miss your blog already. My fingers have not done it for me yet.
@eb0nie- I think I'm not so hard about looks because I'm just looking to have fun.
@sex and sushi- You are sooo right. That is why so men are afraid of women who come on to them.
@afro jamaico- exactly
@freaky deaky- Your welcome
@naja babe- that is why I want to have one.
@j- You are telling the truth. I just wanted to be pc.
@the mistress- I hope so. You and Lavender squirts make me so jealous.
@raymond- You were lucky. The date could of been very uncomfortable.
@honey-libra- I guess he thought he could pull a cum and run.
@Anonymous- I think I'm not having luck because I not looking for anything serious.

nosa101 said...