Tuesday, June 13, 2006

twenty things about me (20-10)

20.) I love high heels but I can not walk in them
19.) All of my boyfriends have been Nigerian(two Yoruba and one Beenie man)
18.) My parents are old enough to be called senior citizens.
17.) I wanted to be a high fashion model when I was younger(watchout Naomi Campbell).
16.) I love greasy junk food.
15.) I've been to Montreal and Toronto Canada. I loved both places.
14.) I love high end handbags( but I have to save for them).
13.) Sometimes my credit cards get me into trouble.
12.) I graduated from a HBCU.
11.) I am determined to be fluent in French by the time I am 35.
10.) I buy clothes for the size I want to be if I ever lose weight.
I was supposed to post part two of the beast today but emotionally it was to much. Don't worry, I will definitely write the second part tonight.


Soul said...

came here via Nija Offspring...

I have these fabulous French MP3's from Michel Thomas.. you can google his name.. they really do help.

beautyinbaltimore said...

okay, I don't understand soul.

Soul said...

my apologies...
you said here:
"11.) I am determined to be fluent in French by the time I am 35."

I have these French tapes that teach you conversational French by the Michel Thomas (he's rumoured to be a French teaching legend)

Since you are looking to get fluent in French, I figured I'd mention it. (sorry for any confusion).