Thursday, September 28, 2006

I got a date

this weekend. He is a Naija man,and he is much shorter than me(he 5'4 & I 5'8) .Thank God this guy has his greencard so we will not have any of that foolishness like the last time. I guess I will try to make the best of it. The last time we agreed to meet "little man" never showed. He said I frightened him when I told him to come alone. Yea whatever, I think he was just to nervous to meet me in person.


NaijaBloke said...

Hahaha .he was frightened when u told him to come alone ...hahahah I think only gurls use that line ...LOL

j said...

well try not to scare him!
Thats gotta be odd for a chick to court a shorter dude
im 6'2 so there arent alot that are taller than me so I wouldn't know
get 'em girl

Single Ma said...

LOL where do you find these men?
Have fun!

A woman on the move said...

Good Luck on your date!!!
Have fun, and report back...

eb0nie said...

well I hope you wear some flat shoes.... 5'4? you are joking right?

Anonymous said...

Wow you seem to like we Naija men. Is there a particular reason? I sure would like to read about you dating a decent guy for once without having something to pick apart for once. I guess you'll have nothing else to blog about aside from you usuall top 10 rants..which are funny by the way. I hope this works out or you both have fun while it lasts ..will be nice to hear something positive this time about you next assignment! Keeping my fingers crossed for u!

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ najabloke- Yea, he said I frightened him.
@j- I'm going to try.
@ single ma- I guess I'm getting the "off" guys because I'm not serious about them.
@ A woman-Thanks, I will.
@eb0nie- No, he really is that short.
@ anonymous- My first boyfriend was Nigerian and Yourba. I notice I tend to go after Yourba men or prefer them. I guess because I am somewhat use to them, and One of my parents is Nigerian(part).

The Pussy Cat Bitch said...

Good luck babes!! let me know how it goes.

Calabar Gal said...

LOL!! He was scared when u asked him to come alone. Was he planning on bringing his entire collection of friends or family to 'check' u out?

Waiting eagerly to hear how the date went......

afro jamaicano said...

hey whats good? thnks fi yi comment pon mi blog, i wrote two (count em two) more editorials while @ work today and hav jotted down a list of others so jus keep chekin bak @ the blog ^_^

Anonymous said...

So what happened? Did you ever meet?

beautyinbaltimore said...

@pussy cat- Thanks
@calabar girl- Some men like to bring their friends to show off if they have a preety woman.
@afro- okay
@lovely- No we did not.

Anonymous said...

Naija men are the bomb!Try one out someday!

Anonymous said...

hello all
thx to u