Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Getting busy on a bench

in broad day light. No, I did not have sex outside, but I saw a couple getting it on without a care in the world. I was at work and decided to take a look outside of a window. I saw two couples sitting on the benches across from my building. One couple seemed to be totally engrossed in whatever conversation they were having. The second couple seemed to laying mighty close.
As I looked, I noticed that the woman from the second couple had her head on the man's chest very close to his waist. He had a jacket on his lap, I guess in attempt to hide their actions. I was unsure if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I called a co-worker to the window and asked "Do you see the man with the bald head?" She said yes, but before I could ask her if she knew what the couple was up to, she yelled "what are they doing". I told her I'm trying to figure out myself. About 10 seconds later we noticed the woman's head begin to move. We were like-oh-my-God.. The funny thing was, the other couple had no idea what was happening right beside them on the next bench. They were so into their conversation that they didn't notice the guy taking a trip to "toe curling" ecstasy. Anyway, the woman continued to blow the man for a few minutes more, until another group of people came around.
The man must of decided to blow his top before the newcomers began to notice because the man got up to put his shirt back into his pants. The woman(?) never spit, so I guess she swallowed(yuck). Not only that, but after he fixed his clothes the guy pulled out a cigarette and proceeded to smoke. I figured that must of been one hell of a BJ to make him smoke a cigarette.
I'm just amazed that people are so willing to have sex in the open when there are cameras everywhere now days. You have no idea who may be watching you. I sure wish I had a video camera on me. I would of taped those freaks, and sold it to one of the DVD companies that specialize in "sex outside with normal people" porn/documentaries/movies. As freeky as I think I may be (deep down inside) there are just some things I can not do and this was one.


TTD said...

wow! lol. what park do you work across the street from?

Sex and the Sushi said...

One word: Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!

Ms. GD

NaijaBloke said...

Wow!!! it makes the sex hotter ...LOL,but that was mighty bold man ..right there on the bench with people around and not even at nite..

Anonymous said...

I've had sex in a park, just not during the day. It was on a bench and I sat on his lap... all ws good until the squad car slowly passed by to get a quick look!

And when I had sexxx during the day it was more like a hand job, hand up my dress, down his pants type deal..... And, trust, nothing was in my mouth.

j said...

i need to be in that park!
That sounds like a good place to pick up willing chicks!!

Sir Bertly said...

Ummm...where do you work again.

God knows we can all do with a good swallower once in a while....it is so much cleaner


LMAO!! Guess you started working and this is the best Baltimore can offer you to replace the lunchtime soaps......hahaha

The Mistress said...

Thanks for posting this, I WILL be trying it.

Minus the swallowing.

Anonymous said...

lol... there's some serious 'freaky' types out there... I share your concern for cameras, public viewing n watnot... All I can say is.. that couple got LIVER

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ttd-federal hill
@sex and sushi-exactly
@najabloke- don't tell me you are a closet freak.
@lovelymonami- Go ahead girl. I'm not that brave.
@j- Accordind to my coworkers, a lot of people have sex there.
@sir bently- You are nasty.
@ mistress- Make sure you blog about it.
@naja babe- You said it.

NaijaBloke said...

Closet freak ke .. I actually found out that this daring sex acts actually tunr some girls on like crazy.
One of my Ex actually love getting it on anywhere.. men done it with her in some scrupilous places.

U can imagine doing it right there in a dark room full of ppl watching a soccer match .. she was wearing a long flared skirt and she just sat on me facing front like she was just sitting on my legs.It actually makes her come like crazy