Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random thoughts 4

10. Paris Hilton admits she is dumb. I think most of us figured that out already.
9. Many women's clothing stores are now selling size 00. I thought Americans are getting bigger so why are they now cutting smaller sizes to sell.
8. Why do some black men become angry when they see a black woman holding hands with a white man, yet have no problem dating said white man's sister Becky.
7. Why do some women enjoy performing oral sex on men they have just met(one night stands).
6. Forrest Whitaker as Idi Amin, I so can't wait for this movie to come out.
5. I love the weather during this time of the year,not to warm and not to cold.
4. I am seriously considering letting my hair grow back natural.
3. Monique is the prettiest girl on this season's America's Next Topmodel, but girlfriend is seriously unhinged. There are a handful screws lose in that head of hers.
2. Why are some men intimidated by women who are as sexually confident as Samantha Jones(from Sex and The City).
1. I'm thinking of going to Amsterdam or London for Vacation. Which is better.


nosa101 said...

The women don't want to remember the guy's face because it's a one night stand

BlkAthena said...

Yeah it was crazy at C&D. I understand your point but I felt those people were a bit too comfortable sitting there and spewing craziness about African culture as if they really knew a damn. I wanted to let them know - as loudly as possible - how clueless they were. it was truly disheartening though, when the knives were really drawn, true feelings towards Africans. I'm so glad this new generation of Africans are proud Africans and we have a strong community here to which to turn.

eb0nie said...

Ha! Monique is gone from ANTM. She was crazy. I think I would have gotten kicked off the show because her whipping her dirty panties on my comforter is cause for fighting. (Im kinda violent)

jsull said...

Paris is dumb?
How did you know?
Could you have been tipped off the 4 sex tapes?

TTD said...

amsterdam or london? they are like 2 totally different places.. i guess it really depends on what type of vacation you want..

lmao @ eb0nie

Anonymous said... light district, weed, weed, weed! is reallly picturesque

Tired of being broke said...

Paris! don't say, and here I was thinking she was Einstein's offspring.

Anonymous said...

#4: I am seriously considering letting my hair grow back natural.
DO IT! ..yea I hope that was encouraging.

Yea, I think #7 ties into #2. Being sexually confident is good, (and some men can't handle it.) That means that you indulge yourself it what feels good to you without apology. I think that if the women who want to give head to someone they just met pleases them, they should go for it, (as long as they aren't giving head b/c they have low self-esteem.) It's just sex; my only stipulation would be that it had to be protected sex.