Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is pologamy ever a good thing?

My Naja readers I really need you to answer this one but every one is welcome to comment. A longer post will follow your comments.


Nneka's World said...

I dont really think polygamy is a good thing, but as my friends would say, monogamy is not natural, but because of the higher sense we have from normal animals, we have to practice it.

Polygamy that is a very deep subject to delve into and we will never finish talking about it even in our life time
To me though raised in such as way that polygamy is not a good thing, i personally think that its not a good thing!

But many people would have thier own opinions on this matter

Busola said...

I definitely think polygamy isn't a good thing. I beg to differ with the saying that 'monogamy isn't natural'though. If this was true why do select animals have this instinct? besides the issue of monogamy et all, the main issue I'd like to focus on is that of the resulting children. My father came from a polygamous home and till this day, (he's in his 60s) after his own father has long since been dead and buried, the children are still fighting with each other and to go back even further, my other gfrandfather, (my mum's dad) came form a polygamous home, after his mum died, his step mum tried to kill him....this isn't the typical 'she's a withc and she did juju for him'but was an actual fact because he was posioned and hospitalised for a while....so in the grand schme of things, polygamy definitely isn't a good thing, and if men would like to practice this, then they shouldnt bring children into the equation..let the fights stay among him and his wives.....

Mrs.Yeye Akilimali Funua said...

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