Monday, June 26, 2006

Hair and Rest

On Hair

I got a new hair cut on Friday. To bad I don't have a digital camera, otherwise I would post a picture of it for everyone to see. My hair really needed the cut because the relaxer took a toll on my hair's health. So for now there will be no more glamour girl curls instead I have a Cleopatra cut. I like my new cut but at the same time I am missing the length my hair used to have. In six months time it will grow long again so I won't stress myself about it.

On Rest
I worked another one of my marathon weekends. As a result I am now laying in the bed like a decrepit old woman. Instead of being lively like the 20-something I am, I find myself struggling to type this post. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and be up to writing something more entertaining or thought provoking.


Anonymous said...

post an old pic of your hair

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Welcome to the realm of natural hair - it's liberating. I can dance in the rain again! Plus you don't need to panic at the first sign of a cloudy sky.

Anonymous said...

my hair has been resting in braids for 3 months now, and will continue to rest through out the summer. Matter of fact I will have the old braids taken out, and replaced this weekend.