Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Beast part II( and another monster along the way)

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After communicating with the beast by email for about four months I decided to finally give him my phone number. As I mentioned in part 1, the beast told me he could not give me his phone number because his phone was disconnected as a result of running up his phone bill calling his grandmother who lived in Nigeria. Well, I finally summoned up the nerve to actually talk to him on the phone. I emailed him and wrote that he should call me on a Thursday(actually it was the third week in Nov.99 at 6:00pm). Please keep in mind that during this very early period in our acquaintance I had to idea where this relationship would eventually go. I was also a very horny twenty year old virgin. I mentioned that because about two weeks prior to our first conversation(between the beast and I) I meet someone else. The guy ,lets call him"A" was a cabu-cabu (for my Naja people)or taxi cab driver, he said he was a few years older than me, I think he told me he was 26. Needless to say, homeboy was a little weird. Our first date was to visit friends of his. It was orginaly supposed to be to the movies. We could not go to the movies though, because my job let me off to late.His friends were a married couple with a 2 year old little boy. When his friend opened that door, the first thing he said was "Every time I see you, you are with another woman" . I guess being so young and dumb I had a problem picking up on obvious signs that something was not right with said male. Anyway, I asked the guy about the comment his friend made and "A" went back to approach his friend about it. He had his friend try to convince me , the friend said that I must of misheard him because that was not what he said. Two hours later we left his friends apartment. As soon as we were in the hallway "A" started kissing all over me. I remember thinking to myself, what the hell is wrong with him even as I tried to go along with it. When we finally got into his car, he started kissing me again. I looked over and saw some guy watching from his car, grinning . I guess he thought that "A" was getting some that night. "A " then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go over to his house. I can't exactly remember what I said but I remember that we didn't go. Maybe he was turned off by my lack of experience. Whatever it was that made him decide to not take me to his house that night, he eventually got over it because a week later he invited over to his apartment. Hot damn, as soon as I entered his apartment "A" was all over me. I mean his was like a man possessed. Of course he told me we were going to his apartment to watch a movie and talk, and that he we did but :1. the movie turned out to be a porn movie. 2. the only talking he did was about how he wanted to get in my underwear. Before I became sexually active I would wonder why people would go on talk shows and say that they had no idea how they sleep with some guy or that it "just happened". Until this day I can not explain how he almost took my virginity, it just happened.I guess since this guy was so experienced he knew how to make a woman's body scream because he sure did he use some tricks on me. Next thing I know "A" was guiding me back to his bedroom. He had me so caught up ,I swear everything had this hazy look like on soap operas when the stars have dreams or fantasies scenes. Anyway, he proceeded to strip me of my clothes and push me on the bed. After he took off his clothes , he joined me. As he was kissing on my breasts( he gave me a hicky) and stomach I asked him if he had a condom. "A" said he would pull out, my mind went into red alert( yall know I don't play that shit). I damn near pushed him off the bed and through the wall. I guess he saw how afraid I was and decided to tell me he would use a condom after all. He was a little to late because the haze had cleared and I decided that I would chill(relax) with him but I would not have sex with him. I put on my clothes and waited for him in the living room. I looked at him on the bed and noticed the size of his penis. I remember thinking to myself " I know I am a virgin but damn, that little thing". It was about the size of my pinky finger(no lie). He stayed in his bedroom for a while and when he came out he was on the phone discussing with a mechanic some work he needed completed on a car . After hanging up he asked me if I wanted something to drink. Needless to say within 30 minutes he was on me again. This time he decided to pull out all the stops because he went down on me. My goodness this boy really" did the thing" with his tongue because he had me screaming ,twisting , turning ,and speaking in tongues like I was in a trance. Just as I was about to have an orgasm, "A" up and says lets go into the bedroom. Now he was trying to play on my weakness because he knew that I was very horny by this time. I took his head and pushed it back into my crotch. We went back and forth like this for about three times. When he refused to finish I snapped at him to take me home. He said "Why won't you sleep with me like any other Park Heights woman". Now for those of you who are not familiar with Baltimore, Park Heights Avenew, is a very rough area (it is sort of like Brixton in England), you can find any and everything there from drugs,murder to prostitution etc there. It is also the area where I lived since the age of 6. My response to him was the reason I would not sleep with him was because "I have morals" so take me the fuck home. He was pissed but so be it. I was a virgin and had no intention on giving it up to some guy that I just meet two weeks ago. I guess he realized that he messed up the chance to "defollwer" a virgin because after he dropped me home he proceeded to call me all evening. Now why did I mention this episode? Well it was the day that I was suppose to receive the first call from the beast. He actually called about two hours after I arrived home(6:00pm to be exact). I had totally forgot his call in my urge to lightly explore my sexuality . As I talked to him for the first time I began to feel uncomfortable because I came so close to sleeping with an another guy only a few hours earlier.I would later find out I had no reason to feel guilty because this idiot was doing so much more dirt in Canada.
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