Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oprah vs. 50 cents&ludicrous&ice cube(black men please)

I am so sick of these clowns attacking Oprah. Can anyone of them say that they have done for black people throughout the disporia what she has. Hell no, what little positive they have done is "negated" by all of the bullshit they put in their music. 50 cents is the most devious of all, I listened to his first CD and it was full of nothing but violence. He became famous by hyping up the fact that he was shot nine times. This man is an Uncle Tom and Stepin Fecthin in the truest sense of the world. As a result of his buffoonery many young African-American boys look at getting shot as a rite of passage(There was an article on this in the Baltimore Sun). The Oprah Winfrey show belongs to Oprah and she has a right to chose who she is going to bring on. Do I think Oprah is perfect ,no but who is. One thing is for sure, very few African-American parents would be ashamed if their daughters grew up to become another Oprah.
Her reason for not inviting rappers on (Kanye was on )her show is their demeaning and misogynist rap lyrics.For that, I back her one hundred percent. 50 cents made the statement that "Oprah caters to white women" he must have forgot that 90% of all rap albums are brought by white kids. Therefore, the people who buy his albums are the children of people who view Oprah. 50, don't bite the hand that feeds you. The beef that rappers have with Oprah also shows how far some black men are willing to go to destroy a black woman. It seems to be a trend for brothers to go out of their way to make all types of negative comments concerning black women. If only they put the same amount of energy into improving themselves then maybe black women would not be surpassing them in all walks of life.
comments please
P.S. I am well aware that not all black men fit into this group. However, if the shoe fits .....


Adunni said...

Very well said. An excellent post.
By the way I HATE 50 Cents. I think he's a complete idiot.


i think even drawing parallels between oprah and 50 cent is a waste of time. he isnt an inspiration for anyone who'se got more than 3 braincells and i think the fact that he's attacking oprah says alot about the fact that he very easily might be seeking some sort of publicity from it all.
I can see how your "average" black person doesnt identify with alot of what oprah say's/does but i dont think that should warrant any insults directed at her - especially not from 50.
with regards to the man: his lyrics are questionable at best, his production is very good, he is clearly fiscally motivated and thats about it...conclusion? - he'll say anything to get more dough

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

You made an excellent point. He says Oprah panders to white people, yet he's made his millions by selling to mostly white kids. Ain't that strange. Furthermore, his music perpetrates a pseudo-reality of black life that white people eagerly lap up. Don't forget that he's not educated - these are the ones that do the worst shit, plus celebrities are attention-whores: they'll do or say anything as long as they're kept in the limelight.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@Adunni- I feel the same way. I think he panders to white people by giving them the worst possible image of young black men.
@ delot- I agree he is a publicity whore.
@Najai girl- you hit it on the nose.

LA GIRLIE said...

he and Cube are just trying to drum up some publicity. Dont you think it's convenient that Cube's new album is (or was) about to drop around the time he said these things? Also, it's all a game, I mean all these "niggas" are doing is selling out and they complain about Oprah? oh hell no. Who the hell is buying their albums? Teenage white guys! Have you been on myspace lately? All these white boys from Oklahoma have their hip hop songs blasting from their profiles. I am so annoyed..I could go on and on..how dare they blast Oprah for not buying into their misogonistic ways and inviting them on her show! I say, bring me some Nate and those stories about Africa, I don't need to see these fools parade around like bafoons on yet ANOTHER show, I got BET for that.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@La girlie- We are on the same page. I thought I was the only one who views these rappers as sellouts.